Jewish Sayanim more DANGEROUS than al Qaeda cells

FACT – Jewish Sayanim are like al Qaeda cells… only much, much worse.


“Sayanim” – Examples

“Or were they acting as sayanim, the Hebrew word for helpers, whom the Mossad relies on across the globe to provide shelter, money, and logistical support … in this case identity.” ~ The Huffington Post: Mossad’s Little Helpers

“The sayanim are a pool of people at the ready who will keep quiet about their actions out of loyalty to “the cause”, a non-risk recruitment system that draws from the millions of” ~ WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

“The system is known as sayanim, a derivative of the Hebrew word lesayeah, meaning to help.” ~ Window Into Palestine

“Created by Meir Amit, the role of the sayanim is a striking example of the cohesiveness of the world Jewish community.” ~ Window Into Palestine

“With a network of ‘sayanim’ scattered everywhere throughout the world (as described by ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception’) Israel literally has millions of eyes and ears, watching and listening to everything as it all pertains to the Jewish state.” ~ The Ugly Truth

“A sayan, singular for sayanim, must be 100% Jewish, and in many cases a dual national.” ~ The Huffington Post: Mossad’s Little Helpers

“Israel knew it had made a big mistake invading South Ossetia (via Georgia the puppet) when it did, and the fact that they sent their man in charge of European operations, the sayanim Sarkozy, to ‘negotiate’ a truce/withdrawal of Russian forces, suggests they were doing a clean-up.” ~ brilliant russian blogalysts

“Operating as an adjunct to the Israel lobby as both a fundraiser and a member of Congress, Emanuel has long served as a loyal sayanim (Hebrew for “volunteer”) in support of policies pursued by Tel Aviv.” ~ Jeff Gates: Rahm Emanuel: Barack Obama’s Sarah Palin?

“If they were serious about resenting this so much maybe they should stop approaching vacationing mere-Jews with soft-sold proposals for sayanim activity.” ~ spies? jewish? never

“And now, with Sharon in limbo, the Rendon sayanim are flying blind.” ~ Think Progress » The Rendon Group: Proof The Administration Manipulated Intelligence

Show 10 more examples…


See: Jewish sayanim (not al Qaeda) arrested in US after 9/11 who knew it was coming and kept it “hush hush”: Fox News VIDEO: Israel spies on the USA part 1:

Sayanim in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania?


Jewish Resources:

Jewish Reconstructionist Federation

Union for Reform Judiasm

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Orthodox Union

Shamash, The Jewish Network

Hebrew Union College

Jewish Theological Seminary

Academy for Jewish Religion

The Jerusalem Post

Virtual Jerusalem

Wailing Wall Web Cam



B’nai B’rith

Support Israel 

United Jewish Communities (UJA)

Israel Emergency Campaign

Union for Reform Judaism

Israel Emergency Fund

Jewish National Fund

American Friends of Mogen David Adom

Friends of the IDF (IDF = Israeli military)

Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)

Reciprocal Links

Jewish Chambersburg, a congregant’s blog

Old Jewish Cemetery, Chambersburg, PA

Kosher Delight, PA


American Jews are anti-Christian and anti-Christ:

What are we to make of Jewish Americans who write and speak of RUINING Christian holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is a very hateful thing to do, which no Christian would ever think of doing to a Jewish holiday, because people who follow Christ don’t think evil thoughts like this… but Jews do, why? Most all peoples like Jesus, because he’s a pretty likable guy (=love God and your neighbor) but Jews hate Jesus… they loath and despise him, and don’t simply “not like” him. Jews despise Christian holidays and plot way to RUIN them for people who believe in Jesus, why? Why such hatred and animosity toward fellow Americans? Why does the US support the Jewish state of Israel? and it’s murderous policies?

I think Jewish Americans have some explaining to do…

“But just imagine what it could be like if we really kicked it up a notch. What if we decked the halls with those autumnal wreaths you buy at the farmer’s market and stood gaping at department-store window displays depicting suffering pilgrims and audio-animatronic mannequins of Cher singing “Half-Breed”? Every living-room would be adorned with an enormous, fairy-light-bedecked cornucopia, or better yet, an enormous nest in which Thanksgiving Theo, an 8-foot-tall flying turkey, would “lay” his gifts during his midnight race across America. Planes, Trains & Automobiles—already one of the most Jewish movies ever made, given that it concerns the wanderings of a rootless stranger plagued by constant minor annoyances—would be the new It’s a Wonderful Life, and glorious, pine-scented Christmas would be demoted to the status of a scorned mistress, à la Fatal Attraction.”

See: A Very Tattler Thanksgiving:


See: Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism:

VIDEO – US Military Knows Israel did 9/11:

VIDEO – Alan Sobrosky PhD USMC (Ret.) – Israel Did 9/11 – 100% Certain:

VIDEO – 9-11 WTC 7 Demolition – Penthouse Collapse Close Up, Flashes, And Gas Ejections [WCBS2]:

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41 Responses to Jewish Sayanim more DANGEROUS than al Qaeda cells

  1. Fred says:

    Excellant article

  2. Strayhorse says:

    Sayanims’ role in America is to disrupt, disinfo, launder money, aide the enemies of the United States, lie, cheat, steal, conspire to assassinate, and provide resources for foreign agents. These sayanims are dual citizen American & Israeli. They have sworn allegiance to Zionist Israel, NOT America. They do not care about Americans or the interests of America. They work for big business, the U.N., the IMF, and The FED. They are enemies of the United States. And they must be registered as agents of a foreign nation or be deported. All dual American & other nation citizens must declare allegiance to America or be deported.

  3. mikael says:

    They are NOT the problem, I have slapped them around for a decade, and now their lies even backwards, hehe, and the issue is controll, as always.
    Follow the money, the best tipp since time immemorial.

    The controll is more imposrtant then the message, becuase the simple truth is this, and it works, belive me, if you lie often anouf, eventualy people will belive it.
    And right now, the MSM will, and its begun in my home country, a prosess of huntig down “conspiracy nutts” and their “world”.
    I am one of their worst enemys,
    I have been thrown out everywhere, and all this doe to the “freinds of Israel” and rightwinged nuttcases.
    You know why.
    I simply know more than they do, I know their lies, their forgerys of history, their mindsett and their goals.
    And as the new year arises, I will promise this, and if someone is following me, I will take everything up to unimaginable hights when it comes to the ectent everything we know is a lie, and why and better, by whom.
    My land is occupyed by an goverment, that has systematicly destroyed us, since 1850 and finaly, the grand final in the 1920, the ethnic clemnsing was finnished, and we where completly destroyed, and that by 3 countrys, runn by the same people as is running Israel to day, Azkhenasis.
    They have forged everything,
    They have forged it to an extent that it is even notised in the Intenational historical instituts to sutch an extent that some even refuce to work with my goverment, because of the lies and their atemt to forge history, can you imagine this, and this is not widely known.
    Its happening as we speak.

    I am from Norway, and indiginous. Originaly our land was a part of ancient Russ, created milleniums ago, and was one of the most prosperous land in the world for milleniums, for a long, long time before the “vikings came”, they are the same people that invaded europa at the same time, the caucasian tribes, that foormed present Turk(kurds) and Israel, the Azkhenasis/khazars, from the plains in Asia. Even the Turks lies about everything.
    Like the fact that we where in England/Irland/Greek for milleniums before the Slavics came, with their insane ideologys and detroyed our world, and flong it to a millinums of medival darkages, where greed and fearbased religion is ruling, they imposed Christianity in My land with the help of Swords, obey or loose your head, children and all, no exeptions.
    And they, the rightwinged nuttcases whins about Islam, Islam is infact a peacefull religion, because Islam and Buddism was IIN Norway long before The Christians came and slaughtered their way into our world, and since then, it gone wurse.

    The fact is, that we have been fooled for almoust a half millenium. We and our land was the last place in europa that dint have monetary system like Banking, ( even the “viking cheifs” always regarded Caribus/reindeers as their best assets, they where better than fold, they are even eatable, hehe), or any thing like that, it was based solely on trade of gods.

    And to day its not known, not even the Russians know their own histroy, the legacy of the zionist emposed comunsim, they singlehanded almoust eradicated indiginous people, even in Russia, where holle groups where sent to death camps(gulags), I know, because some is in my naborhood.
    Cods, have been a comodedty, since time immemorial, and skin in every way, and so on.

    Wake up.


    PS: everything is confirmable and wel documented, but not known.

  4. Anon says:

    1) J. Edgar Hoover: “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face
    with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” (Former
    Director, FBI, August, 1956, in The Elks Magazine)

    2) JFK’s Secret Society and Freedom of the Press Speech

    3) The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry

    4) The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler (free .pdf download)

    5) The Synagogue of Satan, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

    • Anon says:


      LBJ Killed JFK
      After 48 years the sad truth is revealed…

      The Case Against LBJ (Part 1)

      The Case Against LBJ (Part 2)

      The Case Against LBJ (Part 3)

      E. Howard Hunt Outs Lyndon Johnson in JFK Assassination – Part 1

      Read 1) BLOOD, MONEY & POWER, by Barr McClellan

      • Bill Carson says:

        I suggest the plan to kill a american president was many years old. the kennedy family were enemies of the jews there can be no doubt. the jews knew this. yet the jews helped jfk to become president. why do you think they helped jfk ? i think it was some kind of esoteric kabbalistic sacrificial ceremony of some sort. people talk about the kennedy curse. what exactly is the kennedy curse?

  5. Dave says:

    My god, I have finally found an article and person who has the same outlook on this phenomenon. For many years I have believed what this article articulates, now I feel vindicated and thank you for that. Everything that happens in the middle east and other parts of the world I have always suspected of leading back to what benefit Israel gains from the event(s). Judaism to me has been very much an exclusive religion, in that it excludes anything but Jews, Islam follows a similar doctrine, whereas Christian religion, is inclusive and not separatist in nature, believing in equality and embracing humanity which is the physical manifestation of their god. I feel so much better now knowing I am not crazy and that others see the wood for the trees. The Israeli penchant for using sources worldwide through recruiting their followers of their religion has always concerned me. People in high places, people in sensitive places that are Jewish are to be mistrusted, their allegiance will always be to Israel first.

    • Mike says:

      You sick,and crazy….did you forgot to take your medication today ?

    • Jake says:

      Not clear what you mean by Islam being exclusive. Non-Arabs make up the bulk of Muslims worldwide. Anyone, Jews included, are free to convert to Islam, and many have done so. Islam formally recognizes Christians and Jews. Most Muslims would be sympathetic with this article. I’m a white American convert, reminding you to not conveniently forget the history of racism and exclusion in “Christian” America.

    • Bill Carson says:

      judaism today seems totally self involved and closed to the outside world. yet anyone can become a jew. it takes some work but it can be done. yet at one time, they were much more evangelistic so to speak. do born jews trust converts? i am not really sure. on the surface it appears they do. but in reality who knows. their own holy books say that such things are possible, so they go along with it. some of their greatest sages were converts.

  6. Mike says:

    Hey…you can share the same meds with your other sicko…..that’s great, maybe you can save some $$….. and you go fuck yourself.

    • Dave says:

      Still have those nukes, and some WMD’s if your interested? How about some Bashar Al Assad perfume, you know the yellow stuff that the “FSA” are using but the Syrian Army are not, in fact they have hidden their stocks. i hope you can learn a new language soon, maybe Russian or Chinese when you get your arse kicked by fucking with Syria or Iran hahaha I will give you a discount if you buy a nuke and some VX gas ok! Fuckwit

      • Mike says:

        when you say nukes, do you men your little testicles ? you so stupid….I wonder what an ass like you have done for his country …ever. I am sure that you also ugly ,and can’t get laid . sorry I had to serve in the army for someone like you.

      • Dave says:

        men my little testicles???? wtf is that? why are you obsessed with another mans genitals? an arse, that is how you spell it, an ass is an animal, done for my country, let me see, 7 years public service with the government owned Telco in Australia installing communications infrastructure, 4 years army reserves for the government of Australia, 7 years as an ambulance paramedic for my state (Western Australia), 2 years in the WA Police Coronial Enquries department, investigating sudden deaths, violent deaths and suicide etc and removing the deceased from the scenes…4 years at a cemetary complex working with grieving families to bury or cremate their loved ones, 2 years as a funeral director doing the same for the families from the other side of the process. 4 years public service as a judicial officer in the courts and now a job as a security guard keeping people safe from real threats on a daily basis not some contrived threat made up by Israel that the whole world is going to be blown up by some arabs in sheets with planes and a few bombs. That’s all mate, you?

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  8. “In this scholarly and deeply considered work, the author documents his provocative thesis that Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but the newly formalized belief system of the Pharisees, which arose in Babylon with the commitment of the formerly oral “tradition of the elders” to writing, in the wake of the crucifixion of Israel’s Messiah and the destruction of the Temple. Basing his findings on authoritative Judaic sources, Hoffman demonstrates that Judaism is a man-made religion of tradition and superstition, which represents the institutionalized nullification of Biblical law and doctrine. Liberating the reader from the accumulated shackles of decades of misinformation, this book shows that Judaism’s God is not the God of Israel, but the strange gods of Talmud and Kabbalah, and the racial self-worship they inculcate.”

    See: “Judaism’s Strange Gods” by Michael Hoffman:

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  12. GJ says:

    As I was looking over the news the other day, the idea of the ‘long con’ popped came to mind in the way the world is being run.

    Wikia defines ‘long con’ as… “The long con refers to any of a variety of cons which require more planning, preparation, a longer window of interaction with the con’s target and a longer period of time to execute. The long con may also require a large crew or a larger number of involved people to pull off the deception needed to relieve the mark of their cash or other valuables.”

    Three things I’ve considered…

    1) In some ways, Judaism became the ‘mark’.

    Some trace Zionism back to the Kazars.

    “The Kazars were of mixed Turkish and Mongol blood that made their living by raiding caravans traveling through their territory. Eventually, Kazaria became an empire and developed Kings and an aristocracy who began to look for a way of making a living that was less hazardous to their health.

    With their empire situated at the nexus of the caravan route, the Kazarian aristocracy settled on the idea of creating wealth through usury; charging interest on money lent.

    The Kazarian population was about one-third Christian, one-third Moslem and one-third Jewish all getting along pretty well together. The problem was, at that time in the Middle Ages, both the Moslems and Christians considered charging interest a sin. Only Judaism allowed for the charging of interest.

    The aristocrats of the Kazars made the calculated announcement that they had converted to Judaism, and from that time on, made their living loaning and exchanging money. After being driven out of Russia, these Kazarian (pseudo) Jews moved into Eastern Europe, and eventually into Western Europe and Germany.

    Over the centuries, the Kazarians perfected the practice of usury and came to acquire great wealth and influence in the countries they occupied ¬ with the House of Rothschild emerging as the undisputed master of manipulation.”

    Could it really be this simple?

    2) In 1982. Israel issued a commemorative coin celebrating Israel’s 34th Anniversary of Independence. The coin had the picture of Baron Edmond James (Avrahim Binyamin) de Rothschild (1845-1934) and the inscription “Father of the Settlement” (Avi ha-Yishuv).

    The story of Rabbi Michael Dov-Ber Weismandel illustrates the hidden hand of the Rothschilds in sacrificing orthodox Jews to allow for the state of Israel to be created.

    “In November 1942, Rabbi Weismandel negotiated a deal with the Nazi government to have all the Jews in Western Europe and the Balkans released out of Germany for a mere 2 million dollars. Weismandel sent a courier to the Rothschild-led World Zionist Organization in Switzerland. The request was refused with a message for him… “If we do not sacrifice any blood, by what right shall we merit coming before the bargaining table when they divide nations and lands at the war’s end? ….for only with blood shall we get the land.”

    From 1933 to 1935, the World Zionist Organization turned down two-thirds of all the German Jews who applied for immigration certificates. As late as 1943, while countless Jews in Europe were dying, the U.S. Congress proposed to set up a commission to “study” the problem. Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was the principal American spokesperson for Zionism, came to Washington to testify against the rescue bill because it would divert attention from the colonization of Palestine.”

    3) Dan Eden wrote and interesting piece titled ‘Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom?’

    If you look at the members that were selected for the CFR’s ‘Project for a New American Century’ that laid out the plan in 1998 for a war in the Middle East, you find Cheney and Rumsfeld; who became the key ‘front men’ at the time of 9-11 – but what’s interesting is that the other members, who served as the primary cheerleaders for a war on terrorism in the Middle-East after 9-11, all had dual-Israeli citizenship.

    The world’s 3 ‘great’ religions have provided a ‘great’ vehicle for manipulating the world into war (and debt) – especially when sold on the idea of ‘God’s chosen people’.

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  15. levite says:

    get over it…. we’re here

  16. KaK says:

    The Jews have been, and are now, the most parasitic race on Earth. Every country that has open their doors to help the Jews have regretted it, they suck the life out of a country.. then they get kicked out only to claim victim once more…. Oh poor Jews…. they they move on to the next stupid host / country.

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  18. Christinne says:

    Al Qaeda IS Jewish

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