The “Boston Bombing Hoax” = Suggested, Anticipated, & Presupposed “Evidence”

Mile 26

Mile 26

The “Boston Bombing Hoax” = Suggested, Anticipated, & Presupposed “Evidence”

“What really happened at Sandy Hook and Boston is something unlike anything—and so very much bigger—than even you might have imagined.” ~ Michael Collins Piper (False Flags, p. 279)

Mediated Knowledge of Events

Most of what we know about national and world events we know via the media — both alternative and mainstream. This experience of events is a mediated experience, and our knowledge of these events is a mediated knowledge — that is: it comes to us via sources other than our direct, personal experience of the world.

The “Boston Bombing was a hoax” narrative, which is commonplace in alternative media, derives from people whose experience and knowledge of this event is mediated; not direct and personal. They were presented with information about the event, including photos and videos, and have made the determination that this information is not what it appears — and is presented — to be.

Now, in order for one to discount information, especially photo and video information, one must have good reason to do so. The “Boston Bombing was a hoax” folks say the event was a staged mass casualty event using actors and props, yet, in my opinion, I don’t see this when I examine the photos and videos of this event.

I see what the photos and videos appear to present: an actual bombing, with actual victims.

It’s possible for us to see what we want to see, to see what we expect to see, and to see what we’re told by authority figures (= experts) to see — even when it’s contrary to what we’re actually looking at. (More on this below.)

In short, the Sandy Hook hoax meme allowed people to suggest, anticipate, and presuppose the possibility the Boston Bombing was also a hoax, even though the evidence suggests this is not the case.

Actual Knowledge of Events

There’s no substitute for witnessing an event. Being at an event when an event occurs provides us with a direct and personal experience of that event. There are times when mediated knowledge of an event might provide more complete knowledge than does direct and personal experience — such as a slow motion replay of a particular play during a football game — but, on the whole, there’s no substitute for personal experience.

I have direct, personal experience and knowledge of an event that is shrouded in secrecy, information, and disinformation: JFK’s body arriving at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the night of November 22, 1963. It is said by most people — and the Warren Commission — that his body arrived via automobile, but I saw his body arrive via helicopter. I have no idea why this fact is such a big secret, but I do know what I saw, and no one can tell me I didn’t see what I saw that night. And guess what? There are no photos or videos of this event.


Newtown & Boston

The Boston Bombing & Sandy Hook

It seems to me the Boston Bombing was a real event, which took place not long after the Sandy Hook hoax event, and I think this timing is the reason why so many people began saying the Boston Bombing was a hoax event, too.

This is likely why some folks in the alternative media (e.g., Piper, Johnson, Glenn) dissuaded their followers from believing Sandy Hook was a hoax. Not because Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax, but because the next event — the Boston Bombing — would be a real event that would be portrayed as a hoax in the alternative media, which would make people — and the “Truth Movement” — appear foolish.

“The whole Sandy Hook venture was largely a “private” affair, in that the circumstances surrounding the event were essentially limited to what did—or did not—take place within the confines of that elementary school in Newtown. However, not long afterward—on April 15, 2013—with the very “public” event involving the Boston Marathon (on the very open and public streets of Boston) the Crisis Management Conspirators were able to fine tune what they had already honed into a specialized “science”: a tool of Orwellian manipulation of the first—and worst—order. With Boston, the Sunstein thesis—now a live-action, real-time project in motion, having been successfully tested with Sandy Hook—was adapted to a much bigger, more broad-ranging event that (all of the nonsensical theories accompanying it notwithstanding) had all the earmarks of having been a very real “false flag” operation…” ~ Michael Collins Piper (False Flags, p. 305)

The Sandy Hook hoax was evident, mainly due to the lack of photo and video evidence presenting a real school shooting.

The “hoax event” meme was instilled via Sandy Hook.

When the Boston Bombing occurred, with the “hoax event” meme already in place, certain persons began to (re)interpret the Boston Bombing event photos and videos by replacing the obvious appearances of a real bombing presented in the photos and videos with the notion of fakery, stagecraft, and a hoax event (i.e., a mass casualty drill portrayed as a real mass casualty event)

The purpose of this tactic, I think, was to cause those who already believed Sandy Hook to be a hoax (mainly due to lack of photo and video evidence) to discount what they perceived via the Boston Bombing photos and videos, which appear to present a real bombing event.

In other words, instead of allowing people to observe the photos and videos of the Boston Bombing and make their own determination, those who desired to instill the “Boston Bombing was a hoax” meme led them to believe the photos and videos presented fakery and stagecraft.

Certain persons (re)interpreted and re-presented the photos and videos of the Boston Bombing — complete with arrows, circles, and commentary — pointing out that, although they do appear to present a real bombing event, if you already believe Sandy Hook was a hoax, and if you examine the photos and videos closely while accepting our interpretations and suggestions in place of what you actually see, then you will see in the photos and videos what we tell you to see: crisis actors and fake blood, as opposed to actual victims and real blood.

This sort of photo and video (re)interpretation is very much like (re)interpreting a text, such as the Bible. And there’s a big difference between reading the Bible and interpreting the text for yourself and reading a study Bible that has notes which (re)interpret the text for you and tell you what you should be seeing in the text.

At first glance, to an individual alone, the photos and videos of the Boston Bombing appear to present a real bombing event. But once an individual (already predisposed to look for hoax events) sees the photos and videos of the bombing with accompanying  commentary pushing the hoax meme, an individual can adopt the authoritative analyst’s (re)interpretation in place of her own interpretation.

“Rather than focusing on who was behind the bombing, truth seekers focused instead on stories—with accompanying videos and photographic images of the chaos following the bombing—planted on the Internet in conjunction with the insistent claim that Crisis Actors were busy on the streets of Boston detaching false arms and legs and faking injuries and throwing around buckets of stage blood for the benefit of video cameras…” ~ Michael Collins Piper (False Flags, p. 314)

boston bombing staged event

Applying the same evidentiary standards to both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing

If we apply the same evidentiary standards to both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, then we should come to the conclusion that lack of photo and video evidence is evidence of a hoax, and that having photo and video evidence is evidence of a real event.

As far as I know, no one is saying the photos and videos of the Boston Bombing have been faked, or altered. What people are saying is that the photos and videos present a staged mass casualty drill, using crisis actors and props, as opposed to an actual bombing.

Let’s look at a recent article about the Sandy Hook hoax and see how photos and videos of the event — and the lack thereof — constitute evidence. And let’s hold the Boston Bombing to the same sort of evidentiary standard.

Photo and video evidence (and the lack thereof) presented in: “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax”

[N]o photographic evidence or video footage was released to confirm the official story that these 28 persons actually died. In fact, no video surveillance footage shows anything…” (Reason 1)

“There is no [photo or video] evidence of any frantic effort to save lives or to remove bodies to hospitals; instead the scene outside the school looked calm and largely bloodless…” (Reason 2)

“This shotgun is also shown in a video aired on the night of 14 December 2013  by NBC. An evidence collection team and a policeman find the gun in the trunk of Lanza’s Honda Civic—the policeman handles the gun without gloves and ejects the ammunition on the spot. Some have seen two long guns in the trunk in the NBC video: the 12-gauge shotgun and the Bushmaster rifle…” (Reason 5)

“The Gene Rosen videos are important for the official narrative, in that they corroborate many of its details: the staccato gunfire (and thus a semi-automatic weapon) and heresay evidence from the children (Lanza had a big gun and a little gun, Vicki Soto was killed, etc.).These incriminating videos are some of the best evidence that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.” (Reason 7)

The only photo we have seen of any children being evacuated from the school was apparently taken earlier in the fall during a drill (no coats, smiling faces). Shannon Hicks, a photographer for The Newtown Bee, took the photo and claims to have taken many others of the event—which have not been released

“Perhaps more insidious are the photographs of the children who allegedly died at Sandy Hook, many of which are concoctions prepared on Photoshop. Some of the most problematic involve the Parker family, with Emilie’s red-and-black dress supposedly worn by her younger sister for the visit with Obama…” (Reason 8)

“Recent research has resulted in a “Sandy Hoax Surprise,” a convincing youtube video identifying eight alleged Sandy Hook victims and six of their brothers singing in the Newtown children’s choir at the 2013 Super Bowl…

“One more victim has been identified since the original video, making a total of 15 out of the 21 children in the choir who were from the Sandy Hook “families.” The newly recognized “victims” are all older than they appear in their photos, giving credence to the theory that the children’s photographs were outdated images…” (Reason 10)

Read more: Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax –


Top Ten Reasons the Boston Bombing was NOT an Elaborate Hoax

  1. Photo and video evidence present the bombings as real events
  2. Photo and video evidence present the frantic effort to save lives and to remove victims to hospitals
  3. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes as chaotic and bloody.
  4. Photo and video evidence come from many sources
  5. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes before, during, and after the bombings
  6. Photo and video evidence present the bombings as capable of causing deaths and serious injuries
  7. Photo and video evidence present real victims with real injuries
  8. Photo and video evidence present the bombing scenes in minute detail
  9. Photo and video evidence present hundreds of people evacuating the bombing scenes
  10. Photo and video evidence present bombing scenes that could not have been staged during and immediately after the explosions


prof fetzer copy

Professor James Fetzer on the Boston Bombing Hoax

On April 19th, 2013 Professor James Fetzer wrote that the Boston Bombing was a real — not a hoax — event:

“The story associates with the patsies in this case has at least a modicum of originality, since they are alleged to be from Chechnya, which has seen its share of bombings and violence, but why they would want to bomb the Boston marathon remained completely unknown.

“Meanwhile, evidence that the attack was carried out by DHS continues to mount, where the motives appear to have included suppressing an otherwise sensational report about the commission of torture by the Bush/Cheney and Obama/Biden administrations, which was to be released the day following the marathon and no doubt would have been front-page headline news on very newspaper and television report in the world but for the occurrence of the bombing…”

Read more: Some “hard lessons” from the Boston bombing –

On April 22, 2013 Professor James Fetzer wrote that the Boston Bombing was a combination of both a real and a hoax event:

Some were injured and killed, but consider the case of the man who lost his legs TWICE for the sake of a worthy cause…”

“In addition, we have a series of photographs showing how the alleged victim who lost his legs was faked by several accomplices…”

Read more: Welcome to Amerika: No More Truth, Justice or American Way –

fetzer's ed chiarini style earlobe psyops copy

Professor Fetzer discusses fakery

On May 4, 2013 Professor James Fetzer wrote that the Boston Bombing was a hoax – not a real — event:

“Other studies by students around the world are confirming that the Boston bombing was a fraud, where actors were involved and it may be the case that–apart from Tamerlan and the security guard–no one was actually killed.  Nicholas Kollerstrom, for example, an historian of science from the UK who is an expert on the London 7/7 bombing, has published two new articles,“Boston Bombs – The War against Terra Continues” and  “They Stole his Heart: Fate of the Boston Patsies”…”

Read more: Man of the Year: Stella Trimblay, NH Legislator –

On May 9, 2013 Professor James Fetzer wrote that the Boston Bombing was a combination of both a real and a hoax event:

“I have consulted experts on different aspects of the case and, for those of us who have actually analyzed the evidence, the Boston bombing was an obvious staged event, where some bystanders were injured or killed but where the perps were not those two brothers but members of the paramilitary company, Craft International; where the older brother was taken alive and then killed while in police custody; where the scene reeks with fakery, including the absence of spurting blood from Jeff Bauman’s leg, the wrong color blood that was used to create false impressions; and a host of other subtle points, including that he had also lost the little finger of his left hand before the bombing. I don’t claim to be incapable of making mistakes, but I think those who are praising Bauman for his performance here have missed the boat, big time!”

Read more: Boston Bombing: New Hampshire vs. Jim Fetzer –

Professor James Tracy

Professor James Tracy

Professor James Tracy on the Boston Bombing Hoax

Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed

“The purported “bombs” in fact consisted of mortars and flammable powder that generate a more-or-less benign explosion devoid of any shrapnel, a hypothesis that conforms with the absence of shrapnel at each bombing scene…”

Read more: Video: Boston Marathon Bomb Simulators Exposed –

More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bombing Was Training Exercise

What was seen at Boston closely resembled a military training exercise; one where people were picked up and run down the road–sometimes carried, sometimes in a wheelchair. While a medical tent in fact lay some distance up the road, why were victims sped away with such makeshift transport and why didn’t ambulances attend the bombing scene for at least 6 minutes? Was this rushing-of-victims to the medical tent and ambulances, as opposed to taking ambulances to the victims, deliberately staged for dramatic, war-like effect?

Read more: More Photographic Evidence Suggests Boston Bombing Was Training Exercise –

tracy reinterets photo copy

Professor Tracy interprets a photograph


Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event

“For the most part we do not first see, and then define,” Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, “we define first and then see. In the great blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture”…

“What exactly took place on April 15 at the Boston Marathon is unclear, yet what is now evident is a stark divergence between the narrative description of excessive carnage meted out as a result of the explosive devices and at least a portion of the video and photographic documentation of the bombing itself…”

Read more: Witnessing Boston’s Mass Casualty Event –

See also: Boston bombing tags –

On seeing what we expect (and are told) to see, even when it’s not really there

image illusion copy

Perception, Anticipation, and Imagination

“Anticipation also helps us to understand how we manage to pay attention to some things and not others. How is it we can be listening to a friend in a noisy bar and manage to somehow “filter out” all the other conversations and yet “let in” our friend’s voice? We don’t perceive everything that stimulates our senses. How do we ‘filter out” the unimportant (less meaningful) stuff? We don’t: We just don’t select it! We select things by means of anticipation. We hear the conversation that we are busily involved in, the one we are anticipating moment to moment. The rest is just noise. Likewise with the other senses: We see what we are looking for, and we don’t see what we are not looking for….”

Read more: Perception and Interaction – Dr. C. George Boeree, Shippensburg University –

Social Factors Shaping Perception and Decision-Making

“Shaping perceptions is, as will be seen, the key to social power. People see what they expect (and want) to see, and the source of these expectations derive as much from what they learn from interacting with each other as they do from direct personal experiences…”


Learning what to expect (in visual perception)

Our perceptions are strongly shaped by our expectations. In ambiguous situations, knowledge of the world guides our interpretation of the sensory information and helps us recognize objects and people quickly and accurately, although sometimes leading to illusions

[E]xpectations can alter the subjective appearance of visual stimuli, i.e., the content of perception. These changes in perceptual appearance are strongest when the available sensory inputs are ambiguous or when there are multiple competing interpretations for the sensory input… Visual illusions have long been used to yield insight into the structural prior assumptions that the visual system makes in interpreting the world….”

Read more: Learning what to expect (in visual perception) –

See What You Want to See: Motivational Influences on Visual Perception

People’s motivational states—their wishes and preferences—influence their processing of visual stimuli. In 5 studies, participants shown an ambiguous figure (e.g., one that could be seen either as the letter B or the number 13) tended to report seeing the interpretation that assigned them to outcomes they favored. This finding was affirmed by unobtrusive and implicit measures of perception (e.g., eye tracking, lexical decision tasks) and by experimental procedures demonstrating that participants were aware only of the single (usually favored) interpretation they saw at the time they viewed the stimulus. These studies suggest that the impact of motivation on information processing extends down into preconscious processing of stimuli in the visual environment and thus guides what the visual system presents to conscious awareness

“Moreover, perception is malleable. It is responsive to top-down influences that flow from the perceiver’s cognitive and psychological states or from environments…”

Read more: See What You Want to See: Motivational Influences on Visual Perception, Emily Balcetis and David Dunning, Cornell University –


Other articles I’ve written on the Boston Bombing

Top Ten Reasons the Boston Bombing was NOT an Elaborate Hoax –

Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality? –

Media-based epistemology, faith, and skepticism –

The Boston Bombing – A Staged Event? –

FBI Foreknowledge of Boston Bombings –

Critiquing the Boston Lockdown: The SWAT Goons Meet Sheriff Andy Taylor –

Ritual Murder, Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hoax, and the Occult Significance of the Number 26 –

Mile 26

Mile 26

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7 Responses to The “Boston Bombing Hoax” = Suggested, Anticipated, & Presupposed “Evidence”

  1. apollonian says:

    AJ: it really seems like u’re piling-on masses of rather dis-connected details for this blog. I continue to maintain Boston Marathon event was total, gross farce, fraud, and hence, there’s NO EVIDENCE. If u say there IS evidence, u gotta pt. to SPECIFIC items–there’s NOTHING.

    Take the guy in the picture above, with his lower leg and foot blown clean off–this is impossible–according to the info I understand–the guy would be losing blood massively, and would be in urgent danger of imminent death. These are largely faked photos w. crisis actors, etc.

    • The evidence is in the photos and videos, which present a real bombing and real victims. You’ve chosen to dismiss this evidence and see what you want to see: crisis actors. Guys who’ve gotten their legs blown off in Iraq and Afghanistan made it home. If what you say about the guy in the photo is true, they would have bled to death overseas. Read what I wrote in this post again, and think about it. I’m seeking the truth about this, and I’m calling this as I see it: a real bombing, in my opinion.

      • apollonian says:

        “Real bombing and real victims” IS NOT PROVEN–what’s the evidence?–u’re simply presuming they’re “real.”

        I haven’t dismissed evidence–on the contrary, I challenge u to present specific evidence, w. specific items. The picture of the guy w. the lower leg broken clean off is phony, necessarily, according to the info I presented.

        As I understand, if someone got a limb blown clean off, then IMMEDIATE and instantaneous aid in necessary, like tying a tourniquet, and perhaps morphine. People in Iraq mostly had terrible wounds which then later resulted in the limb amputated.

        “Crisis actors” is CONCLUSION, not pre-conceived.

        In the Sandy Hook instance, Public was flooded w. verbal stories, allegations, etc., most of it later down the memory-hole. Technique here for Boston is essentially same, only there’s lots of photos and vids which are fooling u, AJ–photos and vids can be faked no less–like the above lower limb blown clean off.

  2. apollonian says:

    Remember How Big-Lie Works–Suckers Fool Themselves

    AJ: I seriously submit we, the public in general, are being subjected to a series of HUGE, mammoth big-lies.

    9/11 was done by ZOG, an inside job–and it’s just huge, big-lie that it was done by moooooslims–it was done by CIA and MOSSAD, further pushed by the mass-corp. “news”-media. Same w. Sandy Hook–just a massive, elaborate, huge HOAX/fraud. And now same w. Boston Marathon bombing–the photos/vids are just fakes themselves.

    Observe HOW the BIG-LIE works/operates: it’s left to the suckers to fool themselves, working against themselves; thus the suckers say to themselves, “oh, there’s no way they’d lie and fake this stuff.”

    Consider the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam–it’s just (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, that’s all, printing up (and digitalizing) funny money which the suckers accept and go about thinking they have something of value (which will stay valuable in the future, ho ho ho ho).

    Needless to say, there is a pt. when this “going to the well” will get tooooo much, the “returns” must begin to diminishing.

    Ask urself: WHO ELSE but ZOG could produce and perpetrate these BIG-LIES events?

  3. I agree with you about BIG lies, and the Zionists, too. But I think the Zionists (and others) are smart enough to control both the mainstream and alternative media, and to fill both with information, disinformation, and deceptive memes. Our task is to sort these out and determine the truth. As I pointed out in this post, I think Piper, Glenn & Company knew Sandy Hook was going to be a hoax and that the Boston Bombing was going to be real, so they warned their followers to avoid the hoax meme — not because they would look foolish for thinking Sandy Hook a hoax (it obviously was) — but for thinking Boston a hoax, which it obviously wasn’t. And this strategy worked, too. Like a charm.

    • apollonian says:

      I think Glenn and Piper may well be taking money fm ZOG, but I don’t think they’re nearly clever enough to anticipate ZOG’s plans or that ZOG would bother to inform them, they just doing what they’re told on ad hoc, situational-type basis.

      I strongly disagree ZOG can control the alternative media as easily as mainstream–ZOG absolutely HATES the alternative media on the I-net–that’s why they’re desperately trying to get rid of it. I-net has NOT been friendly to Jews, ho ho ho ho ho.

  4. A spook’s guide to the psychology of deception via @mindhacksblog

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