American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution

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American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution

“A stunning exploration of the subtle erosion of freedom in an age of concocted fear and de facto military authority.”

american coup“William Arkin talked about his book, “American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution”, in which he argues that unelected officials in our national security establishment are undermining our constitutional rights. He argued that these bureaucrats, in the name of fighting terrorism, have figured out ways to work between the letter of the law and continue to remain largely untouchable, despite the many whistle-blower disclosures. Mr. Arkin spoke at Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, Vermont.”

VIDEO – Book TV: William Arkin, “”American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution” (10:00) –

VIDEO – Book Discussion on American Coup (FULL 56:23) –

BOOK – William Arkin, “American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution” –


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11 Responses to American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution

  1. apollonian says:

    Arkin Caught-Up In Details, Misses Larger Picture Of Rampant Satanism

    AJ: I watched the short clip, and then parts of the longer clip of Mr. Arkin, and he seems to make good pt.s, surely, BUT, I think his large pt. is fairly enough well-known by now–we got an out-of-control gov., now a tyranny, full-blown.

    Ok, so I submit Arkin’s sort of work gets somewhat bogged-down in details. For what we got now is absolute SATANISM, nothing less, actively going-about murdering on mass-scale. Question is what to do about it (satanic gov.), and this requires analysis of how it got that way.

    So the Christian republic of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (and honesty) above all, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6 was effectively destroyed by means of delusion/fallacy/HERESY of “good-evil” which was the pretext of general SUBJECTIVISM which so much (but still not completely) destroyed Christian republic of TRUTH, truth necessarily founded upon that Aristotelian objectivity, necessary premise/criterion for precious TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

    For note as I say again, we’re sinners, always have been, always will be, and we’re not capable of heavenly salvation but by grace and mercy of God, according to St. Augustine who decried the Pelagian heresy of “good works.”

    So again, what I want to pt. out about Arkin and his work is he’s somewhat missing the large philosophic pt. about TRUTH above all, TRUTH the foremost virtue to the greatest value, the “Kingdom of God” (happiness).

    So what to do?–it requires, I submit, a full-blown FRONTAL assault upon Satanism, thus dear Christianity understood in strict philosophic manner, featuring that objective nature of the God-created reality (Aristotle), Christ explicitly (more or less) denouncing and rejecting subjectivism, as of the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44).

    For subjectivism is always the basis of lies, necessarily, and though this is too abstract for 95% of the poor volk, it’s always allowed in, nose of the proverbial “camel,” by means of Pelagian heresy and delusion of “good-evil.” Humans don’t have a PERFECTLY “free” will–only God does, and we’re NOT NOT NOT capable of heavenly salvation, as I note, without God’s grace and mercy.

    We only now need more forthright Christian soldiers to confronting the Satanists upon grounds of such strict philosophy as I note, above.

  2. I was brought here by the comments on Pelagius, not the political stuff. Look, here’s the thing with Pelagius and Augustine.

    To Pelagius, grace is necessary, but grace to him is God’s mercy, thus comes more or less at the end. You try with all your might, you fail, and God shows you mercy on the day of Judgement.

    To Augustine, grace is welfare. God sends you a welfare check so you can sit on your butt sinning sinning sinning and never lift a finger to try to live right at all.

    Translate that into the political realm, and the Democrats are all a bunch of Augustinian thugs and the Republicans are poor oppressed Pelagians. And anyone who is a Republican politically but an Augustinian theologically, will burn in a hell twice as hot for being too stupid to understand by the analogy that Augustinianism is a FALSE GOSPEL.

    • apollonian says:

      Thanks for the pontification, ho oh ho ho, but tell us, ur holiness, WHAT then is the true, proper gospel? How can humanity have a perfectly “free” will like God’s? I understand St. Paul also explains we’re sinners, though I don’t have the citation at hand, is his false too? Tell us, oh holy one.

      • I’ll never understand why you Augustinian loons can’t get it through your thick heretical heads that one can be a sinner without being born a sinner, and that in fact, if one can be born a sinner that nullifies the whole concept of sin altogether. Sin is a violation of a commandment. You can’t be born into a violation of a commandment. Violating a commandment is something you must do, not something you can be born guilty of or a state you can be born into. By asserting that people are born sinners, you Augustinians are the ones denying that anyone is a sinner, because you’ve nullified the very meaning of sin.

      • apollonian says:

        Yes, Mr. brains: I believe u have a pt., but can’t u figure out w. all those brain-cells working at the same time?–THERE IS NO POSSIBLE PERFECTLY “FREE” human will–only God’s will is perfect and perfectly free. So that’s why we say we’re “sinners”–u’re right, there’s a problem, BUT imagine people and how they are w. their child-like mentalities, EVEN NOWADAYS. Such then is the way the problem is phrased–and which everyone understands, but perhaps for the few geniuses like urself, eh? Ho hoo ho ho

        The issue is determinism (absolute cause-effect) vs. a Godly-type perfectly “free” will–which is obviously impossible for humans. Thus we say we’re naturally sinners, w. no hope of salvation but for God’s grace and mercy, as per St. Augustine and St. Paul.

      • I’m not interested in your Satanic sophistry concerning the words “perfectly free.” Its obvious that nobody will sprout wings just because they want to, but that doesn’t mean there is no free will in moral matters. It just means that we can’t change material reality at will. And the fact is, if there is no free will, there is no sin because there is no intent. We would be just like a river stream. It has no choice where to go. It just follows the path of least resistance. If your diabolical doctrine were true, then the whole concept of sin would be nonsense. Is a river stream sinful because of its lack of free will? What if God commanded the stream to flow northward, but it couldn’t because the path of least resistance was leading southward? Would it be in sin? No. Because it has no free will.

      • apollonian says:

        Yes, TRUTH (Christ) and logic (Holy Spirit) are “satanic sophistry” to such as mr. “brains” the pontificator who, like satan, wants to DECLARE what is truth and what is gospel.

        Brainerd is simply another Westbrook Baptist type who wants to declare and pontificate what is “commandment,” and then tell us we MUST follow the commandment–that that’s why we have “free” will, ho ho ho hoo ho.

        Brainerd isn’t honest enough to admit all those “commandments” were written down by human beings, and that God gave us our minds for us to THINK–something too difficult for satanists like Brainerd who just wants to command and tell people they’re “sinners” for not following Brainerd’s commands, which Brainerd will assure us comes fm God. “Look,” he will say, “it’s written down here, and golly gee, but God wrote it,” ho ho ho o ho.

        See comrades, commandments are for children, and it only depends on WHO makes the commands. HUMAN BEINGS THINK, and don’t worry about “commands” or what’s written-down by some humans.

        Thus humans do the best they can, following their human REASON, not worrying about what’s “commanded” in writing which was made by other humans–which satanists like Brainerd want to insist comes fm God–“really it is,” u have Brainerd’s word for it.

      • So if you reject all commandments which books are in YOUR Bible? In any case, I didn’t tell you to obey any commandments. I’m talking about the meaning of the word sin. Sin is a violation of one of God’s commandments, NOT an entity or a state. What you are saying is that our mere existence is sin. That’s absurd. Sin is a failure to keep the commandments. But you can’t have failed as yet when you’re just born, so your doctrine is nonsense. Worse than nonsense, its pure Gnosticism. Or if you are trying to mix some kind of Deism with a belief that we are born sinners (sound like what it almost sounds like you are doing) then you are completely insane, because on what basis can you establish original sin if you are just relying on reason and reject everything that’s written because you say its made up by men. Your position is contradictory. If writings are out the window, you have no basis to claim any sort of “we’re born sinners nonsense” (not that the Bible would help you proclaims that doctrine anyway, since it totally demolishes it, in many places but most notably Ezekiel 18). But whether one accepts the Bible as God’s word, only goes by pure reason, the notion that people are born sinners is nonsense. Nonsense per the Bible, and nonsense per reason. Personally I think you are just a pot-head since you make no sense. You proclaim “we’re all sinners” and speak of heresy vs orthodox, but you reject the Bible as manmade. Go back to your crackpipe you piece of garbage and stay off the internets.

  3. apollonian says:

    Greatest Enemy Of Truth (Christ) Is Lies, Especially “Good” (Pharisaism), Even In Form Of “Commandment”

    It’s difficult arguing w. a satanic Pharisee like Brainerd who pretends to know everything and act like God, making commandments and declarations as he does in classic pontifical style, striving simply to intimidate folks. But mr. brains, his holiness, does indeed bring up a problem regarding sin, which was also discussed at some length by the sublime St. Augustine.

    And when one cks the New Test., one finds numerous statements upon the subject, sin, the concept going way back to Old Test. times too. But note “sin” had great relevance in the old days when human reason wasn’t entirely understood as well or widely as presently–sin then was transgression of Godly commands, which humans use for guidance. Even today, note most folks have greatest difficulty thinking for themselves (like Brainerd, though he won’t admit it), so “commandments” might work for them too.

    St. Augustine, however, understood there’s a serious philosophic problem, to which Brainerd refers. And Christ, most of all, understood the problem best, which is why Christ provided the most philosophic manner for understanding and conduct: love God and do justice (MARK 12:29-31, MATT 22:37-9). Note further, Christ is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the ONLY way to Godly happiness (JOHN 14:6), so we must follow truth to the best of our rational ability–don’t worry about pontifical “commandments.”

    Note above all, the greatest enemy of TRUTH (Christ) is the lie of “good” (Pelagianism) which the Pharisees and Jews make greatest use of to inducing guilt among the weaker folk (who make up perhaps 95% of the people), intimidating them to doing the will of the Pharisees and their master, satan. Brainerd is one of THEM, never doubt, doing satan’s work, so self-righteously, as we see.

    • By your definition Christ himself would be a Satanist since he told the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16 “Keep the commandments.” Now I don’t normally believe in contemporary demon possession, but in your case I have to make an obvious exception. I mean, after all, you just caled Christ himself a Satanist.

      • apollonian says:

        Keep the commandments, indeed, if u don’t have the brains (ho ho ho) to THINK–get it?

        U’re scraping bottom now, brains, lying and saying I called Christ satanist.

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