15 concerns about America from the left and the right

15 Concerns From the Political Left About America and a Response from the Political Right in America – a.k.a: the “Tea Party”

NOTE – LEFT indicates political Left, RIGHT indicates political RIGHT, SOJDC indicates Summer of Justice 2013 DC, which welcome all Americans – left and right – and invites us all to seek just solutions to our many societal problems together, rather than seeking raw power and partisan political solutions that will only further increase the power base of one party, which is what the politicos in Washington have been doing for over 30 years and are doing still… right now, today.

1. Corporatism – LEFT: Firmly establish that money is not speech, corporations are not people, only people have Constitutional rights, end corporate influence over the political process, protect people and the environment from damage by corporations.RIGHT: Corporations must be free from most if not all government regulation. The free market is self-regulating. SOJDC: Corporations should be granted permission to operate by the federal government and this permission should be granted only when the corporation agrees to treat all peoples (e.g., customers, employees) with the equal dignity, rights, and respect that is granted to them by Nature and Nature’s God, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and the corporation agrees to hire American workers. Also, the natural resources of America to belong to the people, not to private corporations for profit.

2. Wars and Militarism – LEFT: End wars and occupations, end private for-profit military contractors, reduce the national security state and end the weapons export industry. War crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace must be addressed and those responsible held accountable under international law.RIGHT: The wars are keeping us safe from the threat of Islamofascist terrorism and must continue to be prosecuted, even if it means cutting spending in other areas (i.e., the social welfare safety net). SOJDC: The US Military, besides the National Guard and it’s training facilities, must be abolished, and all foreign wars abandoned, forever, because maintaining a standing army is an invitation to eventual control by a military-industrial complex, which is what we now have now in America, which was a danger the Founders specifically warned us to avoid (see here).

3. Human Rights – LEFT: End exploitation of people in the US and abroad, end discrimination in all forms, equal civil rights and due process for all people. RIGHT: America grants all people equal rights and justice under the law and America is taking the message of liberty, freedom, and equality to all oppressed peoples the world over and is currently liberating the oppressed peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya in order to secure their freedom from oppressive Muslim regimes, which deny them their God-given liberties. SOJDC: As per natural law and the Declaration of Independence, all peoples are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights and concomitant Obligations, amongst which are the Right to Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness and the Obligation to grant to all peoples those same Human Rights and Dignities. Our goal being to seek the common good of all.

4. Worker Rights and Jobs – LEFT: All people have the right to safe, just and dignified working conditions, a sustainable living wage, paid leave and economic protection. RIGHT: Business should not be bound by any government regulations, including occupational health and safety issues. SOJDC: Businesses must maintain healthy and safe workplaces for all employees and must treat all peoples (e.g., employees, customers) with the dignity and respect to which they are entitled via natural law as per the Declaration of Independence, including, especially, fair and just wages.

5. Government – LEFT: All processes of the three branches of government should be accountable to international law, transparent and follow the rule of law, people have the right to participate in decisions which affect them. RIGHT: The US government needs to maintain its sovereignty over and above international law. The present form of the federal government need not be altered, because the American people are truly represented in the federal government by their elected representatives. SOJDC: The current federal government, having become destructive of the American people’s right to be safe and enjoy happiness has become evident to all, over time, due to its long train of abuses. The people reserve the right act upon the abolishment of said government and to institute new government in whatever form we see fit in order to insure that our rights, peace, and happiness are secured as per the Declaration of Independence. Economically, the federal government must institute both debt forgiveness and sound money, which would give us a clean slate and a fresh start, and must consider distributism as an appropriate economic theory whose time has come.

6. Elections – LEFT: All citizens 18 and older have the right to vote without barriers, all candidates have the right to be heard and to run and all votes should be counted.RIGHT: All Americans have the right to vote and for their vote to count. SOJDC: The entire election system must be abolished and completely rebuilt; it is corrupt through and through. Electronic voting machines cannot be trusted, because they are too easily manipulated; therefore people’s votes today cannot and should not be considered to have been counted correctly. The election system is non-functional, which necessitates the Summer of Justice – 2012 – DC at this time, and we must form a more just and open election process.

7. Criminal justice and prisons –LEFT: End private for-profit prisons, adopt evidence-based drug policy, prisoners have the right to humane and just conditions with a focus on rehabilitation and reintegration into society. RIGHT: If you don’t have the time don’t do the crime. We support tough laws, “three strikes and you’re out” laws, and capital punishment.SOJDC: The criminal justice system is broken and malfunctioning. The prohibitionist “War On Drugs” must end immediately, the legalization and proper government regulation, control, and taxation of currently illegal drugs, as we do with alcohol and tobacco now, which will take the place of the current (failed and criminal) “War On Drugs” thus liberating both the Mexican and American peoples from fear, murder, and corruption. (See the Declaration of Independence on liberty and the pursuit of happiness). For all nonviolent offenders we support restitution not institution, we do not support private prisons or capital punishment, and we will abolish the federal sentencing guidelines and return all sentencing decisions to federal judges.

8. Healthcare – LEFT: Create a national, universal and publicly financed comprehensive health system. RIGHT: Leave health care choices up to individuals. We do not support the current Medicaid and Medicare provision of the federal government and want them abolished or drastically reduced. SOJDC: All people should have health care and it’s the responsibility of both the federal government and the American people to see to it that they do. Those who cannot work or afford health care should and must be treated. First and foremost the responsibility for caring for such people is placed upon the American peoples themselves and their moral obligation to help their neighbors who are in need. Charity and volunteer work is preeminent. The federal government will maintain the current system as well as increasing the benefits thereof until a new system is devised, which is superior to the current system. Some people’s inability to work and incomprehensible health care costs may necessitate the continuance of the current but improved upon federal system for certain people. The improved federal government must be designed in such a way that it will not deter the American people from fulfilling their moral obligation to care for one another as the current federal system now does and which a universal federal health care system would only worsen rather than improve. A new mandatory service, in either the new National Guard or the new Americorps services, would be able to provide lifetime healthcare provisions for all much as the VA does for service members today.

9. Education – LEFT: All people have the right to a high quality, publicly-funded and broad education from pre-school through vocational training or university. RIGHT: Education should be left up to the states and not the federal government. The US Department of Education should be closed.SOJDC: A child should never need to pay for a basic education, school supplies, or books. And education is first and foremost the responsibility of the family, or parent(s). The federal government does have a role in educating the American people and the US Department of Education will remain open but with a new focus upon educating all Americans of all ages and will no longer mandate educational requirements for the states, except for motor vehicle driver licensing (see under: “Transportation” below). The states have the right and the duty to manage, regulate, and raise monies for education, preferably at local levels. All US citizens upon graduation from high school and at the age of 18 should be required to serve America in some way wherein, for a limited period of time (2 years), they serve their fellow Americans in difficult places and situations while receiving money for college education. Much of this could be accomplished via service in the new National Guard and the Coast Guard, as well through organizations such as AmeriCorps, which is a domestic (US) version of the (overseas) Peace Corps. At the age of 18 the free ride is over. This will provide all who serve with lifetime heath care as well as education. It’s time to serve our country, for a couple of year, grow up, then go to college with the money to do so. Too many Americans have been riding for free, without serving, for too long, it’s time for all Americans to step up and go to work and get America where it needs to be.

10. Housing – LEFT: All people have the right to affordable and safe housing. RIGHT: All people have the right to work and to buy or rent a home they can afford. SOJDC: People are at liberty to buy or rent a place in which to dwell or not to do so. If, for whatever reason, a person or persons are without a home but require one the American people should – through charity and volunteerism – provide them with a place to live until they are able to maintain the home themselves. The current US federal government has no obligation to help the homeless, the American people do, but it will continue to regulate and oversee housing and issues regarding discrimination, as well as the landlord/illegal immigrant renter issue. SOJDC will continue this policy for the future until something better, more just, is developed.

11. Environment – LEFT: Adopt policies which effectively create a carbon-free energy economy. RIGHT: We will not adopt policies which attempt to create a completely carbon-free energy economy. We will use both carbon-based and carbon-free energy solutions and we will respect the earth and attempts to be good conscientious stewards of it. SOJDC: All resources belong to the people of America, not to  corporations. All natural resources will become state-owned and the people, rather than Big Oil and Big Coal, will receive the profit from the sale and use of these resources. SOJDC believes we must continually pursue a carbon-free economy while at the same time facing the reality that such an economy may be an ideal rather than a practically attainable goal. We will also STOP using nuclear energy (and weapons). The SOJDC seeks a renewed sense of awe and respect for nature and for the earth, which is our home, because we are required by natural law to be good caretakers of the earth.

12. Finance and the economy – LEFT: End policies which foster a wealth divide and move to a localized and democratic financial system, reform taxes so that they are progressive and provide goods, monetary gain and services for the people. RIGHT: Abolish the IRS and the punitive progressive income tax. Create a tax system that is fair for all, regardless of income. SOJDC: Abolish the IRS and all federal income taxes on wage and salary earners. Federal tax revenues will be raised through import/export/excise taxes as well as tariff/trade taxes. The federal government will only tax the incomes of individuals and corporations engaged in business for profit. These business profits will be taxed equally and fairly at a flat rate that shall never exceed 9.99%.

13. Media – LEFT: Airwaves and the internet are public goods, require that media be honest, accurate and accountable to the people. RIGHT: The media is overwhelmingly liberal and socialistic. Businesses own the telecommunications systems that the internet runs on and should be allowed to do as they see fit with their own property. SOJDC: The media is almost totally controlled by Israeli-friendly interests and these (major and minor) media outlets should be abolished. An enemy of America begins taking control of Washington by first gaining control of the media so that the enemies misdeeds in Washington are not exposed to the public, nor are the misdeeds of the Washington politicians exposed, which the enemy has compromised and corrupted. Media is the so-called “Fourth Estate” of government, because good investigative journalism, like sunshine, is the best political disinfectant. An open and free media/press will be greatly needed in order for the American people to know what Washington is up to, especially when it’s up to no good. The failure to have done so in the past is the main reason for the predicament we are now in.

14. Food and water – LEFT: Create systems that protect the land and water, create local and sustainable food networks and practices. RIGHT: Protect our food and water supplies with minimal state government regulation. No federal government regulations on food and water supplies, which are owned and operated by business and industry.SOJDC: Our food and water supplies are more critical to life than anything else. We should create better systems of control and state government regulation of public food and water supplies. The federal government, especially the Food and Drug Administration, must be completely reorganized so as to properly respect the limited role of the new federal government, but it will continue to play a role in food and water supplies and the regulation thereof until we have developed a much better approach than we have now. No nukes, no fracking!

15. Transportation – LEFT: Provide affordable, clean and convenient public transportation and safe spaces for pedestrian and non-automobile travel.RIGHT: Allow the states more control over public and private transportation and allow the federal government less control and regulation of transportation. SOJDC: Transportation is crucial to life in the modern world and our nations highways are the deadliest places most Americans will ever find themselves. The highway is also the place in which many American are very likely to die or be seriously injured. We lose over 30,000 loved ones to totally preventable highways accidents every year in America and this is over 30,000 lives too many! Car crashes are the number one killer of teens! This is unacceptable! There is no excuse for: 1) The incompetence of millions of supposedly state licensed “drivers”whose incompetence leads to such accidents.  2) The present deteriorated and neglected conditions of our nations highways, roads, bridges, and tunnels. Effective as soon as possible, due to the grave and immediate danger of all American loosing both life and limb on Americas highways, all motor vehicle driver licensing will be taken over by a newly revamped and reinvigorated US Department of Transportation (USDOT). The USDOT will also be taking complete control of the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of all US and Interstate highways. There will be no more federal highway funding to the states. Public transportation, although regulated by the federal government, is a state and local government matter, except in Washington, D. C. Public transportation in the federal city should be free for everyone and its use greatly encouraged.


As we have seen, America has one, and only one, choice to make regarding legal/sociopolitical philosophies: natural law or positive law. There is no third option.

America has gotten away from its natural law foundations, which has been the foundation of western civilization and jurisprudence for well over 2,000 years.

Source:  https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/philosophy-and-plan-of-action-summer-of-justice-2012-dc/

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