Don’t fall for Alex Jones’ Infowars gun-grab psyop!


The professor’s statement, below, is more true than he – and virtually everyone in America – realizes, and reveals the true danger all Americans will soon be in:

“A second approach would be for the government to simply seize guns (using force if need be) on the grounds upon which any illegal possession can be seized by the state. This raises the moral concern about violating property rights and also raises a very practical concern: some people will see this as the fulfillment of their once paranoid fear that the government would be coming for their guns. While some people will yield to the superior firepower of the state, it seems likely that others will resist such attempts violently, resulting in injuries and death.” ~ Professor Michael Labossiere

A Philosopher’s Blog – “High Capacity, High Powered Semi-Automatic” by Professor Michael Labossiere


Our government is starting a war with the American People… the very people our government is sworn to protect and serve:

Jim Jones

Jim Jones

Alex Jones of Infowars in Austin, Texas, has been hyping the gun-grab and coming civil war for many years now. Jones is running a mass mind control operation patterned after Jim Jones’ Jonestown, which is designed to desensitizes his listeners to hatred and violence, break down people’s psyches, and is preparing patriotic American gun owners to shoot police and federal agents the minute they knock on their door, because these patriotic listeners have now been pre-programed to do exactly this.

I suggest you listen to the Infowars broadcast, an example of which is linked below, especially of late, and begin listening to the disgusting violent rhetoric, which is designed to break down the psyches of his listeners, a tactic Jim Jones once used, and listen to his endless fear-mongering concerning the insidious plans which “the globalists” have in store for us. Jones uses this violent rhetoric on a daily basis – three hours per day – creating millions of patriotic listeners who have become paranoid and trigger-happy.

After telling his listeners, in graphic detail, the horrors our government has done, is doing, and will do to Americans, his bottom line is always the same, which is to tell his listeners: “There’s nothing we can do about it”, which is the tell-tale sign Jones is not a patriot but is, rather, an agent provocateur.

Timothy Fitzpatrick accurately describes Jones’ agent provocateur tactics, and his article “Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy” is well worth reading in full:

“This is Alex Jones’ purpose as an agent provocateur. He defuses and deflects your outrage and aggression over the dismal state of affairs plaguing our existence. Instead of channeling it in a constructive and useful way, this necessary reactionary energy is internalized by the charismatic Jones, who then releases it through carefully crafted retorts sprinkled over meaningless and disingenuous outbursts that have more bark than bite. The infowars listener gets a definite release of stress through the Jones medium. Not only that, but the viewer is becoming more and more cozy with the brutal realities of global government. Oh, yes, the video presentations and three-hour daily talk shows are informative and thought provoking, but what is really accomplished by all of this? And where will the outrage be when it matters most?”


The only difference between these two Joneses – Jim and Alex – is:

  1. The scale of the operation (Jim Jones did the CIA mass mind control wet test in 1978, which was a success, and Alex Jones runs the now upscaled version).
  1. The targets of this CIA mass mind control operation (Jim Jones targeted socialists and communists, whereas Alex Jones has targeted freedom loving Americans.


This video is one small, recent example of Jones’ Infowars daily gun-grab psyop, which already has over one million views on YouTube:

See: Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns:

Jones has laid a trap for freedom loving American patriots, which is about to be sprung on them the moment the authorities begin confiscating their guns: to shoot it out with police, federal agents, and military personnel when they come for their guns.

Please don’t fall for the Alex Jones Infowars CIA gun-grab psyop!


Jones is a Zionist CIA/STRATFOR agent who is intentionally, and without suffering any legal consequences (another tell-tale sign of agent provocateurs), instigating violence via a CIA mass mind control psychological warfare operation, which has created millions of paranoid patriots who are now prepared to shoot it out with police, federal agents, and military personnel when they kick-in their doors in order to grab their guns.


Don’t be a sucker and become a POW or KIA, because we need every American to get on board with our truth, justice and peace movement – Summer of Justice 2013 DC – which must have the moral high ground in order to gain the allegiance of police, federal agents, and military in order to succeed.

See: Philosophy and Plan of Action – Summer of Justice 2013 DC –

See: Shooting Cops? How Ryan Dawson and Alex Jones create paranoid patriots and encourage them to shoot police and federal agents:

See: VIDEO – Jonestown: “The Life and Death of Peoples Temple” w/links:


See: Alex Jones STRATFOR Connection:

See: Alex Jones and Ron Paul organize and agitate for the dissolution of the Union:

See: The Alex Jones Show – Monday, November 19, 2012 (Full Show)

Alex Jones is a blowhard, a bully, and a coward, as anti-Zionist former CIA Ray McGovern proved, live on the air with Jones, who revealed his true, cowardly nature to his listeners during the November 2012 Israeli attack upon the innocent peoples of Gaza

VIDEO – “Ray McGovern punks Alex Jones on Gaza” see: @ 1:00:00 – 1:05:00

AUDIO – 11/19/2012 – “Ray McGovern punks Alex Jones on Gaza: see: 1:00:00 – 1:05:00

Gun confiscation

Gun confiscation

Jones' Prison Planet

Jones’ Infowars

Jones' Prison Planet

Jones’ Prison Planet



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9 Responses to Don’t fall for Alex Jones’ Infowars gun-grab psyop!

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  5. Eugene says:

    Alex Jones rants and raves about the government wanting to seize Amerrica’s guns, screams and hollars he wants someone to take his country back,: that he loves America, god women, nature, and people and so many other things saying he wishes someone would get his country back, but as soon as there is a tragedy such as a shooting , Alex Jones , the propagandist he is for the New World order tries to soft pedal himself , such as when he continually talked of Homeland Security and police being trained to take our guns and then when cops were shot or killed, began to tell everyone that not all cops are bad. Some are. But not all. That there are SOME good cops He pretends he is revealing such secrets about the New World Order that he is threatened and his life and family’s life is in danger. Yet always talks of the Dallas police stopping him and acting as they have nothing to do but wait for him as he says he does so much: to ride around Dallas.
    Alex Jones is a propagandist for the New World Order. He tells the same stuff that we all have heard about such as Agenda 21, Iron Mountain, Homeland security and news articles anyone can find if they were intersested or had the time to take from earning a living and enjoying a little of life. But he has a staff to research for him and this is his living. Alex Jones is a manipulator of people and seller of his sponsers goods. Alex Jones is the friend of no true loyal , patriotic American, but many of his listeners believe he is revealing secrets – yes the same crap over and over in so many different ways that it seems different , 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week.If Alex Jones really revealed secrets about the New World Order , He would be be stopped. But he has gone on for years. I’m sure if his reputation begins to sour with his listeners, he or his backers will create and incident to make him seem a danger to our government or the New World Order. .
    alex Jones is a phoney American trying to rile people up to ca an uprising or government supression so as to cause an excuse to install a new government or laws or excuse for supression.
    Alex Jones goal is too turn American’s against their government or develop a fear, hatred or distrust of it. AND when the time is ripe: WE WILL HELP OVERTHROW OUR OWN GOVERNMENT .

    • Bob says:



  6. Jo do says:

    Alex jones never says you and I are powerless. Other than that your right on the money! Preacher of fear. “They” want us to kill ourselves, so they don’t have to, and Alex jones is helping to turn us on each other. With his hate and fear, and delusions. Hey alex, the illuminati was created in 1776, this bogus sham of a country was a contrived creation of the elite, to do the bidding, covertly, of the elite. This is the truth; look, I love it here as much as the next bigmac eating, fool hearted American. Just because we had(have) it good, doesn’t mean we were not fed a pack of lies about everything we consider history. Free your own mind, and you need not worry about much else!

  7. Donald says:

    You are a fucking idiot

  8. Anonymous says:

    This guy is a moron gives me 10 examples in the past 2 years of a right wing gun owners shooting a police officer for knocking on his door I’ll match your 10 with black on black gun crime. (Blacklivesmatterisacover)

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