All gun owners are Adam Lanza now

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All gun owners are Adam Lanza now

“[A]ccording to Thomas [Aquinas], he [the ruler] may not take private property beyond what public need requires, though strictly speaking property is an institution of Human rather than Natural law. Above all, the rulership of one man over another must not take away the free moral agency of the subject. No man is bound to obedience in all respects and even the soul of the slave is free (a doctrine Aristotle would hardly have understood). It is for this reason that the resistance of tyranny is not only a right but a duty.” (George H. Sabine, A History of Political Theory, Third Edition (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1937, 1950, 1961; 1965) pp. 255-256)

See: Broken Government: A Call to Action –

“Peoples who believe our federal government is tyrannical are mentally ill and dangerous. Such peoples must be disarmed and imprisoned, for the safety of all Americans – especially our children – before their mental illness leads them to harm someone, just as Adam Lanza did at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.” ~ US President Barack Obama (some day very soon)

See: Sandy Hook, gun control, mental health, and the federal government –

The preventive incarceration of disloyal paranoids will protect Americans who are loyal to the Washington regime – MSNBC VIDEO – Obama explains the FEMA Camps –

Dangerous paranoids believe the Washington regime is tyrannical – MSNBC VIDEO – Joe Klein » Gun Advocates Feed People ‘Anti-American’ ‘Crap’ –

Dangerous paranoids who own guns believe the Washington regime is tyrannical – MSNBC VIDEO – Chris Matthews Calls Patriotic Gun Owners An Insane Paranoiac Dangerous Fringe Group –

NRA members = Adam Lanza

This political cartoon was recently published in the Chambersburg Public Opinion (4/1/2013) and was published in many other newspapers across the nation as well.

The Assault (c) Bill Day

The Assault (c) Bill Day

The cartoon says:

“Give me your assault rifles bought at any gun store, your huddled Sandy Hook kids don’t mean #@&% to me. The wretched gun-haters who I despise to the core. Send these, the Bloombergs, the Libs, Weirdos – all three. I lift up my Colt CRP 18 Pro [Colt AR-15] and they’ll all hit the floor!”

The Assault –

“Without justice what are kingdoms but great bands of robbers?” ~ St Augustine

Our nonviolent truth, justice, and peace movement: Summer of Justice, needs the backing of organized armed force while we still have the freedom, guns, and opportunity to organize – Armed force BACK-UP needed for Summer of Justice –

Summer of Justice on Facebook: Making the Dream a Reality –

Summer of Justice – 2013 – D.C.  Philosophy and Plan of Action –

Conspiracy isn’t a theory, it’s a crime:

18 USC § 371 – Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States –

VIDEO – The Sandy Hook Controversy – James Tracy on GRTV –


See: In Search of the Last Liberal Intellectual –

“[Professor] James Tracy will pay $1,000 to any academic, journalist, public servant or private citizen capable of prevailing in a debate with him on the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut on December 14, 2012. The successful discussant will convincingly argue with appropriate prosecutory evidence (forensic, laboratory, audio-visual) that Adam Lanza was the sole perpetrator of the incident.”

See: The $1,000 Challenge –


MK-ULTRA Links To The Sandy Hook Assault –

Mop-Up…Newton And Webster As Inter-Agency War – Pt 3 –


Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook Massacre, Government Run Pedophilia, and Satanism –

Sandy Hook, Meth and the Knights of Malta-

Cross-Dressing, Show-Tunes-Loving Connecticut Priest Busted for Selling Meth and Laundering Money Through His Sex Shop –



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