Satan’s Washington


Skull and Bones – The Catholic Connection (Anthony Hilder)

Anthony J. Hilder explores the connection between the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale and the American Catholic Church, which is run from Washington, DC by satanically influenced (and likely possessed) Necon warmongers who are wolves in sheep’s clothing, false shepherds who have insidiously co-opted the entire US Church as well as the entire pro-life movement in order to lay waste to the Muslim world, as well as America, and the entire world for the sake of temporal earthly power:

VIDEO – Skull and Bones – The Catholic Connection (Anthony Hilder)

Investigative researcher and author S.K. Bain (Kent) along with writer/publisher/musician Kris Millegan from TrineDay Publishing discuss The Most Dangerous Book in the World written by S.K. Bain. Kent reconstructs the occult-driven script for this ritual of mass terror. He discusses a hidden agenda: large-scale psychological warfare – built upon a deadly combination of black magic symbolism and high technology. In the first hour, we discuss the ritual, symbolism and astrology behind 9/11. Kent explains how Aleister Crowley was important to the orchestrators of this mass ritual. In the second hour, Kris addresses the mind control aspects of this event as well as the post-911 effects in the psyche of people. We’ll discuss more detailed symbolism related to 9/11. Kent elaborates more on the conspirators’ plot. Later, Bain warns of a possible new and even more horrifying act of mass terror, coming this Christmas to Phoenix, AZ and the rest of the world. He refers to it as Black Christmas. He explains how 2013 is an important date on the occult calendar as it is the start of a new great age. Kent expresses the plus side of occult rituals being exposed.

CM Capture 1

S. K. Bain & Kris Millegan Interview – Hour 1 – 9/11: Mega Occult Ritual & Black Christmas

VIDEO – S. K. Bain & Kris Millegan Interview – Hour 1 – 9/11: Mega Occult Ritual & Black Christmas:

Amazon – The Most Dangerous Book in the World:


196413Author David Ovason proves Masons secretly consecrated the nation’s capital to the celestial Virgo as well as the “spirit beings” (= demons) whom occultists believe direct the affairs of humankind. In this fascinating read, Ovason establishes the significance of the link between our nation’s capital and the occult beyond any reasonable doubt.


Good people are organizing and working now to stop this, and God will soon (next year) deliver America and the world from these evil men and the demonic beings they have been invoking for hundreds of years in order to intimidate and control the population.


Summer of Justice 2013 DC

Summer of Justice 2013 DC

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4 Responses to Satan’s Washington

  1. How much does the jewish lobby pay you to patronise this anti-Catholic garbage?
    Why don’t you emigrate to occupied Palestine and help your creditors (God’s Chosen) to liquidate six million Palestinians, not one Palestinian more, not one Palestinian less. Jomi

    • too funny dude! roflmao

      • ajmacdonald:”too funny dude! roflmao. I take your comment as a compliment!!!
        Only two responses so far? I there anyone in America with enough intellect to patronise or read the anti-Catholic propaganda garbage recommended by ajmacdonald?
        Patronise and defend the Palestinian cause instead of licking the back sides of International Financiers (God’s Chosen).
        P.S. I cancelled my subscription to ajmacdonald as agents to God’s Chosen. Jomi

  2. you’re only making yourself look like a fool buddy… watch the video, it’s not pro-Israel, and neither is anything i have written on this blog since i started it. in fact, i have no idea how you have come to the conclusions you have of me, nor do i care, nor am i anti-Catholic… i am Catholic, so why would i be anti-Catholic?

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