Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality?


Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality?

The recent series of Sandy Hook debates, which featured Michael Collins Piper and Keith Johnson against James Fetzer and John Friend, got me to thinking, again, about the similarities and differences between Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing.

As I’ve written previously, I believe the Sandy Hook shooting to have been a hoax, and I believe the Boston Bombing to have been a reality.

That having been said, there are very few people (if any) in the Sandy Hook Hoax community who don’t believe the Boston Bombing was also a hoax.

The “Boston Bombing was a hoax” meme was injected into the “Truth Movement” by many peoples immediately after the event, which, in my opinion, was contrary to the photo and video evidence.

I think the best argument for Sandy Hook being a hoax is the lack of photo and video evidence of the event. And the Boston Bombing had lots of photo and video evidence.

What transpired immediately after the Boston Bombing was that certain persons began critiquing the photo and video evidence of the bombing, saying this evidence displayed a staged mass casualty event, which was designed to mimic a real mass casualty event.


At time, I thought this immediate critiquing of photo and video evidence very odd, and I also thought it seemed to have been preplanned, because it occurred immediately after the event and because the critiques seemed to be overreaching and strained, like people with a presupposed theory searching in vain for nonexistent empirical proofs.

I think if we had the same sort of photo and video evidence of the Sandy Hook school shooting we have of the Boston Bombing, those who believe the Boston Bombing was a hoax would be critiquing the evidence of the Sandy Hook shooting in like manner.

“If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” ~ Albert Einstein

No doubt photos of dead children, the wounded, and a dead Adam Lanza would be revealed to be crisis actors, the blood and wounds would be revealed as faked, and the event said to be a staged mass casualty drill presented to the public as a real event.

Videos of Adam Lanza firing his AR-15 through the front window of the school, walking through the broken glass, and shooting inside the school would be revealed as videos of an actor playing his role in a staged event.

I think the people who doubt the reality of the Boston Bombing should ask themselves why they so easily dismiss the photo and video evidence of the bombing. Do they already have their minds made up about the event? The photo and video evidence be damned?

This leads me to believe the psyops started by Ed Chiarini (aka DallasGoldbug) is having its desired effect: getting people to believe all of these sorts of events are staged using actors.

And I’m not saying some of these events aren’t staged, or that some of these events aren’t hoaxes — I think some are — I’m saying people are in dangerous territory when they begin to sound like Ed Ciarini, saying every event is staged, because there’s no evidence they are.


In light of the recent Fetzer-Friend versus Piper-Johnson Sandy Hook Hoax debate, I would welcome a debate between those who represent the Boston Bombing Hoax versus myself, because I don’t believe the bombing was a hoax and I think the photo and video evidence of the bombing represents a real event and not a staged mass casualty event.

I could be wrong, and perhaps a good debate would convince me to change my opinion.

Photos and videos are good evidence and representations of reality. Sandy Hook is lacking this evidence; the Boston Bombing is not. This is the main reason for why I think Sandy Hook was a hoax and the Boston Bombing was a real event: photo and video evidence and the lack thereof.

In this day and age, everyone has a cell phone with a camera, and we get photos and videos uploaded to the internet immediately after events. This uploading did not occur after Sandy Hook but it did occur after the Boston Bombing.


Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Photo & Video Evidence

Sandy Hook = SH

Boston Bombing = BB

Yes = Y

No = N

Photo and video evidence of the event? SH = N; BB = Y

Photo and video evidence of survivors fleeing the scene? SH = N; BB = Y

Photo and video evidence of police and EMTs assisting wounded? SH = N; BB = Y

Photo and video evidence of evacuating wounded from scene? SH = N; BB = Y

Photo and video evidence of dead and injured victims? SH = N; BB = Y

Photo and video evidence of injured in hospital and after recovery? SH = N; BB = Y

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15 Responses to Sandy Hook & Boston Bombing: Hoax & Reality?

  1. apollonian says:

    I remember–it was a tremendous site–when the Boston event happened, the web-master there immediately turned her attn. on that. I followed the blog daily, and note there were lots of folks, smart people, too, who would ck-in and contribute bits of info.

    The web-master there, a lady by name of “Lynn” pretty much proved by means of lots of evidence that the Boston event was GROSS HOAX and fraud. There were no victims which could be verified, the “explosions” were basically all noise and little else–there was simply NOTHING to prove that a real terror-event happened, and lots of info to effect it was staged and based on DRILL.

    The salt and pepper shakers were still left on the tables at explosion site, etc., and further, there were enormous signs that injuries were faked–like one guy who’s feet were supposedly blown-off, he then wheeled away in a wheel-chair, ho ho ho. An MD explained this couldn’t happen without lots of blood loss and going into shock in about a minute’s time–totally impossible.

    Alex Jones and also covered the Boston event, they conclusively showing it was huge scam, purpose being terrorizing the people, training them to be willing slaves, etc. Then things shifted to pinning the blame for the event upon the Chechnyan guys. I’m sure there are lots of vids on this event demonstrating the gross fraud–I’m sure must have lots of stories on it as I remember they really followed it pretty closely.

    Why stage an event where folks actually get killed, when one can fake it all and the people involved all get heavily and well-paid while at same time threatened not to spill any proverbial “beans”–like at Sandy Hook?

  2. apollonian says:

    Here’s great source for the material on Boston event:

  3. apollonian says:

    Here’s infamous vid on Steve Silva, “witness” to the Boston bombing event–Steve just so happened to ALSO have “witnessed” the 9/11 event too–what are the chances? Ho ho ho

  4. I’ve expressed my view in my post: The Boston Bombing – A Staged Event? –

    There is no good reason to doubt the photo and video evidence of the Boston Bombing.

    • dinophile says:

      When the “photo and video evidence” comes primarily from the Boston Globe, notably its web producer Steve Silva, there IS a good reason to doubt it.

      • dinophile says:

        In fact, maybe that’s the reason there is no video or photographic evidence of Sandy Hook: Silva was busy getting the Boston Marathon movie done!

        Maybe Silva is the author of ALL the photographic “evidence” for both 9/11 and Boston. Think about that title “web producer.”

    • apollonian says:

      AJ: at this pt., we merely need to know WHAT particular photos and vids u’re talking about. Boston Marathon event was TOTALLY staged, faked, phony, fraud, all the way. There’s lots of vid and photo evidence to back-up this fraud conclusion too.

  5. So your problem is the source of the photos and not the photos themselves?

    • apollonian says:

      AJ: I see where u’re going w. this about the photos, but u gotta remember that photos and vids can be affected, -shopped, and “interpreted,” difficult as it may seem. The photos and vids actually work against the narrative when and as u ck those photos and vids carefully. I remember “Lynn” the web-master of was always so careful and astute to pt-ing out the photo-shopping and green-screening that was going on at Sandy Hook–blatant and obvious in certain cases, like one w. Anderson Cooper of CNN, notorious CIA-intern.

      “Dinophile” was one of those astute contributors at SandyHookTruth blog I noted, above.

      • dinophile says:

        Thanks, apollonian. I have learned valuable things from you about the Fed, too.
        It is too bad Lynne took her website down. She made these incredible videos showing how all of the photo and video alterations could have been done.

        In the meantime, however, there are still lots of videos on the web taking the Boston marathon incident apart. They show actors getting into place with fake blood, shredded clothing, etc., Carlos Arredondo reading from a card, then putting on his cowboy hat while Jeff Bauman is lying in front of him grasping his stump, etc. Several of these are posted on the Memory Hole blog.

  6. dinophile says:

    If the source is untrustworthy, so are the photos the source produces.

    I think what we’ve been shown as the Boston Marathon bombing, as well as “planes hitting the WTC” on 9/11, is a movie.

    • dinophile says:

      I must give credit, too, to lophatt, who also posted on Sandy Hook Truth, and now is on Memory Hole blog. He is the one who characterized 9/11 and Boston as “movies.”

      • apollonian says:

        Hey dino: great to see u–AJ is brilliant poster–he just thinks photos/vids can’t be altered/faked, evidently–but Lynn showed us all so brilliantly at her incredible blog.

        Hey, u know what?–Tracy took down a bunch of my posts there at MemoryHole–so I e-mailed him asking why–was it because of the Fed material?–he hasn’t answered, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting pressure fm the school where he works not to extrapolate all the way to such as Fed or CFR, Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers.

  7. dinophile says:

    A couple of my posts have never appeared on MHB, as well.

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