Sofia Smallstorm — Unraveling Sandy Hook [VIDEO]


Sofia Smallstorm — Unraveling Sandy Hook [VIDEO]

“The battle for our minds has now become the battle for our hearts.” ~ Sofia Smallstorm

In this video presentation, Sofia Smallstorm unravels the numerous dimensions of Sandy Hook with penetrating insight.

The introduction (with music) ends after the first few minutes, and the remainder of the video is an excellent audio/visual presentation by Sofia Smallstorm.

The second half of this presentation (after 41:00) is especially interesting, and is worth watching (or listening to) more than once, so that what she’s saying will sink in.

This multi-dimensional analysis of Sandy Hook is both informative and chilling.

VIDEO – Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook –


“A global agenda to keep the people calm and quite as they suffer loss.” ~ Sofia Smallstorm

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