Fear and Intimidation = Control

Nabbed by THE FEDS

I have been arrested numerous times by police and federal agents, and I have some advise for those of you who may now be living in fear of police, the US government, and the US military – especially if you are listening to fake patriot Alex Jones and others.

If you have never been in trouble with “the law” it’s very easy, or natural, to feel intimidated by the police and federal agents, and by state and federal courts.

This is the establishment’s first line of defense: intimidation.

The police use intimidation, federal agents use intimidation, the state courts use intimidation, and the US federal courts use intimidation.

Most law abiding people cave the moment they feel intimidated. Such people will pay a fine, for example, as opposed to taking a case to court.

And this is exactly what the government (state and federal) hopes people will do: cave immediately.

My advise is this: don’t be intimidated.

If you are guilty of, say, speeding, I would suggest paying the fine (and slowing down), but if you think you have a case take it to court. You will often find your fine is lowered and any court costs lowered or eliminated altogether.

When it comes to the Feds, the FBI, and the federal courts, the same applies: do not be intimidated. You need not talk to anyone (= remain silent) and shouldn’t.

The last time I was in federal (not state) court, my fine was eliminated and I received a very fair sentence from a very fair judge, much to the dismay of my enemies, and the US Justice Department. Something similar occurred the last time I was in state (not federal) court: my court costs were eliminated and my fine reduced.

As for being intimidated by the unseen US federal government hand online (NSA, CIA, DoD, FBI) my rule of thumb is this: if you are not doing or saying anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.

It is illegal to advocate armed rebellion or revolution, but anything short of this is permitted by law (US Code), as of today (9/4/2012), although this could change IF the US Code were amended to include new, draconian seditions laws, or if the US courts were to begin interpreting the federal law differently, but I have not heard of any such thing coming down the pipeline any time soon (or at all). Not to say it can’t or won’t; just that it isn’t.

The latest scaremongering regarding a supposedly kidnapped Marine Corps veteran (who was later released) seems to have caused a lot of freedom and truth-loving people to be frightened of what the police, federal government, and US military might be up to, and there was a lot of scaremongering, by Alex Jones and others, which made many people – especially veterans – feel they were in imminent danger of soon being snatched off the street and thrown into a dungeon or psych ward somewhere.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

I am a US Army combat arms veteran, I was trained by the US Army’s 7th Special Forces Group in a foreign country (I was not in the SF, I was simply trained by them: July 1979 – JOTC – Jungle Expert – Scout Platoon CSC 3/32 INF 7th ID (Light) at Ft. Sherman, Canal Zone), I have written three (3) anti-government books advocating nonviolent change of a radical nature, I post anti-government links on Facebook and Twitter, I write a blog which has many anti-government articles I have written, plus I am organizing a movement designed to replace the current, corrupt federal government. I have been arrested by the FBI (in public) more than once, I have an FBI ID number, my DNA is in the federal crime database, I am considered to be an anti-abortion domestic terrorist by the FBI, though not by the agents themselves, a US Marshal in Washington is assigned to keep an eye on me, and, along with PA State police, US Marshals have been at my door, because of Leroy Carhart and the late term abortion mill he runs out of Germantown, Maryland, where the Montgomery County Police Department has me on file and keeps a very close eye on me whenever I am there, rousting me at each and every opportunity, even pulling me out of a Starbucks at 6 AM to browbeat, harass, photograph, interrogate, and serve me with a trespass notice, which has now expired.

In short, if I am on the loose, you are not in any danger.

The US government knows one thing about me: I will not be intimidated, especially when I am doing nothing wrong, and especially when I am doing something right.

I have been told by numerous police and federal agents they don’t consider me a criminal. This doesn’t prevent them from doing their job, they simply wish to let me know they agree with me and do not consider me an evil-doer. Even when locked up, the general population considers me a non-criminal, knowing I am an anti-government trouble maker, which they like. And in jail or prison, as you might imagine, a true criminal, such as a thief, is dealt with very harshly by other criminals – such thieves can be – and are – killed over a pilfered bag of potato chips or a stolen cigarette.

I first ran afoul of the law when I was fourteen years old. I was arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, and interrogated by the Montgomery County (Maryland) Police. I first ran afoul of the US government when I was seventeen years old and serving in the US Army (from which I was honorably discharged) having been arrested, photographed, fingerprinted, and interrogated by CID.  When I was eighteen years old, I was arrested, tried by a military tribunal, and imprisoned – sentenced to six months hard labor in a military detention facility.

I was once arrested, while serving in the military, for drug possession, my CO having produced a bag of marijuana, which he told the MPs was evidence of my guilt – the only problem being that it wasn’t my bag of pot: it was the CO’s.

I had been arrested along with a buddy of mine, who was younger than I, and on his first duty assignment (whereas I was on my third), and, when it came time for the Article 15 hearings, I told my friend not to be intimidated, to demand a trial (courts martial), and that the charges would be dismissed, because they were bogus. Instead, my friend caved and pleaded guilty. He lost his rank, was fined, and was assigned extra duty. When I went to my own hearing I demanded a courts martial, was sent to JAG, told my lawyer what happened, was told this sort of bullshit happens all the time, that the CO would receive a letter from him, and that that would be the end of it, which it was.

While my friend was doing extra duty, for weeks, I was not. I still had my rank, and I paid no fine.

The last time I ran afoul of the USG was 2002, and I have no plans to do anything illegal now (2012).

There are only three (3) courts a US citizen can be tried in: military tribunal, state court, and federal court; and there are only three kinds of prisons (not counting private) a US citizen can be sentenced to by a court: military, state, and federal.

I have been tried by a military tribunal, by state courts (more than one), and by the US federal court… and I have locked up in military, state, and federal detention facilities.

Like I said: they know I’m not going to be intimidated.

So please do not allow yourself to be intimidated, because this is exactly how the government controls us: through fear and intimidation.

Stand up for truth, stand up for justice, stand up for peace!

We are winning, and many good people within the military, police, and USG are in fact ON OUR SIDE.

Be confident we will win!

US Federal Court – Little Rock, Arkansas (Eastern District)

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