Did Piper & Glenn have advance knowledge of Sandy Hook & Boston?

PHOTO - AFP 645 Penn Ave SE - The very shady offices of the token anti-semitic rag on Capitol Hill: American Free Press, or AFP, which used to be called the Spotlight, back in the day, until they were sued and lost. Perhaps AFP should be called ADL instead? The AFP office is located up the stairs, between the liquor store (on the right) and the check cashing place (on the left), has a fake name on the (locked) door, and has darkly tinted windows.

645 Penn. Ave SE Washington DC – The very shady offices of the token anti-semitic rag on Capitol Hill: American Free Press. AFP’s office is located up the stairs, between the liquor store (on the right) and the check cashing place (on the left), has a fake name on the (locked) door, and has darkly tinted windows. (Photo by: A J MacDonald, Jr)

Did Piper & Glenn have advance knowledge of Sandy Hook & Boston?

glenn and pipe copy

Mark Glenn (L) & Mike Piper (R)

As I said in my previous article, “it seems to me the Boston Bombing was a real event, which took place not long after the Sandy Hook hoax event, and I think this timing is the reason why so many people began saying the Boston Bombing was a hoax event, too.

“This is likely why some folks in the alternative media (e.g., Piper, Johnson, Glenn) dissuaded their followers from believing Sandy Hook was a hoax. Not because Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax — it was — but because the next event — the Boston Bombing — would be a real event that would be portrayed as a hoax in the alternative media, which would make people — and the “Truth Movement” — appear foolish.

“[I suspect] Piper and Glenn were told two events were coming. The first a hoax, the second a real event. [I suspect] They were told not to say Sandy Hook was a hoax because there were others who were going to direct the people who believed Sandy Hook was a hoax to believe Boston was a hoax too, which it wasn’t…”

Read more: The “Boston Bombing Hoax” = Suggested, Anticipated, & Presupposed “Evidence” – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2B5

An aerial showing demolition work near completion at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut November 13, 2013 (REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin)

An aerial showing demolition work near completion at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut November 13, 2013 (REUTERS/Michelle McLoughlin)

This is why I think Piper and Glenn won’t say Sandy Hook was a hoax: because it’s tied to the Boston Bombing. The reality of the Boston Bombing, accompanied by an alternative media driven hoax meme they’ve had no part in, is the reason why Piper and Glenn insist Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax. I suspect they knew both these events — the first a hoax and the second real –were coming, and they were told to stay away from the hoax narrative.

I can’t prove they knew. I suspect they knew, because they immediately affirmed the reality of the Sandy Hook shooting narrative despite the lack of evidence. They never questioned the narrative, they repeated the narrative, and they irrationally ridiculed those who had good reason to question the narrative, which was odd, making me very suspicious of them and their motives.

I’m afraid many people have been cleverly tricked into believing the Boston Bombing was a hoax by whomever is running Piper and Glenn.

Sandy Hook was a hoax, Boston wasn’t. The idea that the Boston Bombing was a hoax never could have worked without the groundwork laid for it by the Sandy Hook hoax.

Boston Bombing

Boston Bombing

It’s reasonable to doubt the reality of Sandy Hook, since there is no photo and video evidence of a school shooting having occurred there. On the contrary, there is no reasonable doubt about the reality of the Boston Bombing, since there is photo and video evidence of the bombing.

People who believe the Boston Bombing was a hoax aren’t being reasonable. They doubt the reality of the bombing despite the evidence. People who believe Sandy Hook was a hoax are being reasonable. They doubt the reality of the shooting because there is no evidence.

Lack of evidence = Reasonable doubt

Denying evidence = Unreasonable doubt

Anyone who believes the Boston Bombing was a hoax is believing exactly what whomever is running Piper and Glenn want them to believe, because the Boston Bombing doesn’t appear to be a hoax — to me and to most people — and the people who think it was a hoax will be — and are being — portrayed as mentally ill and possibly dangerous by the mainstream media, and by alternative media personalities like Piper and Glenn.

When you put yourself in the place of Mr and Mrs Mainstream American Citizen, and you think about how they perceive those who say Sandy Hook and Boston were hoaxes, you will realize they will think it’s very odd some people say Sandy Hook was a hoax, but they also realize there isn’t much evidence it was a real event. But when they perceive those who say Boston was a hoax they will think such people are insane, and possibly dangerous, because there is an abundance of evidence it was a real event.

Read more: The “Boston Bombing Hoax” = Suggested, Anticipated, & Presupposed “Evidence” – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2B5

Media-based epistemology, faith, and skepticism – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2ej

Sandy Hook – Hoax or Truth? Tracy, Smallstorm, & Fetzer vs. Michael Collins Piper – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2xR

Top Ten Reasons the Boston Bombing was NOT an Elaborate Hoax – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2B1

Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality? – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2AQ

The Boston Bombing – A Staged Event? – http://wp.me/pPnn7-2gl

Why there were no ‘actors’ at the Boston Marathon bombings – http://www.sott.net/article/262361-Why-there-were-no-actors-at-the-Boston-Marathon-bombings


Newtown & Boston

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38 Responses to Did Piper & Glenn have advance knowledge of Sandy Hook & Boston?

  1. apollonian says:

    Here’s good page for stories on Boston event as fraud: http://letsrollforums.com/boston-bombing-amputee-actor-t29703.html?s=e37c609569174c40d32ef17a7462d66a&

    As I noted before, I don’t think Glenn or Piper are high enough up on food-chain for ZOG to bother informing them on anything–they just do as they’re told.

    It’s possible they’re not taking money fm ZOG, they just wanting to be gate-keepers.

    • They’re high enough up… and judging by their words and deeds regarding Sandy Hook they knew what was coming before it happened. What other explanation is there for them not saying Sandy Hook was a hoax? Glenn and TUT also fell out with Gordon Duff and VT immediately after Sandy Hook, when Duff said Mossad did it, which I thought interesting. Glenn said Duff’s foolishness would make the movement look bad, and could be used against the movement by Abe Foxman… as if Glenn’s daily Jew bashing doesn’t and can’t be??

    • apollonian says:

      I made a mistake for the ref. page for stories on Boston bombing fraud; the one I gave was only one of the items in the page itself, which should be this: https://s4-us4.startpage.com/do/search?cmd=process_search&pid=07f6162f6bcbe7a206f713cc92aac3f6

    • They may not be high enough to be used the way someone like Alex Jones is used, but they could’ve had intel. Interesting article nonetheless.

      • apollonian says:

        Tim: what do u think?–was the Boston event hoax?

      • I would say yes, some or all of it.

      • I should clarify. The bombing was obviously real, but I think parts of the response were staged, probably with the use of crisis actors. But I am not an avid researcher of the plot.

      • apollonian says:

        Yes Tim: there was an “explosion,” of sorts, but it was perfectly planned–as is admitted, a “drill” explicitly announced by “authorities” even before the event, the marathon race. But numerous vids show the various players and actors positioned and getting in place, etc. InfoWars.com (see ref. above) has some good stories/info on all this, including about patsies fm Chechnia too, which FBI, et al., were running for yrs.

      • I agree, Apollonian. So what are you saying was “real” regarding Boston, AJ?

      • apollonian says:

        As I understand, AJ seems to be saying if it was photographed or video’d, then it must be true–or that some presumption ought to be given that way. AJ is quite taken w. the photos and vids. To me, the give-away is the total fraud regarding the patsies fm Chechnya which FBI first said they didn’t know, but then had to admit they were running for yrs

      • What I’m saying is, whether one believes the Boston bombing is a hoax or a real event, the photos and videos appear to be of a real bombing.

        Even if Boston was a staged event, using actors and props, the photos and videos would still represent the appearances of a real event… the purpose of actors and props being to make the event appear real.

        In my opinion, the photos appear to represent a real bombing, in every detail.

        Photos and video of a staged bombing, using actors and props, could not be as detailed as the photos and videos we have of Boston. Even a Hollywood movie, using actors and props, would be hard pressed to replicate a bombing scene in every detail such as the photos and videos of Boston represent.

        The details seen in the photos and videos indicate to me the bombing was real. A staged event using actors and props could not represent a bombing in that detail. The staged event would appear staged because it would lack the necessary detail.

      • OK, but let’s define real. Real events can still be false flags. I would say it was a combination of “real” and fake events.

      • I think the bombing was a false flag. I don’t think it was a fake bombing using actors and fake blood. I don’t think it was a combination of real and fake victims with real and fake blood.

      • Possibly, but I don’t see how Piper and Glenn are really making truthers look bad. I think you are more correct in saying it’s just a lot of compartmentalization. Piper and Glenn are muddying the waters more than anything, in my opinion.

    • It’s hard to know what’s going on with Piper and Glenn. And there is a lot of compartmentalization involved. I think Piper is right about the disinformation infiltration operation that began with Sandy Hook, which he is exposing in his latest book. What he doesn’t say is that the disinformation campaign, which was to call events “hoaxes using crisis actors” began with a hoax event — Sandy Hook — in order to get the ball rolling. By never stating the hoax meme, even for Sandy Hook, Piper, Glenn, AFP, and TUT intend to retain their credibility (such as it is) whereas those who are claiming every event is a hoax event will be discredited in the eyes of the public. Eventually, the hoax meme leads to the Dallasgoldbug-style all events are hoaxes using actors. I think the point of the operation is to flood the internet with garbage. When people Google “Boston Bombing” “Sandy Hook” “Aurora shooting” “Tucson shooting” they see all the hoax meme mixed in with other information, including Dallasgoldbug’s nonsense, and this is intended to dissuade people from investigating any further. It makes “truthers” look like kooks to the average person who is sincerely seeking the truth, but not familiar enough with disinformation to realize he’s being thrown off the scent.

  2. Aside from conspiracies and cointelpro, the bottom line is that we are dealing with egos. We shouldn’t make even those we trust out of reach of criticism and questions.

    • I think it’s interesting there was an immediate rupture in the “Israel did 9/11” camp over Sandy Hook. Glenn and TUT versus Duff and VT. To me, this revealed they’re controlled by different peoples with different agendas, although both groups, I think, are ultimately controlled by the same peoples, the groups are compartmentalized. I don’t think it’s a coincidence Piper at AFP and Glenn at TUT stood fast against the hoax narrative from the very beginning, whereas Duff and VT published articles by researchers following the hoax (as well as, early on, the Mossad) narrative. Read the chapters in MCP’s “False Flags” book and you will see he’s revealing a lot, although not everything, about an infiltration of the “Truth Movement” with the hoax narrative. I think there’s some truth in his saying this.

      • I’ve always wondered why Piper is always picking on Christopher Bollyn. Piper claims it’s because Bollyn has accused people like Mark Lane (and AFP?) of being zio shills.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but Piper and Glen were saying Hook was real and Boston a hoax while Duff and VT were saying Boston was real and Hook a hoax?

      • apollonian says:

        Tim: both Piper and Glenn say BOTH Sandy Hook and Boston were REAL–just like (they say) the “official” accounts hold–they don’t say WHICH “official accounts” we should go by, ho ho o ho ho.

  3. apollonian says:

    Here’s a neat vid on the Bost. incident/”event”–ANOTHER expose’ of gross hoax, Carlos Arrendondo, the famous guy who helped wheel off Jeff Bauman, the guy who’s lower legs were blown clean off:

  4. Still think Boston was real?

  5. Also, I have tied the Sandy Hook psyop on scrutiny of the Sandy Hook psyop to the broad umbrella of AFP so just talking about Piper and Glenn is rather limited.

  6. one more comment. Why this is important is the umbrella which includes Spingola TUT,Piper, and Rodney Martin + is pretty dominating in it’s segment.If we can get the message out of their subversion might be a win for truth. A couple of links. My style is a bit different and it’s all my own. I am totally uncoopted and Unhitched to any of these ppl, racist or Glenn like and can expose them all without personal considerations

  7. Thanks for the links. Yeah, there’s basically nothing but psyops, shills, and dupes out there. No one can be trusted. I’ve pretty much given up hope. Every attempt at genuine grass roots organization is immediately co-opted and every supposed truth organization is controlled opposition. I’ve decided to stop wasting my time and energy…. to stop allowing all the negativity into my life…. and enjoy what I have left of life. I’ve taken up some new outdoor hobbies and activities and I am physically and mentally healthier because of them. Don’t get too caught up in the lies and bullshit. It will poison your mind, body, and soul.

    • thanks, well, seems like we could “gatekeep” our own resistance to be sure they don’t co-opt it 😉 I’ve been saying this for a year and no one is buying, they are happy to live with the infiltration it seems like good goy I suppose

  8. I also think we have no business giving outed infiltrators our business and we need to cut them out. It needs a hard core bunch of aware truthers on the same page to then magnet the less aware to the problem our way. I call it our own goy collectivism, which goy being so independent makes them ez prey for jewish collectivist games

  9. by the way since everyone worries about real names it seems, I am Joe Sigur and on my site I am MC Slave

  10. Even if infiltrators could be kept out, which they can’t, no valid movement can gain meaningful publicity and the momentum that would come with the media pushing a truth movement agenda, for obvious reasons. If you haven’t yet read this article by Pastor Mark Dankof you should read it. I agree with him 100%: Mark Dankof on “America, The Beautiful: Why We’re Finished” http://wp.me/pfMo6-xw via @wordpressdotcom

  11. Well, rock and a hard place, you don’t know for sure if you don’t try. I think we can keep infiltrators powerless and throw them out as they reveal themselves-thanks for the link but you have to validate the original members very well.The media problem is tackled by boycotting their media and simply using our own . Possible enter their media places to subvert

  12. We have to understand that “they” aren’t the only game in town and you don’t do that but by walkin the walk. No one’s tried it really. Hitler was pretty good

  13. take note, Mark Dankof was working with infiltrators. If he didn’t know that made him a “useful idiot” If he did know, it didn’t occur to him cause everyone else does it that he is aiding the enemy. Just a thought.Working for the enemy should only be done as spies 🙂

  14. Unfortunately, everyone Dankoff names like Piper and Glenn etc, is an agent.What’s that saying “lay with dogs………” Doesn’t mean they haven’t done good work but they use that good work to misdirect us as needed and that’s a problem, if they like Piper and Glenn on Sandy Hook carry Jew water, Follow?

  15. he proudly shows pictures of himself with Pat Buchanon and MC Piper! If you are co-opted and they both are, they are basically a cancer to a resistance.At best they will join us when it’s safe or much safer to do so.Sorry, just commenting as I read and what jumps out!

  16. Fascism is goy wanting to rule themselves. He uses it in a negative way, their way. He hob nobs with the enemy, perhaps even not knowingly and can’t figure out why nothing works. Bet you weren’t expecting this response. I blame the old resistance for stagnation and we need a new way.People are giving up or simply worrying about their careers in the name of fighting the NWO.That needs to change.That is all, I will wait for a response before I reply again

  17. I see you left my relevant question hanging there. No problem everyone does cause no one is willing to be hard on their co-opted friends and I understand that as well and it is why I coldly analyze bare acquaintances and obvious dis info presenters from afar. The obvious question is, “why does a Mark Dankoff post have any relevance when he is posting at a Jew site like TUT? Did you not just imply that Glenn was co-opted and does not he own the site? Then what is clear, anything Dankoff writes is Jew approved.
    Pard me for being harsh, but it’s disconnected thinking like that, outing intel ops and posting a “useful idiot” of an intel op from the same site you are outing, lol(and I am giving him the benefit of not being out right co-opted for I am unaware of his writings) that makes any further claims by you about your conclusions not worthy of examining.
    Take the Zander Fuerza- Delaney case from 2013. I think it’s pretty clear in hind site and I am currently delving into all the details that Zander Fuerza was and is as Brandon Martinez, co-intel pro as of course is Deanna Spingola, outing herself pertaining to Sandy Hook and of course, Zander got major exposure through Spingola. I am writing an analysis about this case and still researching but here’s my part one:
    I actually have 4 articles at least pertaining to Zander -Brandon as well as about 10 on Anglin and 10 on Clark I have recognized that AFP is an umbrella op that branches out to include folks like VK Clark, Spingola, TUT, Piper, Zander-Brandon, Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakenly, and probably Gilad Atzmon and Rodney Martin to name a few. Anglin is currently trying to totally dysfunction WN folks into Muslim, black and women obsessions after entering the movement saying the Jew was the main problem
    Bottom line if enough of us are willing to out the infiltrators when can clean up the movement and in fact no functional movement is possible without doing so, why I am such an asshole now-take care and “Join us if you want to live” (Corny quote from a stupid movie)

    PS-Duff really blew his cover, eh?

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