My predictions for the 2012 election AFTERMATH

Americans slaughtering Americans (en masse)

My predictions for the 2012 election AFTERMATH: Half of America will lose this election, and will be forced – for four years – to endure life under the rule of someone they believe is a danger to our nation’s well-being.

This is especially true of the Republicans, who have convinced their followers President Obama is unAmerican, a Socialist, a Kenyan, a Muslim, and a clear and present danger to America, especially our military and intelligence services, whom they worship at the altars of. If the GOP loses I predict:

  1. they will continue hammering away at this Bengahzi bullshit until the President is removed from power – either by arrest or by impeachment;
  2. they may pull a coup d’ etat, arrest him for treason, and install Romney;
  3. they may kill the President and the Vice President, which would allow Boehner to be in charge of America.

Any way we slice it, I don’t see them accepting an Obama victory.

If Romney wins I predict:

  1. the Democrats will rouse the rabble (OWS, et al) to create chaos via rioting, which will have little effect upon a Romney police state;
  2. they will do nothing, wait four more years, and try to win next time.

To me, it appears to be a Romney victory whether he wins the election or not.

To the GOP followers, Obama voters are not Americans but traitors, and they are not going to tolerate traitors in their midst.

To the Democrats, although they disagree strongly with Republicans on many issues, they do not see the GOP followers as unAmerican, or traitors, but as the poor, misguided souls they are.

I am hoping once Romney is installed, and after both the Democrats and the Libertarians hopes are completely crushed, they will join our unconventional, not-well-financed, grassroots People’s movement and help us take America away from the GOP and the Establishment (=GOP and Democrat Party) and give it back to us: the American People.



VIDEO – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Radical Revolution of Values:

SUMMER OF JUSTICE 2013 DC is a MOVEMENT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE regardless of political party, race, religion, national origin, age, economic standing, or sexual preference – in order to form and install a good, just, alternative civilian federal government so that JUSTICE and PEACE might again be established in America.

We are seeking COMMON GROUND for the COMMON GOOD of ALL!

VIDEO – Russell Means: Americans Are The New Indian:


Americans slaughtering Americans (en masse)

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