October marks the one year anniversary of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza!

Because a sustainable future depends on the people willing to see the truth for what it is, and for those to stand up in unison in order to make a difference.

— Jake Edward Keli’i Eakin

Stop the Machine! Create a new World! October2011.org
October 2011

October marks the one year anniversary of the Occupation of Freedom Plaza! For those of you who were there the first weekend, you may remember the excitement and powerful emotions, the smiles, tears, hugs and dancing.

This year, the month of October is packed with actions across the nation and around the world. Occupy is part of a global movement that is bigger than Occupy. We are working in solidarity to end war and austerity and to create a peaceful, just and sustainable future as we learn to work with dignity, compassion and cooperation.

Many of us who organized the occupation of Freedom Plaza marked the anniversary by holding a ceremony at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in New York City. The memorial park is in the heart of the financial district and after the arrest of veterans there as part of the May Day protests, the park is being closed at 10 pm. This closure is offensive to war veterans because they cannot ‘close’ their memories and with more soldiers dying of suicide than in combat, the veterans protested. A moving ceremony was held in the park and 25 people were arrested while reading the names of the dead and placing flowers. You will find photos and videos at StopTheseWars.org.

And some who organized Freedom Plaza traveled toPakistan as citizen diplomats to stand with victims of our drone attacks.

October marks a month of actions in Europe against austerity. Our friends in Spain surrounded their Congress starting on Sept 25 with demands that all legislators resign, and that there be new elections in 6 months and a new Constitution. Many were arrested and some were charged with treason. But the Spanish judge dismissed the charges saying that it was a legitimate protest given the lack of action by the government to address the people’s grievances.

There is a call for a Global Day of Noise this Saturday, Oct. 13th. Bring out your pots and pans and march with your neighbors!

Walmart workers are striking from California to Maryland. Occupiers can join them, support them and boycott Walmart.

People are taking action to stop the Keystone XL pipeline from being built in Texas. This would mark atransformational victory if the Keystone can be stopped! And the plutocrats know that, which is why they are doing whatever they can to stop the protests such as arresting media and using torture tactics on protesters. We urge you to support the Keystone XL protesters in any way you can.

Occupations celebrated their one year anniversary in Austin, TX by raising a tent city for the homeless, in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR with marches and in Atlanta, GA by returning to their park.

And Occupy groups continue to support members of their community such as defending activists who speak out and keeping people in their homesOccupy marches with workers who are fighting for fair wages and worker rights!

There is a lot going on and much still to do, but remember that Occupy is making a difference by standing up and by joining in solidarity with others who stand up. We are all connected and we are all connected to this global movement for justice!

Please spread the word by forwarding this email to your friends and family.

In solidarity,
October2011.org/Occupy Washington, DC


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