Kokesh the Krooked Kointelpro Kon

Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh

Kokesh the Krooked Kointelpro Kon

“Then when Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was condemned, he changed his mind and brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders” ~ Matthew 27:3

Listen after 12:45. The interviewer brings up the possibility (=reality) Kokesh is a paid provocateur leading gullible gun owners to slaughter. To this charge Kokesh can only answer: “If that were the case I would hope I was being paid better.” Is this the type of response an honest person would give to such a charge? And, since he admits, here, to being paid. Who is paying Kokesh, and why? Enquiring minds want to know…

VIDEO – #HFT: Adam Kokesh Interview Post Arrest and Call for the Final American Revolution – http://youtu.be/oVn1hE9dAh8


See: Who is Adam Kokesh? – the man calling for an armed American revolution – http://dcclothesline.com/2013/05/29/who-is-adam-kokesh-the-man-calling-for-an-armed-american-revolution/

Kokesh is a paid provocateur and a publicity seeker.

Anyone stupid enough to follow Kokesh and participate in his foolish open carry march on Washington deserves what they will get: a $10,000 fine and 5 years in a federal prison.

There is no lawful way to carry a gun in Washington, DC. Carry permits are not issued to anyone other than law enforcement officers or military. If you have a registered weapon, it must be transported with a trigger lock or other locking mechanism and be unloaded. Ammunition must be kept in a separate locked case and you can only carry it in this manner when you are going to a shooting range or other lawful recreational activity.

If you are arrested for carrying a gun without a license, it may result in a fine of $10,000 and imprisonment of up to 5 years.

“Unlawful Possession of Ammunition (UA) – Possession of unlawful ammunition is a crime and can result in a fine of $1,000 and a year in prison. You can only purchase or possess ammunition designed for a firearm which is properly registered. It is illegal to own what is considered a “large capacity ammunition feeding device,” which means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition.”


VIDEO – Armed Revolt on D.C. July 4th, 2013 (Alex Jones interview of Adam Kokesh 05/06/2013) – http://youtu.be/2n8tXO945Cw


Kokesh is also calling his march an armed rebellion, which is against federal law:

18 USC § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection – “Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.”

Kokesh has foolish – and illegal – ideas.

Fools are trouble makers.

Provocateurs are traitors.

So far Kokesh has gotten away with organizing and publicizing his “armed revolt” (his words), which is a violation of federal law, and is good for ten years in federal prison.

His “open carry march” will get him and those foolish enough to follow him ten years in federal prison, although Kokesh never mentions this fact to his followers.

I’ve been advocating nonviolent overthrow of the government via the formation of alternative government – with a reserve backing of armed force – which is legal to do, for the past two years. I am required by federal law to walk this fine legal line, which it appears Kokesh is being allowed to violate, without suffering any consequences for doing so. This is yet another sign Kokesh is a paid, pro-government, provocateur and fake patriot (= fakriot).

kokesh the money changer

Kokesh the money changer and the Illuminati all-seeing eye as product placement

See: The Illuminati all-seeing eye as product placement – http://www.illuminati-symbols.com/illuminati-all-seeing-eye.html

Buy Agorist! – What’s up with 21st century money changer Adam Kokesh and Agorist Metals?

VIDEO – Adam Kokesh – Who is Chris Duane? – http://youtu.be/1fvE_g6pb9M

VIDEO – Chris Duane – Honest Men and Thieves – http://youtu.be/sUB6Ejfp3Xw

Jewish Heritage Month

VIDEO – Obama heckled in Israel – here’s why

By: AdamKokesh

Read the original:
See: Obama heckled in Israel – here’s why – Video

Published on May 1, 2013

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Source: Jewish Heritage Month – http://www.jewishheritagemonth.com/tag/metals


30 pieces of silver


“When Jews came to Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax, they could only pay it with a special coin, the half-shekel. This was a half-ounce of pure silver, about the size of a quarter. It was the only coin at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight, without the image of a pagan Emperor, and therefore to the Jews it was the only coin acceptable to God.

“Unfortunately these coins were not plentiful, the money changers had cornered the market on them, and so they raised the price of them to whatever the market could bear. They used their monopoly they had on these coins to make exorbitant profits, forcing the Jews to pay whatever these money changers demanded.

“Jesus threw the money changers out as their monopoly on these coins totally violated the sanctity of God’s house. These money changers called for his death days later.”

Source: http://iamthewitness.com/books/Andrew.Carrington.Hitchcock/The.History.of.the.Money.Changers.htm

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“Who is ‘the man,’ you ask?”

“The man is anyone who thinks they can tell you how to live your life and impose their will on others by force of government. But maybe the man behind the curtain is the would-be man in all of us…(it) is about conquering that desire to rule over others and that willingness to accept rule by force.” – Adam Kokesh

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Update 10: Enter the Klowns

“How many other bloggers are going to try to jump into my boots? Well the latest is the stoner, BitConer Adam Kokesh, this despite all of the drama of tremendous delivery failures, shoddy quality, awful customer service and the final coup de grace of Rob Gray telling me that I would get “nothing”. It seems that some bloggers will turn a blind eye to sell their customers out for a quick buck. (Or so they think.) The wonderful thing with this is that I have warned everyone and their customers will provide the money to fulfill orders from months ago that are still waiting.” ~ Chris Duane

Source: http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=29291

Mulligan Mint Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MulliganMint

Will Lehr – Mulligan Mint – Meet the Team – http://mulliganmint.com/discover-m2/meet-the-team/

Will Lehr – Coins for the Cause (aka Agorist Metals) Meet the Team – http://coinsforthecause.com/what-we-do/meet-the-team/

Agorist Metals (aka Coins for the Cause) – https://agoristmetals.com/

Adam vs The Man Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ADAMVSTHEMAN

VIDEO – So You’re Going to the Armed March on D.C of 1,000 People? Don’t Be a Kokesh Zombie! – http://youtu.be/HCfSw_gwGjc


Wikipedia – Adam Kokesh:

Adam Kokesh

“After his discharge, and during a March 19, 2007 protest he attended, Kokesh was in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR);[7] a superior officer identified him in a photo caption in the Washington Post.[9] On “March 29, a Marine major sent him an e-mail to tell him he was being investigated for misconduct by appearing at a political event in uniform. Kokesh responded, telling the major what he thought” and used an expletive in his reply, resulting in an additional misconduct charge.[7] The charges were “brought under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which applies only to service members,” confusing some veterans and lawyers.[7]

In May 2007, a hearing was convened to consider changing Kokesh’s military discharge from “honorable” to “other than honorable” on two points:[15][18] “Disrespect toward a Superior Commissioned Officer,” and violating “Wearing of the uniform” regulation.[19] The panel recommended Kokesh be given a “general discharge under honorable conditions,”[20] which is a discharge status below “honorable,” and above “other than honorable”.[21] Kokesh appealed the decision, but was denied.[22]”

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Kokesh

In 2012, Kokesh attempted to get active duty service members in trouble with the military by encouraging them to march in uniform at a political rally in Washington, which is a violation of the UCMJ. Kokesh himself was other than honorably discharged from the USMC for this very reason. Like Satan, Kokesh knows he’s fallen, so he wants to drag as many unsuspecting souls down with him as he can.

See: Active duty and veterans marching for Ron Paul? – http://wp.me/pPnn7-zh

See: Alex Jones and Jim Marrs on unlawful orders Re: Veterans for Ron Paul March – http://wp.me/pPnn7-EE

Interestingly enough, another government – or psuedo-government (=ADL) – agent recently cussed me out, threatened me, and complained that he, too, were he in fact a government agent, certainly wasn’t being paid enough.


30 pieces of silver

I guess all these fakriots have the same complaint: they feel their 30 pieces of silver wasn’t enough payment for betraying their country.

“Then when Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was condemned, he changed his mind and brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders” ~ Matthew 27:3

So, I was on LinkedIn the other day and, by accident, I sent invites to all my gmail contacts. I had one unhappy Bible hater curse me that night, and the next morning I got this very unhappy email from Michael Collins Piper. I went to visit MCP in DC not long ago and he was afraid to meet with me, but online he’s a real badass. I may need to go to DC, again, soon. Perhaps I’ll check out the Capitol Hill bars he frequents to speak with him about his empty threats. MCP is yet another unhappy cointelpro agent, because I tell the truth.

Michael Collins Piper

5:07 AM (6 hours ago)

to me (ajmacdonaldjr)

“You send me an invitation to connect on Linked In after you spread the story that I am an agent of some faction in the government?

And that AFP is some sort of controlled opposition.

Oh you must be nuts, or I must be to even bother responding.

If I was working for the government, you stupid asshole, I wouldn’t be limping around, barely able to walk, unable to afford health insurance or get the health treatment I need that might help alleviate the problems causing my situation.

God damn to fucking all Hell of you asshole rumor mongers.

Go fuck yourself, you motherfucker.

I’d love to shove my cane up your ass and my other cane down your throat and strangle you like you deserve.”

mcp threat

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