How you can help the DC Catholic Workers

If you like theology, philosophy, and science, please considering buying my book: The World Perceived, because I donate all my royalties from the sales of this book to financially support the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington, DC. If you don’t like theology, philosophy, and science, but you know someone who does, then please buy a copy and give it to them to enjoy reading! Thanks!

My e-store:

DC Catholic Workers White House – Friday Peace Vigil (12-1pm)

The DC Catholic Workers, who are always busy helping the poor and protesting injustices in Washington, DC, receive $8 per copy for each book sold from my e-store, which is the best royalty available anywhere, and they received $5 from all other booksellers. In person, I sell copies of this book for $20 each and I give the DC Catholic Workers $15 of that $20, my cost being $5 per copy, which I use to buy more books. A really great deal for a book that cost me over 10 years of my life researching and nearly 4 years of my life writing!! CreateSpace, which powers my e-store, is powered by Amazon, which is the printer and distributor of my books.


The World Perceived: A Theological and Phenomenological Approach to Thinking, Perceiving, and Living In-The-World. The author’s royalties (100%) go to support the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington, D C in order to assist their good works of charity.

Book Description

How are we to make sense of the Bible in the context of the modern world? In this book, you will discover a new way of perceiving the world; a way in which the biblical view of the world can be seen as just as true-for-us as the modern scientific view of the world.

The World Perceived explores how we think about the world, how we perceive the world, and how we choose to live our lives in-the-world. Using phenomenology as a philosophical framework for the construction of a biblical theology of appearances, the author illustrates how the biblical description of reality is of far greater relevance to us than are the descriptions of reality given to us by modern science and popular science writers.

By exploring the epistemological bases of both science and theology as a forms of knowledge along with the assumptions implicit within both worldviews, The World Perceived invites the reader upon an intellectual journey into the world of phenomenal reality. The author makes a strong case for the validity of the biblical description of the world and reality by demonstrating how the modern scientific description of the world and reality are in no way superior to the biblical description.

Using three examples of conflicting scientific and biblical descriptions of the world (i.e., the geocentric versus the heliocentric conception of the universe, creation versus evolution, and absolute time versus relative time) The World Perceived demonstrates the Bible’s relevancy to the modern world, which is often hostile to both religion and the Bible, like no other book on the market today.




The Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington, DC

Art Laffin – DC Catholic Worker

In 1981, a Trinitarian brother came to see Fr. Dick McSorley, S.J., and told him that the Trinitarians were considering giving a house they owned to the Catholic Worker in memory of Dorothy Day. At that time, the house, where Day stayed on at least several occasions, was being used by the Trinitarian religious order for their seminary students.

Fr. McSorley graciously accepted this amazing gift, and thus the DDCW was established. Tom Siemer, Monica Siemer and Pat Cassidy were among those who joined Fr. McSorley to form the first community. Since then hundreds of people, Catholic Workers and formerly homeless families, have lived here.

For thirty years the DDCW has served as a house of hospitality for mostly single moms and their children from D.C., the U.S.and around the world. It has also been a school where those, inspired by the Catholic Worker vision, have learned about community, solidarity, Gospel nonviolence, resistance, patience, compassion, forgiveness and so much more. It has been a place where many have come face to face with their weaknesses, and have experienced pain and joy, hardship and hope. Despite many difficulties and challenges along the way, God’s amazing grace has been profoundly evident, enabling the DDCW to reach a special 30th anniversary in December 2011.

Amber Mason – DC Catholic Worker

As current members of the DDCW, we are most grateful to all those who have contributed, in a myriad of ways, to help make the DDCW what it is today. Every person who has lived at the DDCW has made a significant contribution to the house and community. And we are so deeply thankful to those who have spiritually and monetarily supported the DDCW. Without the participation and support of numerous individuals and parishes over the years, we would not have been able to keep the house going and continue our ministry.

We continue to live and act in the hope that the Word became flesh and dwells among us, that with God all things are possible, and that Jesus has forever overcome the world.

Join us  for our weekly peace vigil every Monday from 7-8am at the Pentagon and every Friday from 12-1pm at the White House.

Please call to visit, and to learn more about volunteer opportunities and how you can get involved!


503 Rock Creek Church Road, NW | Washington, D.C. 20010

Phone: 202.882.9649 or 202.829.7625

Catholic Workers:

Kathy Boylan   |   (call 202.882.9649)

Art Laffin   |   artlaffin(at)

Colleen McCarthy   |   csm91(at)

Amber Mason   |   amber.bmason(at)

Kevin Mason   |   kevin.bmason(at)

Michael Walli   |   (call 202.882.9649)

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