From Father Roy, Please help fund the movement!

Father Roy Bourgeois

Father Roy Bourgeois

Your generous support has kept this movement going strong for 20 years now. We have certainly had our struggles throughout the years, but this year has been a solid year, a year of VICTORIES! Ecuador and Nicaragua have joined Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay in pulling their troops out of the SOA! We just stood together, thousands strong, at the gates of the School of Assassins and said “NO MORE!” This is a movement made from the grassroots, and in celebrating such victories, we only have YOU to thank!

I am writing to you today to ask you to renew your support of the movement. Please click here to make a generous financial contribution to SOA Watch today! Thank you!

We have a lot of big plans for this upcoming year: sending more activantes to Honduras and Latin America, 4delegations planned across Latin America (and hopes of meeting with more Latin American Presidents!), renewing our Bill in Congress, encouraging more direct actions in DC and beyond, and continuing to connect with more organizers across the country to strengthen the grassroots. Just maybe in 2013 Panama, El Salvador, and Paraguay will join the 6 countries that have pulled out!

Will you support SOA Watch to continue this important work into the new year?

Thank you for standing in solidarity with me! I wish you a happy holiday season!

In solidarity,

Father Roy Bourgeois
SOA Watch

P.S. Be one of the first 15 people to make a donation of $100 today and receive a free, autographed Lalo Alcaraz poster in the mail! 

PBS VIDEO – Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins

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