Active duty and veterans marching for Ron Paul?

Ron Paul

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but isn’t it improper – and a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice – for active duty military servicemembers to publicly endorse a particular political candidate? So why is Adam Kokesh calling for them to do so? Because he once got into trouble for doing something very similar himself? Is publicly endorsing Ron Paul for president in 2012 really worth a veteran taking the risk of losing some or all of their veteran’s benefits? Military discharges that are other than honorable often means: you’ve lost all of your veteran’s benefits. (See my own discharge here.)

VIDEO – Veteran Censored By CNN For Supporting Ron Paul Faces Punishment From US Military

VIDEO – Ron Paul is The Choice of The Troops with Activist Adam Kokesh 1/2

Wikipedia – Adam Kokesh:

Adam Kokesh

“After his discharge, and during a March 19, 2007 protest he attended, Kokesh was in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR);[7] a superior officer identified him in a photo caption in the Washington Post.[9] On “March 29, a Marine major sent him an e-mail to tell him he was being investigated for misconduct by appearing at a political event in uniform. Kokesh responded, telling the major what he thought” and used an expletive in his reply, resulting in an additional misconduct charge.[7] The charges were “brought under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which applies only to service members,” confusing some veterans and lawyers.[7]


In May 2007, a hearing was convened to consider changing Kokesh’s military discharge from “honorable” to “other than honorable” on two points: “Disrespect toward a Superior Commissioned Officer,” and violating “Wearing of the uniform” regulation.[10][11] The panel recommended Kokesh be given a “general discharge under honorable conditions,”[12] a discharge status below “honorable,” and above “other than honorable”.[13] Kokesh appealed the decision, and was denied.[14]”


“Military rules prohibit participation in ‘partisan political’ events as a speaker or organizer and mandate that servicemembers avoid media interviews in which they advocate ‘for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause.’ Troops are allowed to attend political events as spectators, but not while in uniform.”

Source: Stars and Stripes: Soldier on stage with Ron Paul could face punishment for politicking

Ryan Dawson

Last I heard, from Ryan Dawson, Adam Kokesh isn’t really a part of the 9/11 Truth Movement. (According to Ryan, the fact that there is, today, more information regarding the truth about 9/11 than ever before makes it now (somehow) harder for people (like Kokesh) to discover the truth regarding 9/11 than it was 10 years ago (?!) And this guy (Kokesh) is awake”? But then I suppose even Ron Paul himself isn’t really a part of the 9/11 Truth Movement, so why should Kokesh be? Because Kokesh is affiliating himself with Alex Jones and Ryan Dawson and THEY are BIG into the 9/11 Truth Movement?! Could it be that, like Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh is actually deflecting patriots away from the real truth about who was behind the terror attacks of 9/11 (i.e., US and Israeli involvement) by directing patriots toward the nebulous and nefarious “globalists” instead? (See here @ 03:56.) Please, say it ain’t so…

Alex Jones

Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance of becoming president in 2012, or ever. Although I agree with much of Paul’s Libertarianism and his Constitutionalism – having agreed with Paul on these issues since he first ran for president in 1988 – his SILENCE on 9/11 is DEAFENING. Does Ron Paul not care about justice for those who were murdered on that horrible day? Does he not care about the victim’s families who are crying out for justice? No. Why? Because he can’t get elected within the present, corrupt, criminal, political/media system if he tells the truth about 9/11. So, for Ron Paul, it’s (apparently) better for him to help the guilty to COVER-UP their crimes, in order for him to get elected, than it is for him to TELL THE TRUTH and let the chips fall wherever they may.

Perhaps some people WANT another politician who will say, or who will NOT say, whatever is necessary in order for them to get elected, even if it means shushing-up the murder of over 3,000 innocent people on 9/11? I think it’s time for patriots to SPEAK UP, rather than SHUT UP, about 9/11 and Israeli involvement.

Where are the TRUE patriots who WILL NOT shy away from the TRUTH about 9/11 and the illegitimacy of the US government because of this truth, especially in front of the national media?

Mark Dankof: “To my friend, Ron Paul, I am still waiting to hear you deliver some version of [this] speech, even if it proves to be your last. See: Mark Dankof to Congressman Ron Paul: You Need to Find It, Buddy! And Fast. . . .

“And I have a final message here for those sworn elected and appointed officials of the US Government who have betrayed their oaths in order to serve Israel, for those around the government who have facilitated this effort, and for Israel itself. You all have been discovered. Your treason, treachery and crimes are known. You may not believe it yet, but your political and strategic Judgment Day is finally appearing on the horizon, as surely as it came for Nineveh and Tyre in ancient times, for the infamous Third Reich in 1945, and for the Soviet Union two decades ago. Beware. We are coming for you.” ~ Col. Alan Sobrosky PhD USMC (Ret.) (See: here and here.)

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