Abortion Free Anne Arundel

Abortion Free Anne Arundel

Can Anne Arundel County be ABORTION-FREE??
Can’t join us in person, click here!

download and distribute this flyer for this event!!

Did you know that there is only 1 (yes ONE) free-standing abortion facility in Annapolis, actually in ALL of Anne Arundel County?!?!

Did you know that there is a life-affirming, Medical Pregnancy Center opening soon –RIGHT ACROSS the STREET?!?!

Abortion Escorts at Annapolis Planned ParenthoodDid you know that Planned Parenthood has NEVER had escorts at this location…before Saturday March 10th (and they had to bring them in from DC)?!?!

The Battle Is On!!

JOIN US from 8-9am on Tuesday, April 10th at 929 West Street in Annapolis…as we Storm the Gates of HellUnited in Prayer and Covered by the Holy Spirit!!

We must UNITE as the Body of Christ – and come together where the need isgreatest – at the only clinic in Annapolis, where innocent babies are being killed every week!

LOGISTICS for April 10th (Can’t join us in person, click here!):


  • We are trusting God for as many people as possible (at least 100!)
  • This WILL BE a Peaceful, Prayerful vigil
  • No graphic signs or posters
  • 40 Days for Life and similar signs and posters are encouraged – some limited amount will be available
  • We must ensure we do not block the sidewalks (enable pedestrians, runners and bikers to pass freely) – THIS IS CRITICAL
  • The police will probably be called and they will come to the site
  • Coordinators will be on site to reinforce the need to keep the sidewalks clear and to fully cooperate with the police
  • MDCFL has coordinated with the Mayor’s Office and the APD about this event in advance


  • Carpools are highly encouraged
  • St Mary’s Cemetary is available for parking
  • The Boy’s and Girl’s Club parking lot is available
  • The library parking lot and the Naval Academy Stadium would also be good meeting points for carpools
  • The neighborhood behind the Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic is available for on-street parking

PRAYER at the site:

  • Individual prayer and/or small group prayer recommended
  • Summer of Mercy non-denominational prayer books will be available – from CEC for Life


  • Please download and distribute the fliers to everyone you know!
  • Please encourage family members, friends, co-workers, and church members to participate
  • Continue to pray for God’s will (more people, more prayer)

How You Can Help! (This is Only the Beginning!!)

  • We are asking churches to sign up to host a 1-2 hour Vigil once a month following the April 10th event.
  • Please encourage pastors/priests to support and participate in the Vigil on the 10th, and in the future!
  • We are also looking for Priests and Pastors to conduct masses and services on the Pregnancy Clinic porch during abortion hours – every week!

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