On working for justice

I can work with anyone who knows what justice is and is working to build a more just society. But I cannot work with people who cannot explain or define justice, and I cannot work with those who are working to make our society an even more unjust place than it already is.

I don’t have to agree with someone on everything, just so long as they have a good understanding of justice and are working for the same.

In the end, I think justice will defeat our unjust pet political positions, once we see them as the true injustices they are. Unfortunately, many of my FB friends prefer to name-call those with whom they disagree, and are hard-pressed, when challenged, to give a concise and accurate definition of “justice”. Sadly, name-calling is much easier than thinking, and putting our unjust pet political positions (e.g., endless unjust wars, endless unjust abortions on demand, an endlessly unjust minimum wage) under the scrutiny of justice.

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