The Revolution Business, Occupy Wall Street, and a Steep Learning Curve for the American People

The US government and intelligence, along with various non-governmental organizations, are behind the Arab Spring uprisings and Occupy Wall Street as well.

I didn’t believe this at first, but, after looking into it, I’ve discovered it’s true.

What had me not wanting to believe this, when I first heard about this, in January 2011, is the fact that I knew the people of Egypt truly wanted to be free. And this is why the situation can be so confusing, as it was for me.

Like the people who are participating in the Occupy Movement, who raise some very important concerns about much needed political changes, the Egyptian people also seemed, to me, to have a desire to do a very good thing: to throw off the rule of Mubarak. But, like Occupy Wall Street, this was not asking for enough, nor was it asking for – or demanding – the most important changes the Egyptian and American people so desperately need, which is exactly what the US government wants: no changes of any major significance.

Neither the Egyptian Revolution nor Occupy Wall Street has demanded what we really need, if we are ever going to be truly free peoples: the dismantling of the entire military industrial complex.

The US government has organized these manufactured revolutions with a design to pull well-meaning people who desire major political change into its own well-controlled and going nowhere movements. Sadly, this is nothing less than an increase in political slavery, which comes to us disguised as freedom and democracy.

The Arab Spring has never delivered on its promising hope for freedom and democracy, and neither will Occupy Wall Street, which claims to be bringing the (failed) Egyptian people’s “democratic revolution” here to America.

This failure of “democracy movements” is in fact the US government’s plan: to usher in even greater government, military, and intelligence control than ever before.

Sorry for the depressing news. I suggest you look into this for yourselves. Thanks.

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Occupy Wall Street and Stop The Machine in Washington, DC are part of the 2011 International Road to Dignity, which is a global movement that was organized in April 2011:

Occupy Wall Street is in league with hundreds of similar occupation movements that were organized long ago. This occupation movement is not spontaneous, and the people involved with it are engaging in what they consider to be a Marxist/Communist Global Class Warfare Revolution:

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