Trucker facing rare charge in fatal freeway crash

Driver - Andre J Dixon

Accident Prevention: Reflective Triangles

Trucker facing rare charge in fatal freeway crash

Andre J. Dixon, 30, faces one count of criminally negligent homicide after he allegedly parked his tractor-trailer in the fast lane of a Northeast Side freeway and failed to place reflective cones around [triangles behind] it, reportedly causing a crash that killed a motorist, Monday afternoon. Photo: Courtesty Photo / SA; source: here. See: USDOT Regulations: Part 392< 392.20-392.21 392.24 > Subpart C – Stopped commercial motor vehicles § 392.22 Emergency signals; stopped commercial motor vehicles

“Experience the Difference”

Being covered over with a red blanket because someone didn’t do their job…

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One Response to Trucker facing rare charge in fatal freeway crash

  1. Clem J says:

    My brotherwas killed in a Werner truck accident. His partner by the name of Mr. Ross was a drug attic that was was negligently hired by Werner Enterprises. Obviously Werner Enterprises is not properly screening these drivers or conducting thorough background checks. My brother was partnering with Mr. Ross and both were employees Werner Enterprises. Mr. Ross the driver survived the rollover my brother was asleep in the sleeper cabin and was pronounced dead at the scene. We as citizens of the United States have to start holding our senators and lawmakers accountable for allowing these corporations to make their own rules and regulations as well as laws. Please help me start a proactive solution and protest against Werner Enterprises hiring practices. They negligently hire truckers with only profits in mind.

    RIP Tarus Johnson

    We love you bro!

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