Culture of Death Report

Dead child in Gaza 11:2012

Of all the photos I’ve seen recently, of dead children in Gaza, Palestine, this is the one that broke my heart 😥

“Sleep on precious one… enter my peace and my rest, for the first time in your all-to-brief life.” ~ Our Father

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One Response to Dead child in Gaza 11:2012

  1. Martin says:

    This pickture….and all picktures of victims of war….especially kids really touch me deep in my heart. In every kind of war innocent kids are allways the victims. It has nothing to do with religion anymore. I watch the face of this child….and also the other kids who are victims because of stupid conflicts, and I pray that they are finaly find rest and peace in a world after this life where they can play with other kids without the brutal way to find their end by the stupid acting od adults. It’s…I think more than 70 years ago since the end of the second world war, and we alleays said….this will never happen anymore. But the world has never changed. Still till today many people find in a gruel way their end….especially kids. When this will stop? Hopefully this child will find his or her peace together with the other kids in a world of love and peace and will the pickture be symbole to make us aware that something has to change, and that war has yo stop!!

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