3 Responses to Chris Hedges and Bill Binney on NSA Policy [VIDEO]

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  2. apolloniani says:

    People Must Act In Practical, Down-To-Earth Manner, Facing-Up To Satanist, Anti-Christ Forces

    This was truly excellent posting for analysis of the police-state/NSA problem, AJ. Thanks much for ur research, bringing it all up for attn.

    Only thing I’d pt. out is the intellectualizing and abstracting of the basic SATANIST police-state problem, which is actually otherwise quite practical thing to perceive and consider. We have OVER-WHELMING proof of the satanic nature of the cultural/political enemy poisoning the water w. fluoride, the air w. “chem-trails,” the toxic vaccines, the poison food additives, the poison GMO food itself, fructose corn-syrup, the drugging of school-kids and population, not to mention the radiation-poisoning.

    Purpose of Agenda-21 is admittedly genocide–“pop.-reduction,” and ObamaCare death-panels is obvious, at this pt. Question now is WHAT TO DO?

    The “terrorism” by supposed Arabs and Muslims is actually all controlled by CIA and MOSSAD.

    And the so-called “tension” btwn states like China and Russia and USA is all manipulated and controlled for purposes of hyping and manufacturing terror in minds of citizens–which then works to excuse evermore police-state measures.

    As Alex Jones (InfoWars.com) notes, ALL this, above noted and listed, is signs of satanism moving against the people ON ALL FRONTS. What will the people do?

    Thus I say Christianity needs to be understood what it really is in SIMPLEST terms: worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ) as ONLY way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)–AGAINST lies lies lies lies lies lies (JOHN 8:44).

    Thus criminals (frauds) must be OVERTHROWN, beginning w. the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam–this is the head of the satanic snake which MUST be cut-off, which otherwise funds and controls everything else about the satanic conspiracy.

    Perhaps even more specifically, the Judeo-Christian and Christian-Zionists should be exposed for the gross anti-Christs and outright TRAITORS they really and truly are.

    Finally, the 10th amendment ought to be emphasized, nullifying the un-Constitutional acts of the Feds, power coming properly fm the people and local gov.s. Thus as things continue to degenerate evermore people will understand better the satanic forces inexorably closing-in, then the urgency of that basic rectitude on local basis.

  3. gstlab3 says:

    I am done.,
    I should now consider myself an enemy to the state and any and all who support it or who subsist off of it.,
    that includes all the lawyers, judges, and teachers and the politicians in who they believe unquestioningly.

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