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Occupy protesters take time to reflect over the holidays

The people of the Occupy movement are a diverse group. Each has a unique story of what brought them to Occupy. Jeff Swicord introduces us to some of them at Freedom Plaza in Washington, and asked how this Christmas is different for them from years past.
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When Americans cease to reason, to tolerate, to accept compromise

We live in terrible times. Yet I can see the good that will, eventually, come from the terrible – but well-deserved – catastrophe that is about to befall America. …
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SOA Watch Border Delegation

I write today to invite you to join me at another line that is a concrete expression of the suffering caused by our nation’s policies: the southern border of the United States. So many of our neighbors have also tried to cross, climb or swim across this line, fleeing economies broken by U.S. free trade agreements, violence armed and funded from this side of the border, and atrocities caused by the booming U.S. drug market. Many of these line crossers have reached the other side, some have been criminalized and returned, while others have died trying.

The most vicious perpetrators of the violence that is jolting Mexico are none other than graduates of the SOA who comprised two-thirds of the original ranks of the Zetas, the most brutal hired assassins of the… Continue reading

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