God and Sandy Hook?


“The murders at Sandy Hook Elementary school brought the problem of evil once again into the media spotlight. While the specifics of the matter change with each horrible incident, the basic question remains the same: why does God allow evil to occur?” ~ Professor Michael LaBossiere (see link below)

This is hardly a difficult issue for anyone who studies the Bible. To begin near the beginning of the biblical narrative, God himself, with his own hand, once drowned every living creature on earth, except for creatures living in the ocean, I imagine, because the thoughts of humankind were only evil continually.

Noah and his family found grace in the eyes of God, who warned Noah of the coming deluge and the flood that would drown all living creatures, and he commanded Noah to warn others of the impending doom, and to build an ark, which would be a means of escape for Noah, his family, and for two of every living creature, so that the world could be repopulated after all other life had been drowned by God, who had created all living beings.

Everyone laughed at Noah, and thought him a fool…. until the deluge began, and it was too late.

Noah and his family went into the ark, along with the animals, God himself shut the door of the ark, and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, causing a great flood which destroyed all life on earth, except for those whose refuge was inside the ark God had commanded Noah to build many years earlier.

It doesn’t get any worse than this. There is no mystery here. No need for theologians to begin speaking of secondary causes, providence, and free will. God himself, because humankind was only evil continually, drowned little children, kitty cats, puppy dogs, and all life on earth.

Fast forward to Sandy Hook and what do we see? Another lone gunman patsy, whose rifle was still in the trunk of his car, shot dead by the real shooters, whose rifles were used by them to slaughter the innocents in order to provoke new legislation (a secret presidential directive?) which would bring about more violence and more killing once implemented… our government knowing people living in rural areas will fight to keep their guns, which is exactly what they want: not to disarm Billy Bubba, but for Billy Bubba to shoot it out with the police and military, for a long time to come, which will keep Billy too busy trying to stay safe, and alive, for him to be able to focus his time and energies upon removing and replacing our criminal government, and which will allow our criminal government to gain ever more power and ever more control over us.

The urban areas of America are already gun-free zones, so our government has other plans for Cindy City Dweller: the Occupy Movement, which is virtually identical to the so-called Arab Spring, and, as Occupy says, has been modeled after it.

OWS and the Arab Spring are a CIA destabilization campaign deigned, not to bring about democracy for the Arabs or for the 99% but, to cause rioting and chaos, which, without any means of self-defense, like a gun, will keep Cindy very busy just trying to survive and stay safe, which will keep her too occupied with these to worry about our criminal government and how to go about removing and replacing it, thus allowing our criminal government to gain ever more power and ever more control over us.

Dr. King didn’t begin speaking out against our government until after a conversation he’d had with black militants, which brought to his attention a matter he’d not previously considered.

Dr King had approached these militants asking them to stop using violence, and to stop advocating violence, because he thought it counter-productive to their cause (=equal rights for blacks) and was told by these militants “Look at how our government solves it’s problems Dr. King: by using violence. So why shouldn’t we do the same?” Dr. King had no reply to this other than to say “You’re right…. this is how our government attempts to solve its problems… just look at Vietnam.”

King then began to address the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet at that time: the USA, and was murdered by this same purveyor of violence shortly thereafter.

The USA is still the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today. 25,000 people walk into the Pentagon every weekday morning in order to purvey more, and more, and evermore sophisticated violence than the world has ever seen, using our tax monies to do so in order to create the most ingenious killing devices the world has ever seen, as opposed to using our tax monies to create programs of social uplift, instead, as King desired us to.

King warned us before he died that America was headed toward national and spiritual disaster if we did not begin scaling back the DoD and begin scaling up social programs, and we are, today, where he said we would be then: at a point of national disaster and spiritual death.

During the last POTUS campaign our school children got one and only one message from our “leaders” and it was the worst message any school age child could ever get from their government, which is instrumental in forming their consciences: “Hey kids, just look at Wall Street and Libya…. Cheaters win and violence works!”

VIDEO – “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Radical Revolution of Values” – http://youtu.be/hQFE1wgx714

VIDEO – “Interview – Jim Douglass – MLK, JFK, RFK and the Unspeakable” – http://youtu.be/UUdqgD6-cLM

VIDEO – We are living “As In The Days of Noah” – http://youtu.be/dDfMuLMNWPU

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VIDEO – “DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay” – http://youtu.be/Q2CCs-x9q9U


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