The continuity of our being over time

Human Fertilization (female egg (w/23 pairs of chromosomes) being penetrated by male sperm (w/23 pairs of chromosomes (1/150 cm) = one, new, genetically unique individual human being w/46 pairs of chromosomes).

Life is unique; especially human life.

I once watched Bill Moyers interview Dr. Leon Kass, MD on PBS. Dr. Kass is one of the brightest thinkers in America, and he’s also a distinguished bioethicist (whose books I’ve read). The following is an excerpt from this interview:

Human – 2.5 – 5 cm

BILL MOYERS: You mean down when we were mere cells?

LEON KASS: When we were–

BILL MOYERS: Or a cell?

LEON KASS: We were a very special kind of cell, Bill.

BILL MOYERS: Potentially.

LEON KASS: No, no. We were– when you– look, when– R.G. Edwards created the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, 1978, he said, and he sort of stumbled over the truth. He said, “She was beautiful then and she is beautiful now.” And by “then” he meant when she was a zygote, when she was a fertilized egg which he had fertilized.

What really struck me as I watched this interview was just how little Bill Moyers seems to thinks of human life in its earliest stages.

Human – Male (160 cm) and Female (155 cm) at 20 years of age.

Dr. Kass is a wise man who is in awe of life, especially human life, and he realizes the continuity, over time, of our being: we were all zygotes once. I, the person I am now – this body – was once as small as the period at the end of this sentence.

“We were a very special kind of cell, Bill.”


People who support a woman’s “right to chose” are hard-pressed to justify slaughtering an innocent unborn child in her mother’s womb. In fact, it is impossible for them to do so, which is why they resort to name-calling, fear-mongering, and do not engage in rational discussion or intellectual debate of the issue.

Much like proverbial lawyer who, at a certain point in her argumentation, realizes her argument is very weak on a certain point, so she begins pounding on the table and raising her voice, hoping this emphatic over-emphasis will gloss over her weak logical argument.

The more time has past (40 years now) the more SHRILL the pro-death forces have become, because they cannot defend that which is indefensible: the intentional, violent destruction of an innocent human child.

SHAME on the pro-aborts!

Science deniers they are!

I would almost say I am embarrassed for them, but I’m not: they deserve to be exposed as the deceitful and murderous fools they are.

Human – 4, 12, 30, and 80 years of age (w/weight)

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