Lent: A time of reflection, alms giving, and helping others in need

Dear Friend,

“What are you doing for Lent?” is a common question at this time of year in my faith tradition. Similar questions are part of every religious tradition. They signify a special bond among people who want to reach out to those in need.

Sadly, most of us do not need to look very far to see people who are in great need. Today in Washington, more than 1,600 children and nearly 5,000 adults are living on the streets, in shelters, in cars, and in abandoned buildings.

In every faith there is a time to reflect on our lives, to give alms, and to help others in need. I hope that you will consider making a special gift at this time.

Thanks to your support, SOME provides nearly 1,000 meals each day, seven days a week, medical care, mental health services, job training, and addiction treatment. We also provide dignified, safe affordable housing to 400 formerly homeless or extremely poor single adults, and 100 families, including 300 children. Without you, the number of families and single adults on our streets would be much greater.

We know that with your support we can help many more men, women, and children rebuild their lives so they can live independently with hope and dignity. Sandra’s story below is what makes my work worthwhile and meaningful.

Five years ago, Sandra was homeless and an addict. She lost her job, her housing, and her children to foster care. After breakfast in our Dining Room one morning, she finally accepted our invitation for help and walked across the street to our clinics where she received medical care, and met with one of our professional counselors. That walk changed Sandra’s life and marked the beginning of her recovery.

Sandra went on to graduate from SOME’s 90-day residential drug treatment program, and our six-month job training program. The counseling and support that she received from SOME’s staff helped her to develop the self-esteem necessary to overcome her addiction. She now has a secure job and housing and she volunteers at SOME, “to give back and to show others who knew me on the streets that there is a way out and that way is SOME.” The happiest day was when she got her children back and she wants others to experience that kind of joy.

Please make a gift to SOME that will help individuals like Sandra to replace homelessness with hope, health and independence. Your gift to SOME is always appreciated and is particularly valuable now. All contributions made to SOME by April 30, will qualify for matching funds from the Alan Feinstein Foundation. Thank you for your continued support of our most vulnerable neighbors.






Fr. John Adams
SOME President

SOME (So Others Might Eat)

71 ‘O’ Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001
phone: 202.797.8806 | fax: 202.265.3849 | web@some.org

© 2009 SOME | www.some.org
UW# 8189 | CFC# 74405

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