Nathan Schneider – Did the planners of Occupy Wall Street really have a plan?

2011 International Road to Dignity

“When Occupy Wall Street and the ensuing Occupy movement captured the world’s attention in the fall of 2011, the world wasn’t exactly sure what hit it. Through a series of up-close portraits of the movement in both planning and execution, this webinar will explore how it has succeeded as well as what its challenges will be in the coming months. Drawing from my experience covering the Occupy movement since the early planning stages, I will focus on the role of strategizing.

The story of Occupy Wall Street, of course, is not solely one about Occupy Wall Street. This was just one among other daring attempts to mount major mobilizations in the United States that season, several of which I was covering concurrently. As the Occupy movement spread, it became ever more clear that what was taking place was one manifestation of an emerging global movement. Now, as the movement enters an election year in the United States, it faces the challenge of launching a cluster of focused, interrelated campaigns, as well as mounting successful mass mobilizations that can change the media narrative and win tangible gains.

Nathan Schneider is an editor of Waging Nonviolence, which he co-founded in 2009 with Eric Stoner and Bryan Farrell. He has written about the Occupy movement for Harper’s, The Nation, and elsewhere.”

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