The Plan


1960‘s – 1980’s – DoD creates ARPANET in order to link DoD, CIA, and various US universities, which are working in concert with these government agencies. ARPANET was the forerunner of today’s internet. “The global Internet’s progenitor was the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) of the U.S. Department of Defense.” –

200px-National_Security_AgencySeptember 2001 – The US and Israeli governments perpetrate 9/11, blame it on al Qaeda, which is a CIA asset, and order the NSA to immediately begin an illegal domestic US monitoring program. NSA immediately begins monitoring and creating files on every American citizen – “The Program” –

2001 – 2013 The US, NATO, and Israel destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya on behalf of Israel, and use jihadist CIA assets to cause mass murder and chaos in an attempt to destabilize Syria, which is an enemy of Israel.

The CIA and DOD create MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in order to augment “The Program” by linking these geo-social networks into the NSA database of dossiers it’s created using “The Program” – “CIA admits full monitoring of Facebook, Google, YouTube and other social networks” –

cia2The CIA, DOD, Israeli, US, and NATO governments orchestrate the so-called “Arab Spring” in order to destabilize Israel’s enemies throughout the Arab world –

2013 – The US, NATO, and Israel need yet another mass terror strike within the US in order to convince the US population the US government needs to take out Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and North Korea. Plans have been made for this, long ago, and the media has been spewing forth the necessary propaganda to prepare the US population for this. Another US government orchestrated terror attack upon the US can occur at any time, and one has likely been delayed already, due to internal disputes within the US government, mainly between DoD and CIA, as well as the revelation of this heinous plan by various writers and bloggers –

wtc 7 never forget

The US and Israeli governments have agents and assets throughout the mainstream and alternative media who tell us about all of this, because these godless governments don’t believe we, the People, can organize to stop them. And because, without such an organization, the US population only becomes further disempowered and more hopeless while the government becomes ever more empowered and emboldened – See:–Secret.Societies.And.Psychological.Warfare.%5B1992%5D.pdf

Today – The Future – This is how we are organizing to stop them, and is the way by which we can empower ourselves to do so –

NOTE: For more information, including references, click on the many TAGS below this article, where you will be taken to many of the hundreds of articles I’ve written on these subjects, which contain many relevant links of reference.

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