What’s up with shoah.org.uk and The Ugly Truth Radio Network?

Leon Trotsky

“Communism is the greatest killing machine known to man, excluding the imperialism of the United States, which is controlled through the Federal Reserve by the same plutocratic powers that propped up the “revolution” of the Bolsheviks.” ~ Jonathan Azaziah

Communism at TUT

Why does shoah.org.uk link directly (in its blogroll) to the Communist Party of Great Britain and The Ugly Truth?

See blogroll here: http://www.shoah.org.uk/

See: Communist Party of Great Britain here: http://www.cpgb-ml.org/index.php?secName=events

See: The Ugly Truth: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_killings_under_Communist_regimes

Why, then, would shoah.org.uk post anti-Communist articles?

See: http://www.shoah.org.uk/2012/08/11/the-satanic-origin-of-modern-cult-ure/

Henry Makow

From the article: “Our failure to combat Communism is due to misunderstanding its real nature. Communism is the creation of a satanic cult (Cabalists) empowered by Illuminati Jewish international bankers. It is designed to put all the world’s wealth in their hands, and eventually to reduce and enslave the human race. The 5-pointed Red Star of Communism is also the symbol of Satan-worship. A demonic virus, Communism has morphed into countless forms (such as fe-manism) and “gay rights” hoodwinking more people than ever.” ~ Henry Makow

Why does a Communist, Sammi Ibrahem, host a regularly scheduled program on TUT?

See: http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/tut-broadcast-with-sammi-ibrahem-aug-10-2012/

See: http://www.shoah.org.uk/2012/06/04/former-anc-activist-heads-to-london-2/

Another regularly scheduled program host on TUT, Jonathan Azaziah, explains Communism: http://empirestrikesblack.com/2012/07/opinion-jonathan-azaziah-on-communism/

Jonathan Azaziah

“Communism, which seeks to centralize the entire planet, making it one gigantic super-state (a one world government, a new world order), and Capitalism (a means of financial unification through international banking {founded by the Rothschilds} and neoliberalism {founded by Milton Friedman}, a one world government, a new world order) are two heads of the same Jewish-Zionist dragon. No matter which one comes to power, it is Jewish interests who come out on top. This isn’t to say every communist or Marxist is an evil, twisted puppet of International Zionism, of course not. Such assertions are moronic, lazy and ignorant. Persons like Castro, Guevara, the great Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso (murdered by Mossad and CIA), Morales, Correa, Ghassan Kanafani Mossadegh, Allende, etc. were and are good men, obviously. But as a whole, its origins, and as evidenced by the mass murder carried out by the Bolsheviks, Mao, and others allied with these forces, Communism is the greatest killing machine known to man, excluding the imperialism of the United States, which is controlled through the Federal Reserve by the same plutocratic powers that propped up the “revolution” of the Bolsheviks. And therefore, it cannot be relied on to deliver “social justice” to anyone. No conspiracy theory here…just conspiracy fact.” ~ Jonathan Azaziah

See: http://empirestrikesblack.com/2012/07/opinion-jonathan-azaziah-on-communism/

Dr. E. Michael Jones on Communism:

E. Michael Jones

“All of the themes we have been discussing—Jews, racism, Nazism, nihilism, and violence—are all present in this powerful scene. At this point, they begin to coalesce into a coherent picture. The Jewish Nazi is a political terrorist, but he is, first of all, a Nazi, which is to say a particular kind of socialist. Jews were drawn to socialism and communism throughout the 19th century. In fact Jews made up the backbone of those movements. Jews were drawn to those movements because they provided both an antidote and a way to give political expression to the Jewish nihilism which came into being when the Enlightenment arrived in the shtetl and destroyed rabbinic Judaism. Deprived of a coherent worldview, the Jew still had a sense of himself as a member of the chosen race which could now only find expression in revolutionary violence. The best way for the shtetl Jew to bring about tikkun olan was via dynamite and the Colt revolver.” ~ Dr. E. Michael Jones

See: http://www.culturewars.com/2011/JewishNazis.htm

Character Assassination at shoah.org.uk

Why does shoah.org.uk assassinate the characters of – and attempt to intimidate – innocent, well-meaning activists??

See: http://www.shoah.org.uk/2012/06/16/warning-all-activists-kimberly-amatullah/

See: http://wewritewhatwelike.com/2012/06/25/smearing-and-inflated-egos-at-it-again-god-save-the-free-palestine-movement/

Mary Rizzo

“I find that a blog called Shoah.org that purports to be very popular and pro-Palestinian, though featuring almost no Palestinians at all among those it publishes, has decided that acceptable content is bizarre personal vendettas becoming “our business and thus THEIR business”. The blog looks actually scarily similar to the National Inquirer. I have not had much opportunity to see the site in the past, but having seen the recent “popular” post I do worry about the state of activism and mostly, for what concerns this site, wonder if it is competing in the stakes of activism tabloids.” ~ Mary Rizzo

See my own experience with these sorry fucks here: https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/whats-ken-okeefes-problem/

Mark Glenn

Why does TUT producer Mark Glenn SUPPORT AND DEFEND these sorry fucks? Why does he link directly to shoah.org.uk from the TUT website? Why does he have a Communist hosting a program on his TUT network?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I’ve asked Mark about shoah.org.uk, and about his friend Ken O’Keefe, and he, like Ken O’Keefe, prefers to change the subject, use ad hominem attacks against me, and dismiss me as a fool.

I think not.

Sammi Ibrahem

Who operates shoah.org.uk? Sammi Ibrahem:






PHOTO – Comrade Khwezi with Comrade Sammi Ibrahem (photo w/caption taken from shoah.org.uk)

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12 Responses to What’s up with shoah.org.uk and The Ugly Truth Radio Network?

  1. AJ,prior to this, I suspected you were borderline unstable. Now however, after having seen this, all doubts have been removed.

    The fact that you would link to a site like ‘hurry up harry,’ a RABID pro-Israel/pro-Zionist site in your ‘research’ shows just what kind of an ‘intellectual’ you are as well, to say nothing of your very un-Christian/un-Catholic use of the ‘F’ bomb. What a hypocrite.

    So let’s just call this for what it is AJ–like some petty, spoiled child, you are in the middle of a hissy fit over the fact that I have repeatedly refused to indulge you in your various ‘debates’ concerning religion, Ken O’Keefe,or whatever wild hair you have up your ass at any given moment and rather than just admit this, instead you have to run a ridiculous piece insinuating that I and Sammi Ibrahem are secret communists or communist sympathizers, and, as I said earlier, relying on sites such as ‘Hurry Up Harry” as one of your sources.

    Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe what you are, as someone who is willing to get into bed with the enemy if somehow this will facilitate him having his temper tantrum. And if you think that somehow all of this is going to result in you getting some exposure, due to my/our notoriety over at TUT, you are wrong about that as well. You will simply remain as obscure and unknown as you are now, pathetic little Aj Macdonald and his 20 or so daily readers.


  2. Fuck you Mark. Try giving me a straight answer sometime. Who did you take lessons from? KOK? Unlike you, I allow comment without censorship. Post away with more lies all you wish.

    • Siraj Davis says:

      Two things Mary Rizzo and AJ MacDonald have in common. They both confuse character assassinations with unsupported evidence, as human rights activism.

      We have one of the ugly bunch. An ugly bunch that friends people on social media sites just to be able to claim a modicum of the recognition and laudatory praise public figures receive. If their friends who are public figures do not agree with the ugly bunch or refuse to be their friend or does not serve a purpose for them, they post blogs attacking their character with lies.

      Both have been asked for evidence to support their allegations. Both have been refuted with evidence and have also tried to stir up trouble with authorities to vindicate their shame. Both are barefaced double agents for anyone willing to filll their pockets or augment their narcissism.

      My advice to anyone who reads this blog, be careful because you might be next. Especially if you are a public figure.

      There are people in the world that reach out with nefarious antics bc they are angered and refuse to accept that they do not have the same popularity and rewards as you do.

  3. Well, I don’t think that you have the right to say so! The program is still one of the best so don’t see these things next time! I am from Palestine and my friends and I listened to it every time and we do think that it is still amazing!

  4. weeteanscone says:

    Perhaps some better insight would be achieved by asking what the FBI and the KGB have in common. Dig a little deeper.

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  7. The people watch two macaques that are still on a tree boisterous youngsters, pulling at each other’s tails, playing tag on the branches, like the monkeys of caricature.

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