October2011.org News: The 99% versus the 1%; Time to take on the Super Comitteeee

Dear Friend,

The “99%’s Deficit Proposal” is gaining attention! Copies were delivered this week to all of the members of the Super Committee. Keith Olbermann brought economist, Jeff Madrick, on his show to review the proposal, and he gave his approval saying he applauded its “comprehensiveness, seriousness, sincerity and intelligence.” TheHuffington Post also gave a favorable review.

The Proposal was written as part of the OccupyWashingtonDC campaign to expose the corruption and dysfunction of the Super Committee and the further restriction of democracy in the US. The Super Committee yields unprecedented control of the federal budget to twelve corporate Congress members.

In early November, Tighe Barry and Leah Bolger of OccupyWashingtonDC spoke out in a Super Committee hearing, and Leah was arrested after bravely entering the ‘well’ totell the members directly that they did not represent the 99%. While they were inside the hearing, many others were in the hall outside the hearing, chanting “How do we fix the deficit? End the wars, tax the rich,” and still more people were protesting outside the building.

The following week, the “Occupy Super Committee Deficit Hearing of the 99%” was held on Freedom Plaza. You can watch the hearing on C-SPAN. And this past week, the“99%’s Deficit Proposal” was released.

In the following weeks, we will continue to build pressure on the Super Committee and we invite you to join in. Please sign the petition and if you are able, join us in DC for direct actions. Or you can plan protests at your local member of Congress’ office.  Tell Congress that solutions exist to address the deficit, reduce military spending, create jobs, end foreclosures and student debt and reduce the wealth divide. Tell Congress to preserve and strengthen our social insurances: Social Security and Medicare.

Now is the time to join us in Freedom Plaza if you are able. Our excellent winterization team is busily building structures with heating to house us for the winter. We would like to thank Jackson Browne for donating 3 bike generators to power the heaters. We are looking for bikes to run them. And we continue to need donations for construction materials.

We are planning to stay and build towards the National Occupation of Washington, DC(NOW DC) in the Spring. Look for more information soon on theupcoming OccupyBusTour. Spread the word!

In solidarity,

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