The J. T. Ready Massacre in Gilbert, AZ

Massacre in Gilbert, Arizona

This Arizona news report (link below), which concerns the J. T. Ready massacre in Gilbert, Arizona, is, I think, very interesting, because this account differs from the other news accounts I have seen. In this video, it is reported that neighbors saw two vehicles at the home the morning of the shooting, which disappeared before the police arrived on the scene after the shooting. The report also states that the bodies of Ready and another man (a relative and resident of the home: Jim Franklin Hiott) were found outside, near the front door, and that two weapons were found lying near the bodies.

12 NEWS (Phoenix, AZ) VIDEO – FBI was investigating Gilbert shooting suspect Ready

In my thinking, there is simply too much wrong with this picture. I seriously doubt J. T. Ready killed his family, although it is certainly possible. I think it’s far more likely others unknown killed Ready and his family. Ready had many enemies.

I’m not the only one who thinks this. I found a very interesting article, written by Mike Harris, concerning the massacre in Gilbert, Arizona on the Veteran’s Today website, which I suggest you read in its entirety: Exclusive: Arizona – Two Carloads of Shooters Escape, Survivor Witness Found. (See also: The Very Un-American Arizona Cover-up)

This having been said, I do NOT trust the people at Veterans Today, especially Gordon Duff, who heads Veterans Today, because he is a defense contractor with too many high-level intelligence connections, plus he perpetuates the “no planes on 9/11” and the “mini-nukes were used to bring down the WTC” disinformation, and there is simply no excuse for his peddling this treasonous nonsense. In fact, in this case, I think the folks at Veterans Today know a bit TOO much about the massacre in Gilbert, which is why, in this case, I tend to think they are, for the most part, telling the truth concerning this particularly horrible incident.

Early news reports of the shooting also told us that witnesses had claimed the Gilbert shooter was wearing body armor. Reports which were later dismissed as inaccurate: “initial reports in the media that a man with a gun (presumably Ready) was wearing body armor appear to be erroneous. Balafas [Gilbert Police] says Ready wasn’t wearing body armor, and there wasn’t any body armor found around him” (see: here). According to Fox 10 News (Phoenix), the US military – including the US Air Force – was also present at the crime scene (see: here).

In short, I think there is much more to this story, which we are not being told…

Perhaps not. Perhaps this is just another case of some man wanting to be rid of himself and his family, but I haven’t seen or heard of anything that might have triggered (no pun intended) such a horrendous event.

The 911 tapes are interesting. This first call, which was a domestic violence call made by Ready girlfriend (Lisa Lynn Mederos), reveals a very calm caller….until the shooting starts. Apparently Ready is going ballistic or something (it’s hard to make out what she’s saying) in the house and that he had broken the garage door (or something). Then, suddenly, we hear a gunshot – without the caller commenting on this fact – and then we hear her say “He’s going to kill me!”, more gunshots, and the line goes dead. The second 911 call is made by someone hiding in the house. Someone whom Ready, or the killers, either didn’t care to kill or were unaware of her presence in the home. This caller claims Ready did the shooting yet also claims Ready is making his get away a vehicle (she didn’t witness the shooting, and she didn’t realize Ready was on the front steps, dead). The third 911 call in from a neighbor who claims to see Ready and an unknown man in a blue uniform, which the caller thinks is a police officer, lying on the front steps of the house, bleeding from their heads. To me, it seems odd for a murder/suicide to end up on the front steps of the home. Perhaps this is not unusual, but it seems odd to me. As does leaving a living witness.

AUDIO – J.T. Ready Gilbert Massacre: Listen to the Unedited 9-1-1 Recordings

R.I.P. Lisa Lynn Mederos, 46, her daughter, Amber Nieve Mederos, 23, 15-month-old Lily Lynn Mederos (Amber’s daughter), and Jim Franklin Hiott, 24, (Amber’s fiance).

J. T. Ready (US Border Guard)

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2 Responses to The J. T. Ready Massacre in Gilbert, AZ

  1. 123@yahoo.c0m says:

    i agree with you about disinfo duff. having said that, please post links showing PHYSICAL evidence of planes on 911, (not lying witnesses and fake video-: plane parts, debris, luggage etc,) I’ll save you some time- there is none, and that’s why there were no planes, there is no PHYSICAL evidence of planes

  2. V.E.G. says:

    Jim Franklin Hiott is related to all the Hiotts known to exist. Even to hero, “Uncle” Charlie Bennett, the hero.

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