2 Responses to U.S. — Israeli Covert Relationship

  1. apollonian says:

    Great research AJ, as usual for ur thorough methodology.

    Basic thing I always emphasize for folks is the money-banking system: if u control the money, printing (and digitalizing nowadays) all u practically want, then u own and control everything and everybody, w. only very few exceptions.

    Israel then is the satanic tail wagging the proverbial “dog.” Keep up ur great work. A.

    • apollonian says:

      What Is Christianity, What Is It Really All About?–TRUTH, Which Then Only Requires LOYALTY

      The KEY to things, aside fm the money & banking issue, culturally and psychologically, is regarding Christianity and what it really is, what it’s really all about–TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), truth the ONLY WAY to Godly happiness (Kingdom of God)–this against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

      And I say this about essence of Christianity BECAUSE the Jews have such a hold on establishment Christianity, beginning then w. “Judeo-Christianity” (JC–see Whtt.org for expo), this amazing thing as Judaism and Christianity are TOTALLY CONTRADICTORY and opposed as I note, above.

      HOW, one must ask, did this happen?–the conflation of two absolute OPPOSITES, Christianity and Judaism?

      And I think it (this horrific, disastrous conflation of Christianity w. Judaism) has to do, for one important thing, w. the idea of “faith,” tooooooooooooooooooooo many stupid people imagining that “faith” is mere BELIEVING, rather than what it really is, for Christians (REAL Christians), anyway, LOYALTY–there’s a difference.

      For “believing” doesn’t make anything true–BUT lots of dummies seem to think it does, and further, that it’s some great virtue to be sooooooooooo stupid as to so think it’s virtue to “believe” as if that believing makes it true.

      Thus the Jew sort of “faith” & “believing” means just sucking-along, WHEREAS true Christianity means real LOYALTY TO WHAT U ALREADY KNOW, not merely “believe.”

      For note (Christian) TRUTH is something real–something to be simply KNOWN–u don’t gotta “buhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev.” For Christ assures us there is a genuine reality, God-created, this reality then being the basis, premise, criterion of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH–u simply perceive it, that’s all–u don’t make it up w. ur mind by means of “believing”–like the satanic Jews do.

      So the suckers and morons of “Judeo-Christianity” take-on the Jew meaning for things, esp. regarding “faith”–and this is why they think they’re so close and similar to those filthy, infernal, satanic Jew murderers and psychopaths, esp. then the genocidal terror-state of Israel.

      So the real Christian effort must be much an emphasis against these FALSE-Christians who worship and support the Israeli terror-state, which did 9/11. Thus Christians must preach TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, Christ’s affirmation of the OBJECTIVE (hence Aristotelian) reality, God-created, the real, genuine basis of TRUTH–to which then, one must be LOYAL, hence the real Christian “faith.” Truth is NOT NOT NOT merely something one makes-up in one’s mind, then to be “believed.”

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