Have you figured out what is going on in the Middle East yet?

Have you figured out what is going on in the Middle East yet?

We will admit, it is not easy to do so, but, here is the plan: the U.S. and Israeli governments are now using various pro-democracy NGOs and Otpor tactics, and, when necessary, NATO, and al Qaeda to take down the governments of Middle Eastern nations wherein the peoples are unfriendly to Israel and replace them with radical Islamist governments and sharia law, the mainstream media having already propagandized many Americans into believing this the worst thing imaginable, having convinced many that radical Muslims were responsible for the horrors of 9/11, and for all terrorist plots and attacks on Americans before and since that time, when, in reality, it was the US and Israeli governments who were behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing; the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; the 1998 Embassy bombings, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole; the horrors of 9/11; as well as being responsible for the multiple terror attacks that are now (and have been) occurring in Pakistan and Iran.

Now that they have been destabilized according to Washington and Tel Aviv’s “democratization” template for the new Middle East, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya are now likely to adopt the Islamists and institute sharia law, so we can be certain this plan is on track. Israel, you see, always needs an enemy. Washington also needs this enemy in order to continue controlling the American population via the manufactured and irrational threat and fear of radical Islamic terrorism.

The trick now will be to expose and derail this plan, which is what good, patriotic, thinking Americans are now organizing to accomplish this spring; without the help of those propagandized Americans who, unfortunately, will do and believe whatever they are told by the mainstream media and the U.S. government, which always boils down to one thing: support Israel.

By the way, the whole Occupy Wall Street show has been, and will be again this spring, brought to you by the US and Israeli governments, along with their pro-democracy and non-violence NGOs, using modified Otpor tactics, in order to create social and political destabilization in America increasing the power of the military-security complex. This must be resisted at all costs, and the military-security complex completely dismantled, before the American people will be free.

Please join us in this resistance.

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3 Responses to Have you figured out what is going on in the Middle East yet?

  1. Michael LeFavour says:

    Do you have anything more substantial than a couple of ignorant video clips that prove that Americans or Israelis want Islamists to take power from dictators? I mean, I would not argue with you that the Manchurian piece of filth sitting in the White House who bows to Islamic tyrants and yucks it up with communist dictators has something to do with it, but have you been invoted to a private meeting between heads of State that you are not sharing? Or is this the worst analysis of current events I have ever read?

  2. Michael LeFavour says:

    Moderating comments? That is cowardly. So much for your challenge to debate anywhere on a public forum any time.

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