Road Rage Murder in Pennsylvania


The scene of the crime on I-81

Road Rage Murder in Pennsylvania

Police are still looking for the person who murdered Timothy Davison on I-81 in southern Pennsylvania…

VIDEO – State police discuss road rage fatal shooting –


Police: I-81 fatal shooting a random act

“Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg say Timothy Davison, 28, Poland, Maine, was killed at around 2:10 Saturday morning on Interstate 81 near mile marker 3 when an unknown individual rammed his vehicle off the road and shot him, the Chambersburg Public Opinion reported.

“Davison was traveling north and reported to 911 that he was being pursued by a Ford Ranger style truck.

“He indicated that the occupant of the vehicle was firing a weapon at him and then rammed the vehicle into the median near Greencastle, disabling the vehicle.

“After Davison’s vehicle was disabled, the unknown individual approached him and fired several rounds that struck Davison, according to police.

“Davison died from his wounds at York Hospital.”

Pennsylvania State Police are asking that anyone with information about this to contact state police at 264-5161.

The suspect vehicle will be a Ford Ranger style truck possibly blue with damage to the drivers side.”

Read more: Police: I-81 fatal shooting a random act –

Call PA Crime Stoppers at (800) 472-8477

Call 1-800-4-PA-TIPS

VIDEO – I-81 road rage shooting press conference –


FBI join nationwide manhunt for ‘crazy’ driver who ‘chased down and shot a man during road rage fight after being cut off on highway’

“According to police reports, Davison called 911 in Maryland shortly before 2am to report that he was being pursued by another motorist, but his call was dropped when he crossed into Pennsylvania.

“Davison, by then under fire, reached emergency dispatchers in Franklin County on the phone, but moments later was forced off the road and shot…”

Read more: FBI join nationwide manhunt for ‘crazy’ driver who ‘chased down and shot a man during road rage fight after being cut off on highway’ –

I-81 shooting victim’s father struggles with questions

“Timothy Davison’s father is haunted by questions about his son’s road-rage death Saturday in Franklin County, while he was traveling from Florida back home to Maine.

“Davison was driving north on Interstate 81 early Saturday morning when he was fatally shot by an unidentified driver just after crossing from Maryland into Pennsylvania, according to Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg. While investigators are still quiet on many of the details about the incident, Davison’s father spoke about his son and the tragedy…

“The shooting is scary for many local residents for the same reason Davison has questions: This incident has been ruled “random.”

“Jose Ucles of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said while a shooting like this is an extreme situation, there are ways to protect yourself from aggressive drivers.

“According to a pamphlet from his organization, it’s important to avoid eye contact with an aggressive driver, and do everything in your power to get out of his or her way.

“Ignoring gestures and not engaging them is important, as is contacting police to report the driver, as Davison did.

“The main thing is, drive away,” Ucles said. “Don’t try to reason with unreasonable people.”

“And while in cases like Saturday’s shooting, it’s unclear what provoked the shooter, doing everything you can to avoid an aggressive driver is always the best course of action.

“”If you see somebody being aggressive, don’t try to show that they’re doing wrong,” Ucles said. “Just back off.”

Read more: I-81 shooting victim’s father struggles with questions –

Timothy Davison

Timothy Davison

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7 Responses to Road Rage Murder in Pennsylvania

  1. Mother of I-81 road rage victim speaks out –

  2. Family Members Of Man Killed In Road Rage Incident Ask For Information « CBS Baltimore #TimothyDavison #Murder #Crime

  3. Here is the latest story. Please share and contact your local Senator and request that they contact the FCC in support of 911 coverage and if they are unable to provide it at this time, it is posted!

  4. Her son was run off the road, hunted down, and shot. But in the middle of the chaos, his 911 call was dropped.

    Five months later, the I-81 killer in Franklin County is still on the loose.

    CBS 21’s Kyle Rogers traveled to Maine to talk with the mother of the victim the who hopes her son’s death sparks change. ‪#‎JusticeForAsti‬

    Watch the interview you’ll only see on CBS 21 News on Thursday. ‪#‎LiveOnCBS21‬

    VIDEO –

    CBS 21 –

  5. This week will mark six months since the tragic Interstate-81 homicide of Maine native, Timothy Davison.

    Pennsylvania State Police say they’re continuing to seek the public’s help regarding information pertaining to the crime. Davison’s family have also increased their reward for information leading to an arrest.

    Read more: Family Increases Reward for Information in I-81 Homicide –

  6. Stranger charged with murdering Maine man on Pennsylvania highway

    “Pennsylvania authorities say they have charged a man with murder in the shooting death of Timothy “Asti” Davison, 28, of Poland, Maine, in a case of mistaken identity.

    “Police charged John Wayne Strawser Jr., who was already in jail for an unrelated shooting in April this year, with first-degree murder…”

    Continue reading: Stranger charged with murdering Maine man on Pennsylvania highway

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