Reverse speech, Jared Loughner, DallasGoldbug, Gabby Giffords, and staged events

jared loughner

Reverse speech, Jared Loughner, DallasGoldbug, Gabby Giffords, and staged events 

Reverse speech is what Ed Chiarini (aka DallasGoldbug) was talking about in all of his videos before, during, and after the 2011 Tucson shooting. He has now removed all of these videos from his YouTube page. At the time of the Tucson shooting (1/8/2011) I was researching it and came across Chiarini’s videos. I came to the conclusion, then, that shooter Jared Loughner may have been receiving subconscious messages (with possible triggers) from Chiarini through his videos. Loughner had videos describing lucid dreaming and mind control on his own YouTube page. Both Loughner and Chiarini lived in Tucson at that time, and I had lived there myself from 2008-2010. Chiarini, after the Tucson shooting, claimed the shooting event was staged – faked – having used various personnel from the Pima County Sheriff’s Office as actors, whom he identified in his videos after the shooting. Although this seemed odd to me at the time, since Sandy Hook, and especially since the Boston bombing, this “staged events using actors” has now become incredibly popular. Chiarini says all news events are staged, and I suspect he is up to no good by saying so, as well as for his involvement in creating very involved, time consuming, and expensive reverse speech videos before, during, and after the Tucson shooting.

ed chiarini

VIDEO – Dallas Goldbug – Rep Giffords Operation Safeway EXPOSED –

This is one of the few videos concerning reverse speech and the Tucson shooting I’ve been able to find, although it is not one of DallasGoldbugs’ videos:

VIDEO – January 9, 2011 – Gabrielle Giffords’ secret messages describe Sarah Palin dream warfare attacks –


Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D, AZ) was the victim of dream warfare attacks and suffered nightmares in which she saw former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin receiving news of the representative’s death. Voice analysis of audio from Rep. Giffords’ radio interview this morning along with her victory remarks from last November reveal secret unconscious messages when they are played in reverse. This subject is featured in a new episode of The Secret Message Report — Podcast Edition, produced and hosted by Vancouver UFO Examiner, Jon Kelly.A study was conducted in a Vancouver-based mobile audio production lab to identify secret messages anticipating today’s tragic events in which a gunman gravely wounded Arizona Democratic Gabrielle Giffords and killed a federal judge in what is being described as an MKULTRA assassination attack that left five others dead.Audio from a talk radio interview during which Rep. Giffords spoke this morning as well as victory remarks from last November was processed through a digital mirror to identify reflections of unconscious communications activity. Viewed through the digital looking glass, the radio interview was considered especially likely to produce numerous examples of unconscious precognitive communications behavior as the recorded voice sample from Rep. Giffords was taken only hours before the attack. Story continues on – The Dallas Morning News has indexed this story as Alleged Secret Messages Describe Dream Warfare Attacks:

us rep gabby giffords

VIDEO – US Rep. Giffords (D-AZ, 9/2010): Dismantling Drug Cartels:

Remember: Giffords was a subscriber to Loughner’s YouTube channel –

VIDEO – Tuscon Giffords & Judge Roll Shooting Tied to CPS, Child Trafficking, & Drug Running? –

judge roll

See: R.I.P. US Federal Judge John Roll –

More suspicions concerning the very shady events surrounding the assassination of US federal judge John Roll and US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

See: The Suspicious Shooting of US Rep Gabrielle Giffords –

The murder of US Judge John Roll, the shooting of US Rep Gabrielle Giffords, and the death cult of Santa Muerte

See: What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner –

See: The Boston Bombing – A Staged Event? –

See: The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations – National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 2 –


Six people, including a 9-year-old girl, were killed during the shooting outside a Safeway grocery store.

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13 Responses to Reverse speech, Jared Loughner, DallasGoldbug, Gabby Giffords, and staged events

  1. Ed Chiarini says:

    Your nuts. My videos are on YouTube and have been since YOUTUBE took out my site for the third time but put it back up. But that was almost a year ago, so I dont know what your talking about. As for the rest of your comments, I’m not even going to waste my time as people can see the evidence on my site at

    • Dallasgoldbug says:

      I did not subscribe to this site that is not me Commenting and Do Not SEND anyone any money donations or support to

  2. I’m “nuts”? That’s original. So you deny making numerous videos concerning reverse speech? Why? I watched many of them, when you had them on your site, or channel. I thought they were odd, at the time, but interesting nonetheless. Where are they now? I’d like to watch them again.

    • Ed Chiarini says:

      Yes. I do think your nuts, and have no idea about “reverse speech”. If you dont like the way I talk go fuck yourself, and if you want to come here Ill say it to your face, WITH MY OWN VOICE so you can decide for your self if my playing some effin game.

      So where are examples of me “reversing or BACKMASKING” that you claim? You are full of it and if there is some coinsidence that you can pull something out of your ass that remotely sounds like something played in reverse. Ill address it and say it to you in person (what ever was said that you played backwards or what ever to produce what ever it is you are claiming) and prove you are a pathetic hack. That is if you are up for the challenge. I am. I love dealing with you pieces of crap that think you are dealing with one of your pseudonym actor friends. Come to find out I am real and am more then willing to stand up to anyone face to face and say every thing that I know to be true. ESPECIALLY when that truth has to do with calling you out. As I JUST DID. Accept the challenge? Or will you just delete this message. If you delete it be carefull because I just might be recording me tyoing it and submitting it so they I can play it to everyone and prove my point.

  3. They are all on my channel as well, RichardBDawson on Youtube. Nothing is hidden. The catalog if there for all to search names and topics. I have catalogued his work since the 2011 so if you wish to identify which one(s) in particular you believe are missing, feel free to let me know on my channel. As for Ed living in Tucson. Prove it. Surely you can offer some EVIDENCE that would enlighten us all, such as rent receipts, utilites, voters’ registration; SOMETHING? Thanks for the free advertizing for Ed’s material. Articles like this cause curiously that leads people to questions and dig deeper of their own answers.

    • Thanks, maybe you can enlighten us? I’m going by what I remember hearing from his old videos. If his reverse speech videos are online somewhere I would appreciate the links.

      • You may wish to mention the video you posted above is NOT one created by Ed Chiarini. As I said above, you can go to my channel on YouTube and every video Ed has created and posted is available. You can also go to WellAware1 (dot) com and see the complete catalog giving the date it was first posted/created, the runtime, and all names or topics by word retrieval access. You may have gotten his work mistaken to that put out by someone else.

      • I did say it wasn’t one of Ed’s videos. And I’m talking about the reverse speech videos made by Ed, not by you or anyone else. I know what I saw and heard, and I saw and heard Dallas Goldbug’s reverse speech videos. In fact, that was about all he was making then.

  4. Can you give more details other than ‘reverse speech’ such as the name of the alias covered, the length of the video and some other details? I think you are mistaken.

    • alias covered? what does that mean? dude, if i had known, at the time, the importance of them, i would have downloaded, or at least screenshotted them. all i know is what i saw and heard. as i said, i thought the videos were odd, at the time. it wasn’t until later i realized ed’s “all news is staged” would become a major psyops. don’t feel the need to get defensive, because i can’t prove this, as i said in my post, peoples will have to take my word for it regarding what i saw, and the more you bitch about it the more what i say appears true, so you’re only helping me by not letting it go 🙂

  5. Not so. If you want to look over all the videos I have on my channel, you can prove your point by finding the evidence since I have the complete set. If it is not there, it’s not one he created. What I was asking you was what the subject matter or people mentioned in the video.

    • Anonymous says:

      Both Ed and Dick (you) are like Two Fat kids trying to make Ice Cream Truck money…dicgging thru the couch if you wanna sweet tooth you better learn my route…
      FIRST: neither one of you has a Hoof to stand on when you keep playing the “i thought of it first routine” CARD,… you need to shut the fuck up or admit you are both Laurel and Hardy…first off you both go anywhere they mention one of you..and none of these site’s are secure enough to know if it is you..and yet yall got the audacity to be asking for donatiois to further RESEARCH?
      DICK DAWSON who cares if “HE CREATED” it….you’re a TOAD…actually you both fit the original definition of a Troll…and this was a person on the BBS networks that would take it into their own mission to go around and Pa-Trole shit…throw some tech savy words around and attempt to be little and out dupe anyone who isn’t jerking you off at the orgy…you’re not gonna win any friends or influence andyone to any extent that you couldn’t of already got your foot in the VAGINA JACKPOT…you need to Humble yourself in the site of the “PLOT” at hand that many people feel is happening …DICK DAWSON so wat if you got back up VIDEOS you’re a fucking trick…..not one piece of copyright on any banner no TRADE MARK it’s all bullshit…you guys TOAD people for their EMAILS from fb and then log em into your server so you can plot it out….ED Telling someone at Dellaware1 that they’ve made 3 memberships from same IP address >>>SO WHAT WE STILL do not know who you are DICK and ED ain’t done nothing new in over a YEAR showing himself…your both buying time and more than likely gettin over on the real chiarini…no need for a WELLAWARE1BOSS on a paypal? no need for a dallassgoldbag GMAIL…you got your SITE?
      you’ve been waiting for someone to use your name as a url at facebook since day one…so you can say…HEY THEY ARE PRETENDING TO BE ME>…
      even with my ss number and all my records you both couldn’t make it seem like i was collecting funds from you and being fraudulant want a scapegoat so bad you both are drooling…if someone claimed to be JESUS CHRIST you’d both still bitch ..”ED WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO MATCH JESUS’S EARS TO GABRIELLE GIFFORDS”
      enough with the tough guy FUCK OFF routine….especially when you have people’s comments removed on FB if they cuss at you…truely bot fake as fuck again
      USE YOUR FAKER TOOL against yourself and show everyone you are
      “EDWARD CHIARINI JR” the middle name would help too and this is by your own mission statement i could care less if you were both named KEVIN

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