What’s Ken O’Keefe’s problem?

Ken O’Keefe

I have never spoken to, emailed, or messaged peace and justice “advocate” Ken O’Keefe, but I received a Facebook message from O’Keefe today. We went back and forth for a few messages, which I am posting below. I have had my suspicions about O’Keefe for quite some time now. But read this exchange for yourself, and see what you think. Who is lying? and who is seeking the truth? Also, Mary Rizzo’s article is linked at the bottom. See O’Keefe’s blog here: http://kenokeefe.wordpress.com/

March 22, 2012

16 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Aloha brother,

It seems you like a page dedicated to hating me. I do not care if that is the way you feel, I really have stopped concerning myself with the judgements of others, good or bad, long ago. But it seems right to un-friend if you feel this way about me. Just want to make sure this is the way you feel before I do indeed un-friend.


15 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

It has nothing to do with hate, I simply don’t trust you. Although, in this business, there aren’t many people I do trust. If the page is in fact hateful, please send me the link to the site and I will “unlike” it. Perhaps if you came forward with documents and good arguments to satisfy your detractors I would change my mind, but, as it is, you dismiss your critics with personal attacks, which are not arguments at all, and no documents have been forthcoming. I think Mary’s lengthy detailed critique of the Road To Hope mission should have been addressed by you in similar detail. If your case was better than hers I suppose I would be on your side as opposed to hers. I see no point in “defriending” you simply because I don’t trust you. I won’t be donating any money to your causes, of course, but God only knows who some of my friends are on facebook….no doubt there are a few sock-puppets amongst our friends, and there’s little we can do to prevent that. I, for one, do not care what the USG thinks of me or if they are monitoring me….I assume they are, especially when they show up in person, as they have done and will do again, I’m sure LOL ~ Peace

14 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother if you ever reach a point where you directly confront the powers that be to such a degree that you are called a “terrorist operative of Hamas”, “linked to Al Qaeda”, detained under terrorism laws in 5 different countries, find yourself in numerous places where you are lucky to get out alive and ultimately piss off some of the most powerful people in the world then you might then know what is like to walk in my shoes. Many people get paid to lie about me, Mary Rizzo quite possibly being one of them. To respond to every such nut case is to invite more such slander, again you would not know this if you have never been in such a place or lack the wisdom to put yourself in another’s place. Do I do what I do for popularity? No. Are my verifiable acts of consciousness sufficient to please everyone? No. But are my actions which are verifiable, to be put on par with the multitudes of accusations which have no proof? The answer is clear. It is not my job to prove I am a moral man with words, the proof is in my actions. People of good heart and reasonable intelligence can see this. I was not put on this Earth to prove I am a good man, and if I were to defend myself against every spurious, slanderous accusation, I would have time for nothing else. It would truly be a full time job.

But hey, I wish you all the best, and I appreciate your honesty, no hard feelings, but given there is no trust, a respectful parting of the ways is correct.


9 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

I’ve had more than enough run-ins with the feds, and they have had my number, literally, for many years now. We know where we stand with one another, meaning I know where the line is. I haven’t the time for issues with them, now, because there is too much going on. I agree we can’t waste our time with critics but when it comes to finances receipts are very helpful when dealing with expense and accounting discrepancies, because that’s the way to stay out of trouble when dealing with other people’s money. I don’t think Mary or any of your critics are “nut cases”. Again, the ad hominem attacks, too me, actually help to prove your guilt rather than your innocence. It’s easy enough for you to prove otherwise, which is something you have yet to do, and I wish you could, because we need people who are passionate about the cause, which you are. I wish you all the best, too, and I have no hard feeling either regarding all of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ran into each other one day and it’s always my intention to get along with everyone in the peace and justice movement, which has enough in fighting as it is. No one, after all, is perfect, especially me! I think, when the chips are down and things start getting ugly we can count on one another to do what’s right. And we will need all the vets we can get, because we will know what to do. In fact, see what you can do to to help bring the Occupy Marines and the Veterans for Ron Paul together, because we need to get over this Left/Right BS, unify, and arrest the real criminals in DC. I’m working on this, but I could use all the help I can get! ~ Peace bro (BTW, I was once stationed in Hawaii, for a year and a half, which I absolutely loved, and I sure wish we were both there now talking about and doing something else!)

7 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother to be clear, the non-profit companies I have set up require annual accounts, these accounts are in order. So believe this or do not, but it is not disputable really because the accounts are public. Rizzo is a nut case, if you think what she writes is “journalism” (as she all too insecurely calls it) then you have a ways to go, beyond the Feds, to understand what it is to be a serious target. Rizzo is a nut case or working for the enemy, a classic ‘sleeper’.

Be honest brother, it does not make me a better person at all, not at all, but I am at a different level of pissing off powerful people. Disarming Israels best commandos in itself and then calling them cowards on probably the BBC’s hallmark interview program means a level of hate combined with power is directed at me well beyond what you know, this is just simple fact. What else have I done? Quite a bit, again all verifiable. So you are not satisfied, and you suspect I do this to steal a few pennys here and there, this is your assessment, and you think Rizzo is a good source of info, what can I say other than you have a bit to learn and I can tell you, the amount of people who are serious targets and have really put their heads on the chopping block like me, understand this bullshit and such people always give mutual respect. They do not ask me for receipts and I do not entertain any of the unsubstantiated slander that follows all of us.

I am only writing this to you because you seem genuinely duped and wanting to do good. I can assure you brother if you are serious about justice and peace and you start to get the type of results that make you a serious target, you will develop a healthy dose of respect for people who are already in that place.

But hey, believe what you want, all the best.


6 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

I certainly respect you for all you have done, which is quite a lot. From my own experience with non-profits and businesses, receipts are easily produced when required. I read Mary’s lengthy article concerning the mission, which was actually quite well written and very detailed. I suppose we will have to agree to disagree on that matter. Since your annual accounts are in order I suggest you post them in public online for all to see, which will alleviate people’s concerns. Slander is a word you throw around quite a bit, along with threats to sue regarding these allegations, which I find suspicious in and of itself. As you well now, anyone deemed a serious threat is dealt with promptly, and there’s very little we can do to protect ourselves from those who wish us harm. A good ambush is always 100% effective, and even a not-so-good ambush is still very hard to survive, unless one is trained in how to do so. First they ignore you, then they try and smear you, then they threaten one’s loved ones, and then, if one is considered a serious enough threat, they will kill. The fact that we are both alive indicates, to me, that we are not, yet, a serious threat. I am always open to being proved wrong, and, in this case I would love to be proven wrong. A lot of good people look up to you and it saddens me to know that, at this point, I cannot trust you. As I said, make public your accounts, since they are in order, and I will be the first one to publicly admit I was wrong about you. Right now, Mary’s documentation is superior to yours (and she is also asking you to make public your records) and she simply has more hard evidence than you have (to date) produced. I’m really not concerned with this issue as far more important things are in store for the future. For that, I hope we can count you in. Few people are going to care about missing money issues – whether true or false – in the near future. More importantly, the many people who have been on the wrong side of the peace and justice issues, especially by siding with Israel, will be more concerned with keeping their necks out of a noose and keeping their bodies out of the federal penitentiary. I see no problem with you in that regard, quite the opposite in fact, so I will consider you a friend so long as nothing more serious than as yet unproven in court allegations of missing funds. Legally, I certainly consider you to be innocent until it can ever be proven in court that you are guilty regarding the money issue. We are, after all, in a fight for our lives and, considering that, money is not an issue at all, to me. ~ Peace my brother

5 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother you really are a bit dim. The records are already public, there is nothing for me to make public. When the next due date for my accounts is up I will have the accounts in. If Rizzo is the model of journalism then ask yourself, why do I need to repost what is already public? And why are you so duped as to think she uncovered something hidden? Are you stupid or have you simply painted yourself into a corner and you cannot get out of it?

As for us both being alive thus we must be at the same level of being targets, that is truly amusing. In this nonsense you are just another ego driven fool who cannot admit an obvious truth. Go ask someone objective, lay out what you have done and what I have done, don’t forget the listed as “terrorist operative of Hamas” by Israel press release and the US Congress floating a bill that lists me as “linked to Al Qaeda” and then all the other stuff and compare that to your stuff. You know it and you cannot bring yourself to admit it, with regards to threats to our person, we are not in the same league brother. And this is why you act an arrogant twat, the wanting to be something you are not (yet) has to be covered with arrogance, with incantations of self-important bullshit. I did not get where I am playing the games you play, and I certainly did not tell people who had done far more than me that we were on the same level and “I can’t trust you” because I am an idiot who trusts at least one nut case as a source of truth while ignoring the obvious slander, yes slander that that laughable, non-circulated crap she has produced is.

I have been patient, but you are an idiot, you really are, and you have a lot of company, and most of you genuinely, probably, mean well. Whether or not those good intentions will mean much in the end, we shall see.

Brother, have the last word, then let us say goodbye.


a few seconds ago A J MacDonald Jr

Where are the records public Ken? More ad hominem attacks on me are not helping your case, in my thinking. I will await a link to the records, which you say are posted in public. Thanks.

Where are the records public Ken? More ad hominem attacks on me are not helping your case, in my thinking. I will await a link to the records, which you say are posted in public. Thanks.

3 hours agoKen O’Keefe


All company records including annual accounts are posted publicly as required by UK law. Everything required by the law is posted here. We are overdue on our annual return, which is not the accounts, this will be sorted soon enough. The annual accounts have already been accessed by my enemies and the reason why this fact is not discussed is because there is nothing immoral or illegal with what I have done as the Director of the company; to the contrary, I like many work for no pay 95% of the time.

Now, done, I have handed you something you could have easily found yourself and I really care not to hear any more of your bullshit. Within one month you will hear about plans and actions that will make all too clear that despite the slander, the infiltration and all the other expected things that come my way, not only has it not worked, on the backend my support has only grown. For all the idiots who buy the bullshit, 10 new people found out about me and what I have been up to and thus see the obvious. That is the beauty of controversy, people who would otherwise never hear of you become aware.

So goodbye brother, I have to admit I broke more than one rule getting into this silliness with you, my initial instincts were that I should go ahead and communicate, but I do not need your trust or approval. Just go and do good, that I will be grateful for.

a few seconds ago A J MacDonald Jr

The link doesn’t work. You said: “…people always give mutual respect. They do not ask me for receipts” which is TOTAL BS. I have worked with numerous nonprofits and NO organizations I have EVER worked with would EVER say such a thing. This ALONE proves to me that you CANNOT be trusted, which is very sad. I pray you repent and find faith and hope in the risen Christ who forgives sins and imparts to us the power to STOP name-calling and to START loving. Goodbye. DONE and DONE. For how to begin properly accounting for other people’s monies, please see: “In the interest of justice, let’s dismantle the solidarity industry” http://wewritewhatwelike.com/2011/08/31/in-the-interest-of-justice-let’s-dismantle-the-solidarity-industry/


See: Truth Justice and Peace nearly sunk as RTH convoy facts emerge, and as usual, Gazans get the worst part of the deal (Posted: 06/14/2011) by Mary Rizzo

Ken O’Thief’s Aloha Palestine and The Samouni Project – 2011 See: http://www.trade-not-aid.net/samouni-project/

Ken O’Thief’s Aloha Palestine – Last Accounts Made 2010 (Total Exemption Full) – OVERDUE (March 2012)

Ken O’Thief’s Trade Not Aid – Last Accounts Made 2009 (Total Exemption Full) (March 2012)


Shame on Ken O’Keefe!

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79 Responses to What’s Ken O’Keefe’s problem?

  1. Mary Rizzo says:

    thanks for this, it’s very enlightening in a lot of ways. I’d have much to say, but for the moment will just stick with the comment of KOK about “journalism”. Of course I am not a paid journalist, (nor am I paid to do activism or paid to write about anyone or have an opinion to express… that is my human right, which I cling to). Like millions of other people, I make an honest living working in other fields (art restoration and translation, and my income tax statement demonstrates it) but practice something known as “citizen journalism”. If KOK wants to talk about journalistic standards, he might want to begin my giving the correct label to what he claims people do to him: he calls it Slander. I have never spoken to him, thus, I am not able to slander him. What he needs to learn is that written criticism that he does not like should be called “Libel”, however, if he claims it is so, he is also held to come up with evidence proving that the statements made do not reflect the truth. I have all the documents regarding the RTH fiasco. He as well sent me what he claimed was “the contract” and since part of my work deals with contracts, I am aware of what a contract is, and what he sent is no such thing. Conclusion: there was no contract to board the ship, the actions he did on that ship and all the events following it put him in the position of not being on the side of truth, quite the contrary, as the situation was not ever represented in an accurate way. It also would have caused the involvement of a military unit boarding a vessel in peacetime in international waters, had he gotten his way, which would have created not only a series of events that are difficult to accept for any peaceful actions for the benefit of Palestine, but it would have endangered all future actions of convoys, which, as it stands, are necessary. Lastly, if his records are public, where are they? I especially would like to see the records for the Ferry to Gaza of Aloha Palestine. EuroPalestine donated enormous amounts of money to that initiative, (more than 17 thousand) and all we have seen is a video clip on a site. Where are the records for that, and I ask as a person who has donated to EP.

    • maryam says:

      I am also told the Gaddafi Foundation gave R2H $55,000 to charter the Strofades IV, which was never chartered, so what happened to the money? And what happened to the money collected for his other non-starter project, P10K? He claimed he would turn the monies over to Palestinian charities in the event the project didn’t come to fruition, and that he would disclose where the money was sent, but this never happened, either.

      • Mary Rizzo says:

        if the Gaddafi Foundation gave money to R2H, it certaintly did not go to the chartering of that vessel, because I have a copy (also sent to me by KEN!) of the phases of the deal and the broker hired by R2H clearly states that no transfer was made and that he was returning money to R2H… if they then needed to bang the spoon on the tin cup after this, I have no idea. They have to sort it out with their broker, not blame someone else who has nothing to do with their problems!

  2. hayet says:

    Daniel Mabsout? If this hacker cracker is his best support or the Ghetto King, Siraj Davis (also a petty thief) as well… then I think we can rest assured KOK is just a circus show for cultists.

    You both, among many others, made a great case. I particularly like your patience and candor yet remaining very civil; something he obviously failed miserably. It says a lot.

    His records are not public… but I have a nice pic of his amazing little mansion in Wimbledon that was sadly purchased in 2009, quelle honte!

    Thank you, so glad I found this… May he live long enough to make it right! (doubtful but let’s hope).

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  4. Thanks for all you have written on KOK Mary. When I was first made aware of this controversy I had to do a lot of research and your calm, well reasoned articles have been instrumental in my being able to understand what happened during the RTH mission. That and KOK’s intemperate blog posts on his own blog helped me to discern truth from error. Thanks again!

    • Mary Rizzo says:

      thanks, I do appreciate it. We are supposed to “question authority” and always demand accountability in activism. It seems these two things are points KOK lost track of somewhere along the way. Turning it always into accusations against people with inflammatory remarks such as that they MUST be PAID to write about him is his leitmotif. If he believes it really, he better come out with some kind of evidence, because THAT is libel! I honestly don’t read his stuff too much, I can’t handle that much self love in a person!

    • catemyles says:

      I would like to thank you AJ and Mary…Mary is not ” Nuts” in all aspects she has always been caring, objective, analytical,professional ,polite and truthful .None of these nouns can be used to describe KOK !

  5. Mary Lou Chellman says:

    Most of KOKon’s story is a fabrication….Have researched the Hawaii legal problems….It amounted to his scoff law attitude….Not obtaining auto insurance, auto inspections, No license….Not showing up for court many, many times had the bench warrant issued that was dismissed when the fines were finally paid…..Not the persecution story he likes to tell.
    Spoke to Marines in the same division KOKon was in……The story he tells just didn’t cut it as truth with either Marine I spoke to…..Both of higher rank and responsibility than KOKon was. The medal….All get it for showing up on the ship or base, Nothing that designates any valor or heroics on KOKon’s part….
    Oh…and his baby mama…Not wife…. is Syrian and Lebanese…Not Palestinian – Maybe many generations back….and she is involved in his thievery……His ‘income’ is flowing through her accounts…..Hard to get at.
    The links he sent….Even if they worked wouldn’t give you any information…….The classification of KOKon’s businesses is the loosest of all in the UK. He found the perfect vehicle for his thievery. I have read that the UK is considering abolishing the particular designation because of rampant abuse……………Could keep going………..He is a total con-job……A sociopath with multiple personality disorders.

    • maryam says:

      The difficulty lies in the fact that when collecting donations, O’Keefe apparently never told anyone he was a non-profit or a charity, so his loophole is that he doesn’t have to account for his expenditures to the same standards of a non-profit. But he nevertheless led people to believe he was spending this money on helping Palestinians. I wish I had the link to the website I found last spring which is a kind of clearing house for hiring people to do various jobs, and paying them. We found Ken O’Keefe had paid someone $778 to design his TJP 3 dimensional graphic logo. Now, this may be small potatoes but it’s an example of how people’s money can be spent as he sees fit, since he’s not a charity. He can buy himself a car, cases of French champagne, whatever, but it’s all good because he’s not a charity, and anybody foolish enough to throw money in his direction shouldn’t expect any accountability from O’Keefe at all. This whole thing is sad because at the time we found this, we were trying to raise a little money to feed some hungry people, and it was slow going. To watch some loudmouth blow $778 on a logo made me sick – we could have fed 50 people for a month with that money.

  6. Mary Lou Chellman says:

    Unfortunately the discussion thread between KOK and the “lawyer” has been deleted or archived in such a way I cannot find it (perhaps via waybackmachine?) I wish I had screen shot it – it was a hoot.
    KOKon….Now has very pricey lawyers working to defend him on the case the police are bringing forward next month….Where did he get the money…..?…….ProBono work..?……From what I have heard…..He took his booze money from the ‘charity’ till….Right in front of the people he was using to collect goods and money from their mosque…..Now, that is some guy !!!!!!

  7. Siraj Davis says:

    This is a ridiculous dialogue.

    I sincerely looked at all of the facts Mary presented against Ken. I tried to find reason behind this animosity against Ken O Keefe. I struggled, looked at the evidence twice , thrice, and more. I could not see what it was she and others were trying to prove other than Ken made a clerical error, an error that most people AND current organizations could have easily made or have made.

    Ken, this is a sandtrap and no one on this board is interested in the truth. It is just a board full of no one’s that want to seek retribution against you for exposing Kimberly Amatullah’s abuse of many Palestinian activists. It has nothing to do with real inquiry. As the adage goes, Misery Loves Company, so we have Kim joined by a Mary Rizzo (hurl). Take my advice brother and do not pay any attention to this group full of Cougars and single young men who can not get laid and need to prey on these older women’s “personal” insecurities and “personal” needs of love.

    There is no proof against you Ken. Forget them. I have looked!! They want you to make a statement where they can cherry pick the information and form a hyperbole with their Yellow Journalistic attempts. I am still walking around the Middle East and asking “who is Mary Rizzo?” I have yet to find a solution for this mystery. I will update you when the Loch Ness Monster can be verified here in the Middle East, better yet, I will send you a video of as many people I can find here in the Middle East who answer the question, “Who is Mary Rizzo?”

    • maryam says:

      No reason to trash A J, who is a good man and was very cordial and polite in his responses to O’Keefe. He has a right to his opinion. Gentlemen, why the compulsive need to come to O’Keefe’s defense? He’s a big boy, stop acting as though O’Keefe is helpless and cannot speak on his own behalf. And above all else, let the past stay in the past; it accomplishes nothing to continue these attacks. Allow O’Keefe some semblance of dignity and let him speak for himself. I personally still dislike him, still don’t agree with the showboating and waste of donated monies on things such as logos and other trash, but that is neither here nor there because it’s not a crime to be an egotistical show-off, merely annoying.

  8. What’s ridiculous is how many people still believe Ken O’Thief’s lies.

    • Siraj Davis says:

      Need the evidence. Otherwise everyone on this board is guilty of analysis unbecoming of a court of law, afoul of what a human rights activist should accord another of its own family, and wanting of the logical astuteness to reach a majority opinion. I feel believing someone in the absence of irrefutable, or even circumstantially strong evidence, is a great way to avoid staining one own’s reputation and principles. I was never the one to succomb to peer pressure in high school regarding throwing stones, so bon voyage 🙂

  9. The evidence is all coming from the folks who no longer trust KOK. KOK himself has produced ZERO evidence to date, and choses to engage in personal attacks instead. A sure sign of a two-bit con.

    • maryam says:

      Therein lies the rub – when asked to show financial documentation indicating how donated money was collected and spent, O’Keefe provided nothing, although the people who gave him money have every right to that information, and also that all humanitarian organizations count on each other’s transparency to protect against accusations of fraud.

  10. First and foremost, in order to properly understand what is taking place here, one has to assess the character and integrity of the man being attacked, Ken O’Keefe, and by extension, the total LACK of character and integrity of those who would either unjustly attack him or sit idly on the fence doing absolutely nothing in the face of such blatant injustice.

    This can best be accomplished by actually hearing Ken O’Keefe speak. This program was my first introduction to the remarkable man known as Ken O’Keefe. Aside from that, there is more specific information, but this is what is of primary importance: the character of the man being unjustly attacked, and the lack of character shown by those who would either unjustly attack him or, in the case of the fence sitters, sit by idly and fail to offer him deserved support.

    This is Ken O’Keefe interviewed on Mark Glenn’s “The Ugly Truth” radio program, whose blog this very foolish and misguided individual lists as a link on the right hand side of his own blog. I wonder what opinion Mark Glenn would have of someone who attacks Ken O’Keefe (whom I know Mark greatly respects) in such a blatant and totally unjustified manner. Is this guy MacDonald simply trying to make a name for himself? If so, he is failing miserably.


  11. Here’s more information that will undoubtedly be of interest to those who are sincere and discerning seekers of the truth concerning the nature and character of the person commenting as “hayet” above, who is almost certainly Kimberly “Amatullah.”


    And here is a screenshot version of the note above, which has been removed once already by Facebook and could be removed again at any time. My Facebook note that mentioned Mary Rizzo was also “reported” and removed as well. Such are the underhanded tactics that these ruthlessly dishonest individuals constantly employ in silencing and suppressing truthful criticism that they are unable to deal with in an honest and forthright manner.

  12. All I know is O’Keefe said this: “They do not ask me for receipts”, meaning: the people who trust him. Unfortunately, this is NO WAY to run a non-profit. Trust or no receipts are ALWAYS required, and anyone who follows a man that says “They do not ask me for receipts” is about to be fleeced. Such a man is not to be trusted with other people’s monies. Too bad, because O’Keefe could have been a real asset – instead of a liability – for the people of Gaza. Enough said.

  13. On June 8, 1967, a date which will live in infamy, a United States ship, the USS Liberty, was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the State of Israel. Thirty-four American sailors died and 174 were wounded. There was no retaliation, no honest investigation, and no assistance from American forces. Israel got away with cold blooded murder.

    Ken O’Keefe was also on a ship attacked by Israelis and miraculously survived through an act of God. He is every bit as much a victim of a deliberate, premeditated attack on an innocent ship by Israelis as the men of the USS Liberty. Nine innocent people were mercilessly slaughtered by the Israelis in that attack, just as the 34 who were murdered on the USS Liberty, a comparable number. Ken O’Keefe no doubt saved lives by disarming at least one of the attackers. Ken O’Keefe is every bit as much a hero as Phil Tourney and the other USS Liberty survivors.

    If you stand against the Israelis on the issue of the deliberate and premeditated Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, how can you stand WITH the Israelis by siding WITH them against Ken O’Keefe? He is presently being attacked by deadly Zionist LIES as surely as that innocent ship was attacked by Israeli bullets. How do I know for certain that they are lies? Because the very same liars have told similar lies about me personally so I know from direct personal experience exactly what sort of people we are dealing with here.

    It is an unconscionable error to side with these liars AND with ISRAEL against Ken O’Keefe, who as I said, is every bit as much a survivor of a deliberate Israeli attack on a ship as USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney and who is also a hero, just as Phil is. I believe that both Mark and Phil, who interviewed Ken on the “Ugly Truth” program, would agree with me on this wholeheartedly.

    Listening to this interview should remove all doubts about the impeccable character of Ken O’Keefe and the fact that he deserves not only our respect, but our unwavering and unequivocal SUPPORT as well.

    [audio src="http://911underground.com/The_Ugly_Truth_2010-06-17_Ken_OKeefe_on_The_Ugly_Truth.MP3" /]

    • maryam says:

      The followers of personality cults always lose their footing and resort to hero worship. I would like to know how you base your opinion of O’Keefe’s “impeccable character” on fact since you yourself have never met him and have made the claim on this very blog that you didn’t know anything about O’Keefe until you heard him speak on a radio show recently. I’d love to sell you some swamp land if you’re interested. Such sycophantic devotion intrigues me.

      • Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.

        A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.

        When the wicked cometh, then cometh also contempt, and with ignominy reproach.

        The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook.

        It is not good to accept the person of the wicked, to overthrow the righteous in judgment.

        A fool’s lips enter into contention, and his mouth calleth for strokes.

        A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.

        The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.

        He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.

        The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

        The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and as an high wall in his own conceit.

        Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.

        He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.

        The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?

        The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

        A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

        He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.

        The lot causeth contentions to cease, and parteth between the mighty.

        A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.

        A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.

        Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

        Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

        The poor useth intreaties; but the rich answereth roughly.

        A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    • Kevin says:

      lets look at who the US president was in 1967, Lindon B Johnson the king of the false flag operation. i remember being a kid hearing the adults talk about how the North Vietnamese torpedoed the USS Maddox. Several years of fighting and 58,000 dead American soldiers later we all found out Johnson was a liar.

      Now this is pure speculation on my part but see if it doesnt make sense. Back then Israel was VERY dependent on the US (at least more so than today) and if a US president said to jump the Israelis would ask how high. I believe Johnson told Israel to sink the Liberty so he could have a war against Egypt and get some needed oil.

      I have read about the attack on the Liberty and just like with Benghazi we had assets in the area that could have come to her aid but were told to stand down.

      So I dont think all the blame for the Liberty rests on Israel.

      • Kevin says:

        I dont really believe the 58,000 number either. I mean, two and a half million Americans served in Vietnam and only 58 thousand got killed? that is less than 1%

        But as for this Okeefe douche? He loves David Duke, kkk all the way. And when you think about it, Fat Cat Arafat robbed the Palestinians for over a billion dollars, Kenny boy is just following tradition LOL

  14. Please don’t compare Phil Tourney – a true hero – with Ken O’Thief. Thanks.

  15. Michael, thanks for so eloquently defending Keith. I have been very impressed with Keith since hearing about his brave confrontation with the Israelis during the Flotilla incident. He risked his life and he is doing much more for the Palestinians and for justice than any person I know. We can stay in our confortable homes, offices, etc and get on the Internet and voice our repulsion for the wrongs done against the Palestinians. But Keith goes further. He is a person on the ground there with the Palestinians, living with them struggling and suffering with them. Actions speaks louder than words. Keiths actions has demonstrated to me that he is a giant of a man and I will always have the greatest respect for him.

  16. For the sake of the Palestinian peoples, I wish Mr. O’Keefe had kept accurate financial records so that he would have been able to refute, with evidence, the accusations of theft others are making against him. This is his fault, and no one else’s. He was in charge. Instead, Mr. O’Keefe has chosen to attack, personally, those who accuse him of being a thief and a con. I appreciate all he has done for Palestine, especially, as you say, leaving the comforts of home to be where the action is. Unfortunately, these charges, which Mr O’Keefe in unable to refute, are now handicapping anything he attempts to do. I have no axe to grind, I am not a zionist, I have simply examined the evidence as objectively as I could and I see few conclusions I can come to other than not to trust Mr O’Keefe with money. I would love for him to be able to put this matter to rest, and I hope that he does, but he hasn’t done so to date. Salam سلام my friend.

  17. “I would love for him [Ken O’Keefe] to be able to put this matter to rest, and I hope that he does, but he hasn’t done so to date.” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    If the matter “hasn’t been put to rest” as you claim, then why do you repeatedly call Ken “Ken O’Thief” (in a derogatory and defamatory manner)? Your feigned, self-serving politeness that you pretentiously put forward to bolster your own public image and your own credibility is totally CONTRIVED, in my opinion, totally self-serving, and totally contradicted by the vicious, false, defamatory terminology you use in referring to Ken O’Keefe (“Ken O’Thief”). So even though you may succeed in fooling others and weaseling your way into their good graces with what Ken rightly calls your “BS,” you’re not fooling me.

    What you’re doing is no different than what Rizzo, “Amatullah,” Myles, and all the rest of these liars and deceivers are doing, when you use the very same defamatory term that they do. You’re just wearing a false mask of politeness while doing it.

    What was it that Jesus said in regard to the Pharisees? He said they were like whitewashed tombs, attractive on the outside but filled with all manner of corruption on the inside. These Ken O’Keefe detractors with whom you are siding and to whom you are lending your friendship and support are very corrupt people. They are the type of people who would make harassing, unwanted phone calls to someone’s elderly MOTHER and LIE about Ken, claiming that he has had affairs with women and even going so far as to insinuate that he has been involved in murder. Ken would NEVER indulge in such sordid activities.

    Ken is a GOOD man, and those of us with true spiritual discernment can CLEARLY see it, in spite of your clearly transparent efforts to make us think otherwise. Jesus also told us that great woe will come to those who call evil good and who call good evil. You should heed those words, lest you side with the evil against the good and place your very own soul in jeopardy.

    There’s no sincere desire on your part to arrive at the truth regarding Ken; otherwise you would have already seen it, because the impeccable character of Ken O’Keefe is clearly evident to anyone who has eyes to see it. Similarly, the total LACK of character of people such as Kimberly “Amatullah” and Catherine Myles (those with whom you are siding) is also clearly and unmistakably evident.

    You may succeed in fooling others, but you are not fooling me.

  18. You are right and you are wrong. I think you make a good point that, since KOK has never been convicted of theft, I should refrain from referring to him as Ken O’Thief. This I will cease to do, and I appreciate your pointing this out to me. There is, however, a sincere effort on my part to seek the truth regarding this matter. As for public image, I think KOK is more concerned with that than I. Also, again, you have failed to address the real issue and are engaging in calumnies against me instead, just as KOK does. One doesn’t require much discernment in cases like these. KOK should have been able to clear himself of this matter via proper, standard, accounting of other people’s monies. Perhaps he is just sloppy, perhaps he is a con using the very people he professes to help, I don’t know. There is, however, no excuse for his name-calling me, as he did, above, numerous times, considering he doesn’t know me or anything about me. This is both rude and not very smart. Anyways, Red Herrings and Ad Hominem Attacks are not arguments, they are distractions from the real issue. Receipts and proper accounting methods could have easily avoided all of this. Perhaps KOK’s sloppy bookkeeping has led to his own discrediting, in the eyes of many? It would be a shame if his ability to help Gaza were ruined because he did not know how to properly account for monies. He should have had that taken care of before he began planning – and raising funds for – his first mission, should he not have?

  19. “I think you make a good point that, since KOK has never been convicted of theft, I should refrain from referring to him as Ken O’Thief. This I will cease to do, and I appreciate your pointing this out to me.” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    Since you have now admitted that you have indeed WRONGLY accused Ken O’Keefe of theft (by calling him a “thief” without having proof to back up your claim), don’t you think that you should remove ALL such “Ken O’Thief” name-calling, “ad hominem” references that still exist on this blog of yours? I count six such baseless “Ken O’Thief” references that you have not yet removed in spite your own admission that you should refrain from referring to him as such.

  20. Again, you are avoiding the issue. I said I will refrain from now on….I’m not going back to remove what I have already written, because what I said is what I said. That would be like taking what I said and tossing it down the memory hole. Better to leave it as is for all world to see my admitted fault and error. “What I have written I have written”. Would that KOK was cleared of all charges, and we could move on. Besides, KOK makes slanderous unsubstantiated charges against his detractors, so your telling me to stop doing something KOK will continue to do is somewhat ridiculous. Don’t you think? If you are truly seeking the truth regarding this, why don’t you help KOK get his shit together? He has till 7/31 on one account I saw, so I hope he is busy getting it together for an accurate accounting, although I doubt that he is, I hope that he is.

  21. A piece of friendly advice, be prepared to lose if you bother to debate me on this or certain other, important issues. Two people today have already lost, miserably. If you do bother, you’d better have done your homework, and you need to have a working knowledge of philosophy, ethics, religion, politics, logic, and epistemology. I’m no “dupe”, as KOK calls me. KOK couldn’t argue his way out of a wet paper bag, and you’re doing rather poorly yourself.

  22. “There is, however, no excuse for his name-calling me, as he did, above, numerous times, considering he doesn’t know me or anything about me. This is both rude and not very smart. Anyways, Red Herrings and Ad Hominem Attacks are not arguments, they are distractions from the real issue.” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    There’s no excuse for what Ken O’Keefe did? So what’s YOUR excuse? What’s YOUR excuse for accusing someone of “name-calling” you “numerous” times, playing as if you are the innocent victim of this atrocious “name-calling” of Ken O’Keefe and then turning right around and doing the very same thing YOURSELF on your own blog by calling him “Ken O’Thief” SIX separate times?

    1) Is THIS not name calling also?

    2) Is this not also an “ad hominem” attack that you YOURSELF are waging against HIM?

    3) Are you not guilty then of the very same thing that you are accusing him of?


    4) Doesn’t this also make you guilty of blatant hypocrisy?

  23. Your hypocrisy is exceeded only by your arrogance.

  24. I read Mary’s paper. I’ve read both sides of the story. I’ve read what people said who lost money to KOK. KOK should refute Mary’s paper and these people’s arguments rather than calling “zionist agents” (Yawn). Again, your calumnies against me are par for the KOK course. He needs to find more capable help than you. What’s next? A threat to sue for libel? LOL

  25. I have shown, irrefutably in fact, that you YOURSELF are guilty of the very same “name calling” and “ad hominem” attacks that you yourself have complained about. I have shown what a HYPOCRITE you are when you complain about such things while being guilty of it yourself, and you yourself have revealed how ARROGANT you are when you brag about what a formidable debater you are and how anyone challenging you had better know a great deal about religion, philosophy, and other such matters.

    Now, you show ME exactly where I’ve called you a “Zionist agent,” as you seem to be falsely alleging. Where exactly have I said that? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  26. KOK calls all of his critics zionist agents, I never said you did. I said KOK is an unproven con and thief, but I never said I thought people should trust him or give money to him or his causes. I would advise people against doing so, because KOK has SO MANY unhappy “customers”, who believe they were cheated. I am not making personal attacks on you or KOK. That would be me saying something like “you are a sockpuppet asshole” rather than directing you to the evidence in Mary’s paper. As though your being a sockpuppet asshole was an argument, which it’s not, because I wouldn’t be addressing the issue, just like you and KOK. If you’re getting paid for all this, someone needs to get their money back. LOL

  27. “A point is that which has no part.” – Euclid

    This is perhaps the most basic and most fundamental truth in all of mathematics, and indeed in all of human knowledge, a truth that is not only basic and fundamental, but self evident as well.

    I’m a firm believer that when one is sincerely seeking the truth about anything, that the best approach is to begin with the fundamentals, and the fundamental question that one must ask in regard to Ken O’Keefe is a very simple one: What is the nature of the CHARACTER of the man? What sort of man is he? Is he a good man? What motivates him to do what he does? What is it that he values in life? What is his life’s purpose, as he sees it? Again, this can best be answered by actually taking the time to LISTEN intently to the words that spring from his heart:

    [audio src="http://911underground.com/The_Ugly_Truth_2010-06-17_Ken_OKeefe_on_The_Ugly_Truth.MP3" /]

    This is what USS Liberty survivor and American hero Phil Tourney had to say in this interview about Ken, who, and let us not forget, was ALSO on a ship attacked by Israelis and whose heroic actions in disarming two Israeli commandos unquestionably saved lives just as Phil’s heroic deeds on the USS Liberty unquestionably saved lives as well. These are Phil’s words, and these are words that I agree with wholeheartedly:

    “If anybody can’t hear it in your heart [Ken], they’re idiots or just don’t give a shit.” – Phil Tourney

    That’s all that needs to be said on this matter.

  28. Yawn. Running out of material already? Character? I think this exactly the issue, is it not? Not once did you address Mary’s lengthy, detailed paper concerning RTH, nor has KOK. You lose buddy. Stop wasting your time, and mine.

  29. “Yawn.” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    Have you listened to the Ken O’Keefe interview that I posted yet, or are you still sleeping?

    [audio src="http://911underground.com/The_Ugly_Truth_2010-06-17_Ken_OKeefe_on_The_Ugly_Truth.MP3" /]

  30. Again, you are not addressing the issue at hand, which is nothing new for you or KOK.

    I will listen to it now.

    I have much respect for Phil Tourney, but even he can be fooled by a good con, if KOK is such, and I’m not saying he is, just that Phil expects people to be honest and true, as do we all, especially when they are working for a good cause and seems like a good person, like KOK.

  31. If what you’re saying is true (that you’re NOT calling Ken O’Keefe a con, as you claim) then WHY, pray tell, am I STILL seeing the slanderous reference, “Ken O’Thief,” displayed MULTIPLE TIMES on your page for all to see?

    Is this not a baseless, unfounded, and potentially libelous accusation since you have admitted yourself that you have no proof of this assertion? Why have you not removed this slanderous, “name-calling,” and “ad hominem” attack?

    And if Rizzo is the “issue” that I’m supposedly “not addressing,” then we’ll talk about Rizzo. How credible do you imagine Rizzo to be? Do you think she’s a truly credible source of information?

  32. Again, no it’s not. There are many, many people who accuse KOK of pilfering tens of thousands of dollars. Produce all the receipts for the Road To Hope Mission, which should be easy to do, and this will lay the matter to rest once we all see that every penny is properly accounted for. As for your “Ken O’Thief” complaints, read what I wrote above. I am not removing them. At the time, I wrote what I wrote. Use it for future reference to further attack my character, since neither you nor KOK will produce receipts. Feel free to sue for slander, libel, or whatever too, if you or KOK feel like it. It is his standard threat. Easier than producing receipts, I suppose, if there are none. I’m not out any money, but Mary and others are. Personally I could care less about this whole thing. KOK started this with me. HE messaged ME. KOK is the one who is worried about this, not me. Unlike KOK I save receipts whenever I raise funds for a nonprofit. This is standard procedure. And yes, I think Mary’s lengthy, detailed, point-by-point accounting of the escapade is FAR more believable than are KOK’s ad hominem attacks. And yours.

  33. What makes your actions most despicable is how you moan and groan and complain to high heaven about Ken’s supposed “name calling” and “ad hominem” attacks (Ken calling you a “dupe” and an “idiot,” for example) while YOU engage in exactly the same activity yourself, and indeed in something MUCH, MUCH WORSE, when you come out and flatly accuse Ken (with no proof whatsoever) of being a “thief.” This is complete and utter HYPOCRISY.

    I wonder which of those LIARS you side with (whom I know quite well) and who post approving comments on your page thought up that derogatory and degrading “Ken O’Thief” nonsense that you’re so fond of using. What a FOOL you make of yourself when you foolishly say that, yet you’re too much of a fool to even realize it.

    Do you think that it makes you look clever to use such a nonsensical term? On the contrary, it makes YOU look nonsensical.

    But you merely APPEARING to be a fool and an idiot by posting such nonsense isn’t the real problem that you should be most worried about. You had better be certain that what you’re saying is true, otherwise you are committing the sin of bearing false witness. THAT is what you should be most concerned with, because if that is indeed what you’re doing, you are placing the well being of your very SOUL in jeopardy.

  34. If you’re looking for someone to blame for ruining KOK’s reputation, look no further than KOK. Whether through sloppiness or theft, he alone is to blame. And, rather than admit his own errors in book keeping or his own fault in theft, he chooses instead to smear those who ask him to come clean. Stop wasting your time and mine. KOK himself has said we should not be debating this on Facebook etc, but should allow the law to take its course, and I agree.

  35. “He alone [Ken O’Keefe] is to blame.” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    That statement alone shows how gravely you misunderstand these issues and how commentary on this matter coming from someone like you is counterproductive, not only as it relates solely to this matter of Ken O’Keefe, but to the cause of truth and justice in general.

    If Ken is to blame for anything (and this he freely admits), he is to blame for PLACING HIS TRUST IN THE WRONG PEOPLE. That is what he is to blame for, which incidentally, is exactly what YOU are to blame for also when you place your trust in people such as those who have been commenting on your page and with whom you are apparently siding. Do you have any idea who this character known as “Catherine Myles” truly is?

    I can tell you something about her from my own personal experience as a defender and supporter of Ken. She is the type of person who would publicly post (in a Facebook comment) my elderly MOTHER’S first name as a cheap and disgusting form of harassment and intimidation.

    That’s exactly what she did to me personally. Now, what kind of person stoops to such a despicably lowdown level as that? Not only that, other members of this same group of anti-Ken people with which Myles is undoubtedly affiliated actually placed an unwanted PHONE CALL to my elderly mother as well. What does that tell you about the character of these people?

    You need to seriously rethink the position you’re taking here, because I can tell you from my own personal experience that these enemies of Ken O’Keefe are some of the most blatantly EVIL, utterly ruthless, and utterly UNGODLY people I have ever encountered.

    And I sincerely believe, based on my own experiences with dealing with Ken personally and based on all that I know about him, that he is exactly the opposite of his evil detractors.

    You should watch this video from start to finish and pay very close attention to all that is said here. If you are indeed sincere in seeking the truth, and if it’s God that you serve, and not some political agenda, then there’s a very good chance that you will change your mind after watching this video.

  36. “The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.” — George Orwell

  37. What’s Ken O’Keefe’s problem (the question you ask in the title of your post)? The answer is short and simple. It is a twofold answer that I hope doesn’t require too much “ink” for you.

    Ken’s problem is:

    1) Evil liars such as CATHERINE MYLES who, for their own self-serving and nefarious reasons, have spoken malicious lies about him


    2) Bungling, idiotic DUPES such as yourself who believe such lies.

    That’s his problem. Plain and simple. YOU are his problem. IDIOTS like you.

    And you can get this through that thick, impervious skullcap of yours also: It is not “name calling” that is the problem. Even Jesus himself and John the Baptist freely indulged in the practice of “name calling,” also known as SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

    The problem is not “name calling” when “name calling” is speaking the TRUTH about someone. The problem is LYING, also known as the SIN of bearing false witness against someone.

    And THAT’S what you had best be most worried about.

  38. Like when YOU and KOK are angry with me and call me a ‘dupe’ and an ‘idiot’? Even though Jesus said: “But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire.” (Matthew 5:22).

    • Mary Rizzo says:

      http://alohapalestine.com/news/category/donations/ facts and documents are marvellous things! Here we see on Ken’s Aloha Palestine the proud announcement of £17,500 (that is $27,525 for the Americans) to go towards the Ferry Service between Gaza and Cyprus. The money was given, by his own admission. Anyone see any Ferry Service? What happened to that one single donation? Were they the ONLY donors? Where did all of this money disappear to? Was it reimbursed? How was it spent?

      • I invite everyone who is a sincere seeker of the truth to take a close look at Mary Rizzo’s Facebook page and all the lies and disinformation that she is promoting there in regard to Syria. And then take a close look at my page, where the countervailing truth is presented and see which side makes the most sense to you. And then, when this determination has been made, ask yourselves the following question: If Mary Rizzo is indeed promoting lies and disinformation on the vital issue of what’s happening in Syria, how can she be regarded as a credible source of information about anything else, and most especially about Ken O’Keefe?



      • Michael, your comments are being trapped by the Jewish created, owned, and operated WordPress Akismet spam filter, because you are posting too much and the filter thinks your posts are spam, which is why I now have to approve your comments, but no one else’s. The main page of my blog lists my top five most popular articles, and every time you comment a lot here you end up bumping this article into the top position, which everyone sees, follows the link, and reads this article. A word of advise for you: the sooner the sockpuppet stops, the further to the bottom this article will drop. I suggest you drop this, before you end up exposing KOK’s entire fraud for all to see. You are only further proving his guilt by posting your endless BS ad hominem attacks. Who did you learn this from? KOK? LOL BTW, I read Mary’s article weeks ago and she says nothing of a sort, just the opposite. Again, you are lying.

      • Mary Rizzo says:

        Since Michael Langston seems to be the depository of “truth”, I am sure he will have the first hand answer to the question that inquiring minds want to know: what happened to the £17,500 donated by a sole donor (imagining that the fundraising couldn’t have been such a flop that only one donation was collected, so other money surely had arrived) to Aloha Palestine for the “Ferry Line to Gaza” from Cyprus. It was advertised on Ken’s own site, so apparently, the money had gone to him, though we never saw this Ferry or anything else about it. Did he return the money to the donor? Did collections stop?

  39. Quoting scripture out of context to divert attention and blame away from yourself, away from your own sins and transgressions, and onto individuals such as Ken and myself who are relatively innocent in comparison will score no brownie points for you, certainly not with the Creator of the universe. You might impress certain other FOOLS with the out-of-context scripture you quoted, but certainly no one with any real spiritual discernment or any real intelligence will be swayed or fooled by such amateurish nonsense.

    From the very outset of the email exchange you had with Ken, he did everything possible to make peace with you and convince you of his innocence, but you would have absolutely none of that. It was YOU who persisted in your closed-minded, accusatory frame of mind, and nothing that Ken said to you in any way changed that.

    It was YOU who persisted in your stubborn belief that Ken is some sort of “thief” and “liar,” and YOU insultingly and arrogantly told him so. This would have tried anyone’s patience. Ken showed a remarkable degree of self control in the face of your outrageous STUPIDITY combined with monumental ARROGANCE (an absolutely atrocious and utterly obnoxious and contemptible combination of traits that I find absolutely insufferable). Ken was far more patient with you than I would have been.

    What was it that Jesus said? Blessed are the peacemakers, or words to that effect? To repeat, Ken tried his best to make peace with you, but YOU would have no part of it.

    In regard to the verse of scripture you quoted, you left out a very key phrase contained in the King James Version that is critical to ascertaining the proper meaning and correctly interpreting that particular scripture, the very crucial phrase “without a cause,” which provides the key to the true meaning of that scripture.

    “But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother WITHOUT A CAUSE [emphasis added] shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.” – Jesus Christ

    Jesus is saying here that those who are angry “without a cause” or without just cause are in danger of the judgement. Both Ken O’Keefe and I have plenty of just cause to be rightly “angry” with you and to “tell it like it is” in regard to what you truly are, to speak the TRUTH about you, and, in the vernacular, “to call a spade a spade.” There is nothing whatsoever wrong with doing that. You have exhibited IDIOCY here (there is no question whatsoever about that) and you have revealed yourself to be a bungling DUPE for believing the lies of such blatant liars as Catherine Myles. I pity anyone such as you who is foolish enough to be a friend of hers. You are pathetic beyond belief!

    There IS such a thing as righteous indignation. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with that. Jesus demonstrated this when he himself threw the money changers out of the temple, and there are numerous instances in the New Testament scriptures wherein Jesus HIMSELF called his adversaries “fools.”

  40. Generally speaking I don’t leave my friends out there alone when they are being assailed and this time will be no exception.

    AJ, I like you and respect you, but you are off the reservation on this one. Ken O’Keefe is not what he is alleged by his detractors, just as I am not, just as Mark Dankof is not, just as YOU are not.

    The problems between Ken and some of these people began LONG before the specific incident they are using as ‘proof’ of his chicanery, and I know this PERSONALLY because I had been drawn into it when I contacted some of these folks to get in touch with Ken to have him come on my program for the 1st time. They hated him THEN, long before there were any allegations of monkey business, and it was obvious to me at that time that their hatred was being driven by PURE ENVY and resentment that Ken had grabbed the spotlight and they had been shuffled into 2nd place.

    I have met Ken O’Keefe face to face, had the honor of spending the day with him when he came out to see me. I have had the honor of spending hours speaking with him over skype and having him in my program.

    You on the other hand have NOT had this kind of exposure AJ and are basing your position on the testimony of those who have a vested,personal interest in ruining this man’s reputation, just as the Jews do in bringing down their enemies.

    In short, you are on the wrong side of history here AJ and doing damage to the reputation of a good man who is on our side. Please re-think what you’re doing.


  41. Thanks for your input Mark. As I’ve mentioned before, I was unaware of any of this, because I had been busy working a regular job, and it wasn’t until this past year, which I have devoted to writing and activism, that I heard about Ken and this controversy. When I did, I read everything I could find on the issue from BOTH sides. Ken’s side of the story, to me, rings false, regardless of how likable he may be. Con men are always likable – and I’m not saying KOK is a con here – just that con men are always likable….that’s HOW they succeed at getting people to voluntarily hand over their money to them. I didn’t search out Ken, he searched out me. Why? is the question. Why would he be looking though names on the site he mentioned and then message the people, like me, who had stated they didn’t trust him? I wouldn’t bother doing such a thing, would you? Why? Had Ken never messaged me, I never would have posted this. As it was, considering his piss poor attitude toward me – someone he doesn’t even know – I thought people would find our brief conversation enlightening. I did. If people are not prejudiced, meaning: if they haven’t already made up their minds about Ken, I think they can easily see who is seeking the truth – and receipts – and who is not – and refusing to produce receipts. As I said above, proper accounting of other people’s monies is standard procedure for nonprofits. I have worked with many nonprofits and churches (have you?) and there is no excuse for Ken’s having been, at best, so sloppy in his book keeping. Sloppy book keeping alone can ruin a charity, church, or aid mission and Ken knows this. But, instead of keeping a proper accounting of funds, he choses instead to bully those (like Mary) who ask for a proper accounting (of a missing $27,525), rather than make a proper accounting. Ken told me (above) “People who trust me don’t ask for receipts”. WARNING: If you ever hear the leader of a charity mission say: “People who trust me don’t ask me for receipts”, hold on tight to your wallet and quickly walk away from them. This is commonsense Mark, regardless of what a great guy Ken may be and regardless of how much he has done for the Palestinian peoples. The entire fiasco is KOK’s fault one way or another, not his critics, in my opinion. And he has no one to blame for this but himself.

  42. Ken O’Keefe was once mercilessly battered by the Israelis. He has also been mercilessly battered by an organized campaign of slander, disinformation, and unmitigated thievery. Who will stand by and allow this to happen?

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

    And if you openly stand WITH the oppressors and liars, what does that make you? That is where the “shame” in this situation truly lies.

    No, the shame is most decidedly not on me for choosing not to be neutral on this issue and for taking a stand for Ken O’Keefe. Taking a stand against the blatantly obvious lies and injustice that this good, decent, and honorable man has been unfairly subjected to by the likes of Catherine Myles is being “a sockpuppet for KOK” only in the mind of a very confused and deluded individual, who is, as Mark Glenn so aptly stated, “off the reservation” on this issue.

    We should recall (and how many times do I have to repeat this?) that Catherine Myles is the sort of person who would publicly post someone’s elderly mother’s first name in a Facebook comment as a dirty, lowdown means of harassment and intimidation. Other members of this same, sordid group have also been involved in a scheme to place an unwelcome telephone call to my elderly mother as well and have gloated and boasted about it afterwards.

    What does this say about the character of these people, and what can be said about someone who would publicly take their side, against both Ken and me?

    These are two photos posted last November. Note how the individual listed as “A J MacDonald Jr” happens to appear in one of the photos as one of the people “liking” the note of Catherine Myles wherein she announced the fraudulent “arrest” of Ken O’Keefe. Note how he offers support to this person. And note also in the previous photo exactly WHAT it is that he is either wittingly or unwittingly supporting.

    Either way, the “shame” is on him.

  43. Two (2) Important Points:

    1) I never would have written and posted this article had KOK not contacted me and spoken to me (someone he neither knew nor knew anything about) so rudely. I never would have done this to KOK, and I did not do this. KOK did this to me (character? intelligence?) Once he had done that, I felt quite free to post his rude comments as well my suspicions regarding him, since his demeanor only confirmed my suspicions of him. The fact that this article exists at all is due to KOK’s actions, rudeness, and stupidity. The fact is he should have looked before he leaped. It’s never smart to offend a writer, and I was not about to take his BS without commenting upon it.

    2) Examine KOK’s very first message to me. He contradicts himself – and lies – right from the very beginning of our conversation:

    “Aloha brother,

    It seems you like a page dedicated to hating me. I do not care if that is the way you feel, I really have stopped concerning myself with the judgements of others, good or bad, long ago. But it seems right to un-friend if you feel this way about me. Just want to make sure this is the way you feel before I do indeed un-friend.”

    Let’s examine this:

    KOK – “It seems you like a page dedicated to hating me.”

    Me: Why tell me about it Ken? Why would you write, or care, since you know this is the way I feel about you?

    KOK – “I do not care if that is the way you feel, I really have stopped concerning myself with the judgements of others, good or bad, long ago.”

    Me: Really Ken, then WHY are you writing me? And WHY are you defending yourself to me? Someone you already know doesn’t trust you? You betray yourself Ken: You DO care what other people think. Your very first statement (“I don’t care…”) appears to have been a lie.

    KOK – “But it seems right to un-friend if you feel this way about me.”

    Me: Why didn’t you simply un-friend me to begin with Ken? Seems wiser and easier to do so than it does to engage in a confrontation with someone you ALREADY KNEW did not trust you. Especially if I am, as you say, working with “the other side”. Why would you not simply un-friend me and leave it at that? That’s what I would have done. Why are you bothering to write me at all? Because you HOPE to win another convert over to your side in this controversy? (YES) But then, once you realize I can’t be taken-in by your “charisma”, “charm”, and “bravery”, you cut me loose; but only after ridiculing me for being a “dupe” and an “idiot”. Really Ken? I think you mean you were HOPING I was a dupe and an idiot, so that you could gain yet another victim/supporter, since you are losing them by the droves. It was only after you realized I was NOT a dupe that you ended the conversation. You were hoping I could be swayed, because you DO care what people think.


    Cults are threatened by open debate.

    Cult leaders use character assassination and personal attacks to rebuff those who seek open debate, in order to shut them down.

    Cults do not use proper financial accounting methods. Rather than multiple peoples watching over the finances and expenses, being accountable for them, and having the books made open and available to all members at any time, the cult leader will say something like: “The people whom we can trust in this group, the people who are serious about our group’s mission, will also trust me implicitly. They will never ask me to prove to them that our group’s finances are in order, because they know they are. Only the people who are not serious about the group and its mission, who are unworthy of being in our group, ask such things, because they lack faith in me, whereas the people whom we can trust in this group do not; their trust in me is implicit, as it should be”

    Cults will tell you to not read anything that is critical of the group, and to beware of those people who are critical of the group and write such criticisms. Legitimate groups welcome criticism and will never forbid such criticism made by the group’s members.


Character Assassination is used to help create the guilt in you. Character Assassination is a type of false reasoning used by people and groups who have no real arguments. The technical name for Character Assassination is “The Ad hominem Fallacy”. This is how it works. First, a normal, healthy conversation between equal; second an unhealthy character assassination of the follower by the cult leader:

    Imagine if you will a conversation between two men, Ford and Arthur… 

”One plus one equals three”, says Ford.

    “No I don’t think so. You see when I have one thing, and I have another thing, then I have two things not three”, replies Arthur.

    “I see your point, but what you must realize is that one plus one when calculated in relation to this complex number domain, which I just invented, and then squared by the sum of the ninth tangent in the sequence of the Fibonacci series results in three!”, stated Ford triumphantly. 

Ok, Ford is wrong, but that is not the point. The point is that Ford tried to answer Arthur’s reasoning with more reasoning of his own. This is the healthy way people and groups debate subjects. Now lets see what would have happened if Ford had used Character Assassination… 

(Think: KOK here, because it sounds JUST like him (see his above comments)

    “Arthur I have been a mathematician longer than you. How dare you disagree with me! You are obviously a very smug and prideful person. I think you are disagreeing with me because you are jealous of me, and to be honest with you Arthur your rebellion has really hurt me and a lot of other people too”, stated Ford his face intimidatingly close to Arthur’s. 

    You see Ford didn’t answer Arthur’s argument, instead he attacked his character. If you are not aware of how Character Assassination works then it is a powerful way to exert control over you. (Think: KOK)

    See: http://www.howcultswork.com/


    Wikipedia: “A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite classification of authority; the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as “charismatic authority”. A cult of personality is similar to hero worship, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda.”

    “Enter the danger of the cult of personality. After the Mortenson allegations, many commentators pointed out that any time one person’s story becomes famous, there’s a danger of these “personalities” starting to believe their own hype and to think the rules of society don’t apply to them.

    We have seen it over and over again with entertainment celebrities, businesspeople, politicians and world leaders. Sad to say, we also have cults of personality in our church — on both sides of the ideological spectrum. In fact, you can quickly identify which way a Catholic leans by who their heroes or heroines are: Mother Angelica, or Joan Chittister? Fr. John Corapi, or Fr. Roy Bourgeois? Padre Pio, or Oscar Romero?

    Of course, in today’s world, everyone has something of a public platform: the Internet. Blogging, tweeting and “personal branding” are almost requirements for any quasi-public figure, if not all job seekers. With these public personas, any person can theoretically fall prey to the pitfalls of the cult of personality.

    But those of us whose fame still starts with a lower-case letter are usually guiltier of propagating personality cults as fans of those with capital-F Fame. As I write this, half the world is obsessed with a recent royal wedding; the other half is obsessed with the canonization of a late pope. I’m not saying Kate and William or John Paul II aren’t deserving of massive interest. In fact, the church uses the language of “public cult” in reference to saints.

    As humans, we love stories. That’s why Jesus told parables, and why his own story has fascinated for centuries. Let’s just be sure to put our worship where it belongs — on God.” See: http://ncronline.org/news/people/dangers-hero-worship

    See: Jonathan Azaziah: “Kenneth O’Keefe: In Defense of a Hero” (Or, as I would prefer: “In Defense of a Hero Jonathan Azaziah Worships: Kenneth O’Keefe” http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2011/01/kenneth-okeefe-under-assault-in-defense.html

    To Jonathan, KOK is, of course, the very MODEL of humility:

    “Mr. O’Keefe has gone on record, as a matter of humbleness, to state that he isn’t a hero and he would appreciate it if people would stop referring to him as such.”

    Geeze, what a guy that Ken O’Keefe! (be still my heart!)

    It’s too bad he is not as interested in open debate – and open books – as he is engaging in such self-effacing humility (in the presence of his followers who agree with him anyway; just the opposite in cases where people happen to disagree with him (see KOK bragging about his exploits and reputation above, and then putting me down saying, basically, I am a nobody compared to him! LOL).

    Unfortunately, KOK is hardly a threat to Israel, as he imagines himself to be. He is in more danger from his past supporters and donors than he is from Israeli Mossad. Perhaps he was, or could have been, but not any more. Any more aid missions lined up Ken? or no? Trouble finding financial support? I shouldn’t wonder.

  44. I pity you, MacDonald. It would be a fate worse than death to be as BLIND as you. You have MADE yourself blind by your unwillingness to see.

    So you consider RIZZO a reliable source of information that you can trust about Ken O’Keefe? But how can Rizzo be trusted about ANYTHING? How much do you know about Rizzo, or do you even care to know? Is that monumental EGO and PRIDE of yours too bloated and inflated to ever admit that you might possibly be wrong about something or about someone?

    Have you seen Rizzo’s latest article in which she stealthily advocates military intervention in Syria? I find that appallingly disgusting, but how do YOU feel about it? Do you agree with her? Do you agree that military intervention in Syria is the appropriate course of action? How do you feel about the so-called “revolution” in Syria that she supports tooth and nail? Do you think she’s a reliable source of information in regard to Syria? And if not, why do you imagine that she can be trusted to provide good, solid information about Ken?

    You have much to learn. There is much that you SHOULD learn, but given your closed-minded attitude, your stubborn and egotistical refusal to admit when you’re wrong, and the fact that you are indeed “off the reservation” on this issue, as Mark Glenn so aptly and politely puts it, I seriously doubt if you’ll ever learn anything in regard to who can and who can’t be trusted. I’ll give you a hint. Rizzo DEFINITELY CANNOT be trusted about Syria, about Ken, or about anything.

    Let’s see if you’ll post this and my other comment that you thus far have failed to post. You moan and groan about the so-called “ad hominem” names that Ken has so unfairly called you, yet you turn around and do the very same thing yourself to me and then deny me the opportunity to post a response. SHAME on YOU for behaving like that!

  45. Please post the comment that I submitted to you yesterday.

  46. “Michael, you’re nothing but a sockpuppet for KOK. Shame on you!” – A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

    Ken O’Keefe was once mercilessly battered by the Israelis. He has also been mercilessly battered by an organized campaign of slander, disinformation, and unmitigated thievery. Who will stand by and allow this to happen?

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

    And if you openly stand WITH the oppressors and liars, what does that make you? That is where the “shame” in this situation truly lies.

    No, the shame is most decidedly not on me for choosing not to be neutral on this issue and for taking a stand for Ken O’Keefe. Taking a stand against the blatantly obvious lies and injustice that this good, decent, and honorable man has been unfairly subjected to by the likes of Catherine Myles is being “a sockpuppet for KOK” only in the mind of a very confused and deluded individual, who is, as Mark Glenn so aptly stated, “off the reservation” on this issue.

    We should recall (and how many times do I have to repeat this?) that Catherine Myles is the sort of person who would publicly post someone’s elderly mother’s first name in a Facebook comment as a dirty, lowdown means of harassment and intimidation. Other members of this same, sordid group have also been involved in a scheme to place an unwelcome telephone call to my elderly mother as well and have gloated and boasted about it afterwards.

    What does this say about the character of these people, and what can be said about someone who would publicly take their side, against both Ken and me?

    These are two photos posted last November. Note how the individual listed as “A J MacDonald Jr” happens to appear in one of the photos as one of the people “liking” the note of Catherine Myles wherein she announced the fraudulent “arrest” of Ken O’Keefe. Note how he offers support to this person. And note also in the previous photo exactly WHAT it is that he is either wittingly or unwittingly supporting.

    Either way, the “shame” is on him.

      • Leilani says:

        Hi, apparently I have no life, because I just spent the last 45 min reading a lot of the above. I haven’t seen ken in years, but I do know him. He is an idealist, so much so to almost a fault. He had risen above, (all his talk of not caring what people think) but does remain an emotionally driven person. He is very passionate, and rational, but has, not a short fuse, but it’s not that long either. The truth is ( I believe) he was messaging you, as a sign of respect for you. I think he saw some sort of promise in you, and your contributions (not monetary) to the cause. I think he hoped you could still be reached, then he made the mistake of being offended by your words, and he reacted. When you read between the lines of his comments, he was trying to give you the benifit of the doubt, then reduced himself to name calling. I also watched have your comments regress, it has become a game. Truth no longer the goal. From the outside, It looks like you have been fooled by a very smart person, and then like big babies, all of you are standing stubbornly on your piles of unmovable opinion. You sounded smart, and respectable through the beginning comments. Then trailed off into arrogance. Please come back to your beautiful side that seeks truth, peace, and justice. Be humble, and keep up the compassionate side you keep showing.

      • Leilani says:

        I can’t pretend to know his finances, I’m not his accountant, I do however know for certain he is not a cult leader, cult type at all. Also the reason I think he saw promise in you is because I see it too, the last bits of your rant have digressed, understandably so, you’ve been beAting a dead horse. I know you just want to see his records, and that seems to make sense, but know that things are often complicated, he’s never been to great at money, because he never knew how to care enough about it. He never has been able to put money first in life. I believe that if you knew all the sacrifices. And times of being broke, having nothing, and continuing on, you would understand how he could get so offended by what you were accusing him of.

  47. Siraj Davis says:

    I noticed the cult traits AJ listed accurately depicts the US government and affiliated agencies. Has anyone else noticed that?

    Where oh where did the belief in the burden of the proof is on the prosecution go? Wait!! We are not in a court room, are we?

    Oh yeah! The legal authorities already determined there was no evidence to prosecute Ken. Why are we having this internet court room now?

    Why is it these people who hate Ken always run behind this wall of concocted theorems and ideologies that dehumanize their targets as the sole purpose of the word “terrorism?” it is just as tragic a thinking of Mary’s to call someone an extremist or a “cult” member as it is being an ideologue. There is an inflexibility toward individual situations which warrant consideration of the human anomalies that can not be denied, thus people are always left to suffer such ignorance and stupidity.

    Whenever I see “extremist” and “cult” definitions thrown around so loosely as if a panacea for the explanation of someone’s motives, I think of the Cold War and “Communism”.

    However, I see no light at the end of the tunnel for the antagonists of Ken. Just history recording these words.

    George Santayana

  48. sirajdavis says:

    AJ MacDonald, I suspect you of being an FBI informant, directly or indirectly. You and your intimate colleagues. I am giving you official notice, if you address me in private or public again, that this communication is unwanted and you have been warned officially several times. Thus I will construe your behavior along with many others (over 3,000 on my Facebook page) as harassment of a criminal behavior. You are sadly misinformed of many nuisances that you claim as fact. Your writing is basil in comparison to other hasbara’s as Rizzo and you have the insanity of a Kim Amatullah. Your aspiration is no doubt , to conflagrate already existing disagreements between I and the other aforementioned. Whether it will work or not, I don’t care.

  49. sirajdavis says:

    P.S. You and the government COINTELPRO will be recorded in the annals of shame for everything you have done which are criminal violations of humanity’s principles. You do not break the laws of governments. On the contrary, you break the laws of humanity and consequently God.

    We all know your impending punishment, we are just trying to tolerate your existence without having to defend ourselves against your baseless attacks and persistent attempts to disrupt the Palestine struggle. I don’t blame you for making our efforts difficult as one would not expect someone with a ball and chain on their ankle to smile, but at least try to behave in a manner that makes others view your character as exceeding the expected decorum of a donkey!

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  52. editor says:

    http://gazacantw8.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/hello-world/ you should check this out. the Kenophile world, with the weirdness and hypocrisy of “Maryam” and Siraj. (how come people don’t use their real names anymore?

  53. Good question. I have no problem using my name.

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