The World Perceived – Help the DC Catholic Workers help the poor

The World Perceived

I’ve published a trade paperback book of theology/philosophy: The World Perceived: A Theological and Phenomenological Approach to Thinking, Perceiving, and Living In-The-World (2009), which is available from, where it’s also available on Kindle, as well as from various other retail booksellers such as Barnes and Noble here, Google Books here, and from Indiebound here.

All my profits (100%) from the sales of both the trade paperback and ebook (Kindle/Google) versions of: The World Perceived go to the Catholic Worker House in Washington, DC in order to help the poor and to bring hope to disenfranchised American citizens living in the federal city (see: Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House, Washington, DC).

My book The World Perceived  is also available as a FREE ebook on Scribd and Internet Archive, in all formats for all devices, as are my latest sociopolitical ebooks: Broken Government: A Call To Action (2010); Wake Up From Your Nightmare…and Other Sociopolitical Essays (2011); and Bending Toward Justice: The Universal Moral Order and Americaʼs Only Hope (2012). See too (below) a brief (10 min.) video wherein I explain my book: The World Perceived:

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