Goodbye Chambersburg

Photo: "Traveling Shoes" (c) Brenda Clevenger) Taken in Chambersburg, PA, shortly before I left for Mexico (Double-H Boots, Made in Mexico purchased in Tucson, Arizona (2008)

Photo: “Traveling Shoes” (c) Brenda Clevenger) Taken in Chambersburg, PA, shortly before I left for Mexico.
Double-H Boots, Made in Mexico.
Purchased in 2008 while I was living in Tucson, Arizona.

Well, the chicken-shit criminal government propagandists at the lying Public Opinion have finally BLOCKED me from commenting on their Facebook page.

No doubt this was initiated because of my response to Matthew Major’s recent article wherein he MOCKED many (most?) parents in Chambersburg for being concerned about the PO’s recent Facebook post which asked: “How easy is it to get into your child’s school”.

Needless to say many parents were rightfully FURIOUS because some parents were actually STUPID enough to comment on the PO’s post, describing, in detail, just how easy it was to get into their child’s school, saying which particular schools these were (?!).

These furious and rightfully frightened parents asked the PO to remove the post, which the PO refused to do, and then actually called CPD demanding they FORCE the PO to remove this DANGEROUS post because they feared someone who might wish to harm their children might do so with the PO’s help, since the descriptions on the PO’s Facebook page giving such people the means by which to do so.

Well, I told Major and the PO via email I was coming to visit them, which no doubt put the fear of God into them, which is what they needed, and it well should have, too… not that I would ever harm them or anyone, because I wouldn’t, but because of my history of violence regarding abortion protests as well as my willingness to stand up for what’s right, for the truth, and against anyone who is an evildoer, which the lying shills at the PO are: evil propagandists for our evil, lying, and murderous governments (local, state, and federal).

I suppose the PO, like the AU Eagle in Washington, DC, now has my photograph posted by their front door (on the inside) and have also called the law on me, just as Zach Cohen, editor of The Eagle had, and did, a few weeks ago. But, much to Zack and the PO’s dismay, I’m too smart to break the law, unless I chose to do so. As an MPD (=Metropolitan Police Department) detective told me in DC at AU, while I was handcuffed and sitting in an interrogation room (for 2 hours) “You’re a very smart guy, and you’re walking a very fine line, and you know it, but there’s nothing we can do to stop you because you haven’t broken any laws”, which I well knew, meaning: “You just put the fear of God into Zack (and now the PO) and there’s nothing we can do about it”.

They dropped me off at the Starbucks in Tenleytown, near AU, when they were done with me, and I went inside and got a cup of coffee.

Mr. Unidentified Suit was in the room with MPD and me and 5 other cops, too, quietly observing the interrogation, whom I suspect was CIA, because police and FBI agents always identify themselves, which was something Mr. Unidentified Suit never did. He only spoke once, asking to see my US State Department issued ID, which I was using,  and which happens to be the US Passport Card I need while traveling in Mexico, and will use in order to get back into the US, telling me, because I’d altered it slightly “This is very good, but you’re walking a very fine line with this… What did you use? a color copier?” to which I replied “Yeah, I was just goofing around… I’ll change it back before I use it at the border to get back in” then he handed it back to me, just as it was.

Well, the PO need not worry about me, nor does Zack, although they will, now, forever, just as Zack does, still, because they now have the fear of God put into them, as well they should have, and because I am shaking the dust off this sorry town and heading to Mexico, never to return to C-burg again.

I’m disappointed with Zach, the PO, the people of Chambersburg, my family, and the American people for not doing their homework, for not paying attention to me and many others who are telling these people the truth, as ugly as it may be, and for ridiculing me and other for doing so.

There can be no disappointment where there is no great love, and I love all of these people and only wish to help them to see the truth and to do right. But they refuse, mock, and fear me instead.

Oh well… I’ve tried, and now I’m done with them all.

Goodbye Chambersburg and the PO! You will see me no more FOREVER!

You have been warned and your blood is on your own heads from now on.





Tenleytown in Washington, DC near American University

Tenleytown in Washington, DC near American University

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