On my journey to Mexico

La Virgen de Guadalupe

La Virgen de Guadalupe

Well, I’m on my journey to Mexico. I’m traveling to Mexico on a pilgrimage to see the miraculous image of La Virgen de Guadalupe, which is just north of Mexico City, where La Nuestra de Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego at Tepeyac Hill where…

“…at dawn on December 9, 1531, Juan Diego, an Indian convert, was going to Tlatelolco to attend catechism class and hear the Mass. As he was passing Tepeyac Hill, he saw a brilliant light on the summit and heard the strains of celestial music. Filled with wonder, he stopped. Then he heard a feminine voice asking him to ascend. When he reached the top he saw the Blessed Virgin Mary standing in the midst of a glorious light, in heavenly splendor. The beauty of her youthful countenance and her look of loving kindness filled Juan Diego with unspeakable happiness as he listened to the words which she spoke to him in his native language. She told him she was the perfect and eternal Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God, and made known to him her desire that a shrine be built there where she could demonstrate her love, her compassion and her protection. “For I am your merciful Mother”, she said, “to you and to all mankind who love me and trust in me and invoke my help. Therefore, go to the dwelling of the Bishop in Mexico City and say that the Virgin Mary sent you to make known to him her great desire.”

As the story goes, Our Lady instructed Juan to gather up nearby roses in his tilma, or poncho, which hadn’t been there earlier, and instructed him to take these to the bishop as proof she had appeared to Juan, who doubted the bishop would believe him, once he told the bishop Mary had appeared to him. Upon opening his tilma, in order to allow the roses to fall out, there appeared, upon Juan’s cactus fiber poncho, a miraculous image of Our Lady, which has, to this day, remained as vivid and as beautiful as she did that day. The year was 1531. The cactus fiber tilma should have turned to dust within twenty years after the miraculous image of La Virgen de Guadalupe appeared upon it.

The image has been examined by modern scientists, who are without explanation – both for the integrity of the tilma, after so many years, and for the image itself. The image isn’t painted upon the tilma, they say, but has come from the inside of the fibers out… in some miraculous fashion, which is known only to God himself.

There have been many apparitions of Our Lady in other lands, but she has only appeared once in the Americas and La Virgen de Guadalupe is considered by Catholics to be Our Lady of the Americas because of her appearance to Juan Diego (he first and only appearance in the New World. And, since I’m a native born American, and since I could conceivably walk to Mexico City, in order to see her miraculous image, I’ve long desired to visit the basilica in which her image enshrined. I’m not walking to Mexico City, as it’s rather a long walk, as well as being desert for many miles along the border of Mexico and the United States of America, but have, rather, traveled part way by car, with a good friend… will travel by bus to the US-Mexico border… then by bus to Mexico City, as well as by bus to the basilica itself, which is just north of the city.

I’ve been working very hard for a long time to organize a truth, justice, and peace movement (all three of which are desperately needed in the Americas), which is known as Summer of Justice 2013 DC, and have, at this point in time, done all that I can do to organize this movement, for now, and am overdue some time for myself, in order to get my spiritual well being in better order, so that I can de-stress from the pressures I have been enduring, to connect with Javier Sicilia, a writer who has organized a similar peace and justice movement: Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, after losing his son to the violence on-going there, and to simply enjoy seeing the interior of Mexico, which is a beautiful land, having only traveled, until now – extensively – throughout the border region, which is the most violent area of our sister nation and good neighbor: Mexico.

Jesus commanded us love God and our neighbor, but the people of the United States, in general if not in particular – especially Washington politicos in particular – have chosen to REJECT this simple command to LOVE our neighbor, and have chosen instead to HATE our good neighbors: the kind and friendly good peoples of Mexico, having caused them for many years to live in fear, without dignity, and to suffer the hyper-violent brutality of the so-called “War on Drugs”, in which the peoples of the US are the wealthy, selfish. and spoiled consumers and the good peoples of Mexico are the impoverished and brutalized suppliers. The US even going so far as to build a wall/fence between our two great nations, and our two good peoples, in order to KEEP OUT the many innocent peoples who are fleeing the carnage and fear, as any of us would, which they suffer on a daily basis, due solely to the current, foolish, and CRIMINAL US policy of prohibition regarding the use of marijuana, which is a native plant to the Americas.

“The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible person will not hesitate to use them.” Sirach 38:4

Those who are interested can research these matters, because I’m not going to write about them anymore, for some time to come. I’ve written all I’m going to write about this matter in particular, as well as anything else, because, if people are interested, they can certainly find my writings online and they can certainly Google search terms which will take them to the appropriate websites for more information on these matters.

There’s an old saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” as the decision to drink is up to the horse himself. People are free agents and are more than capable of entering search terms into a search engine and hitting ENTER or SEARCH if they wish to do so.

I’m tired of writing about these issues, which require little thought, and I’m tired of people thinking me a fool simply because I advocate wise policies that can save the lives of tens of thousands of innocent peoples. Our culture is a culture of DEATH and I, for one, am sick of it, and so is Javier. Peoples in the US – on BOTH the Left AND the Right advocate the mass murders of tens of thousands – even tens of millions – of innocent peoples (e.g., unjust wars, the drug war, abortion on demand) and it’s up to these American peoples to decide whether or not they wish to continue to chose DEATH over LIFE.

“For I am your merciful Mother, to you and to all mankind who love me and trust in me and invoke my help.”

We have a way out of the hell we are in, which is to take advantage of the two peace and justice movements which Javier and I have organized, and if the people of both nations wish join us they may… and if they don’t wish to do so then they are certainly free not to.

I’m on my way to fulfill a desire I’ve long had, which is to see – with my own eyes – the miraculous image of La Nuestra de Guadalupe and, although I am greatly saddened by the chaotic and perverted state of mind millions of peoples are currently in, which is contrary to all that is good, true, and holy, I am, nevertheless, spiritually, in a very good place… more at peace now than I’ve ever been in my life, because I am following the teachings of Jesus, the Living Christ.

Our Lady of the Americas – La Virgen de Guadalupe: http://www.queenoftheamericasguild.org/BriefHistoryNew.html

Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity – Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad: http://movimientoporlapaz.mx/

Facebook – Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Movimiento-por-la-Paz-con-Justicia-y-Dignidad/124809987605763

Summer of Justice 2013 DC – https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/philosophy-and-plan-of-action-summer-of-justice-2012-dc/

Facebook – Summer of Justice 2013 DC: https://www.facebook.com/makethedreamareality

Only the American people can stop the violence in Mexico: https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/only-the-american-people-can-stop-the-violence-in-mexico/


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