Occupy Wall Street, Otpor, and American Revolution?

“Revolutions are often seen as spontaneous,” says Ivan Marovic, a former CANVAS trainer. “It looks like people just went into the street. But it’s the result of months or years of preparation.” (See quote: here)

The Occupy Wall Street movement was planned long ago. I have been in contact with the group Stop The Machine since July, which is now occupying Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC and I recognized, immediately, the far left, well-controlled nature of the group’s organizers.

This group, Stop The Machine, like OWS, uses the OTPOR/CANVAS raised, angry, clenched fist logo, which is not a symbol of American revolution. The Tea Party’s Gadsden flag is a much better symbol of traditional America’s belief in freedom, liberty, and justice.

See: Global Revolution 2011-2012 (organized 2010): http://acampadabcninternacional.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/2011-international-road-to-dignity/

I would suggest people begin doing their homework on this issue. The last thing we need is more polarization and professional, controlled, US intel sponsored, angry leftist agitators who wish to duplicate the rioting, killings, and military dictatorship we have seen in Egypt, which is their expressly stated goal: “to create another Tahrir Square here in America.”

The best we can hope for is to bring the well-meaning people who have been caught-up in this manufactured revolution into a real, non-OTPOR, movement that supports traditional American principles: freedom, liberty, and justice for all. As of now these folks are being used by our enemies (Washington/Israel) to increase Left/Right polarization and to increase the powers of the police state, which is very counter-productive.

31 October 2011 – “A message for the elites: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. LISTEN TO US NOW OR THE PRICE OF CHANGE WILL GET MORE EXPENSIVE FOR YOU: What do we seek?  We seek an end to corporate rule and shifting power to the people” ~ Kevin Zeese, Organizer of the Freedom Plaza Occupation, www.OccupyWashingtonDC.org. (See here for quote.)

See: Typical, angry OWS protest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPluYv22V5Y&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PLE33763C53DB95F53

See: Dr King’s peaceful march on Washington: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVjUT6zCaFo

Sadly, OWS will invade, intimidate, and angrily shout-down the free speech of those who dare to disagree with them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oHRdiklTlU

Please see group that supports traditional American principles, which is not controlled: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Summer-of-Justice-2012-DC/223664350994440?sk=info

Please see this brief paper on OWS and it’s OTPOR/CANVAS symbology: https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/the-angry-symbology-that-identifies-the-occupy-movement-and-why-anger-is-wrong-headed/

Please see Video: William Engdahl: Arab Spring a western ploy to control Eurasia

Please see OTPOR and Manufactured Democratic Revolutions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBqBSrrTyzo&list=FLYPN6LhlIBXrDFxCNvRJaiQ&index=2

Michael Barker exposes (in depth) these fake USG/NGO “democracy” movements: http://michaeljamesbarker.wordpress.com/icnc/

See: Occupy Oakland march shuts down Chase Bank branch: angry, masked, radicals who invade a bank branch office screaming, shouting, disturbing customers and employees ARE NOT representing Dr King’s method of nonviolence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTMQ3JD4ivM&feature=related

See: OWS agitator and RT push the expectation of inevitable violence and military involvement in OWS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cignRBzzQWo

See OTPOR/CANVAS agent Ivan Marovic at OWS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkM3BBtc7N0

See: OTPOR/CANVAS Egyptian agent Ahmed Maher is working with Stop The Machine in Washington, DC: http://www.salon.com/2011/10/24/at_occupydc_egypts_revolutionaries_chide_u_s_policymakers/

“Mr. Maher and his colleagues began reading about nonviolent struggles. They were especially drawn to a Serbian youth movement called Otpor, which had helped topple the dictator Slobodan Milosevic by drawing on the ideas of an American political thinker, Gene Sharp. The hallmark of Mr. Sharp’s work is well-tailored to Mr. Mubark’s Egypt: He argues that nonviolence is a singularly effective way to undermine police states that might cite violent resistance to justify repression in the name of stability.”

“The April 6 Youth Movement modeled its logo — a vaguely Soviet looking red and white clenched fist—after Otpor’s, and some of its members traveled to Serbia to meet with Otpor activists.” Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/14/world/middleeast/14egypt-tunisia-protests.html?_r=1&pagewanted=all

OTPOR: The US government’s new template for world revolutions: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/MOW502A.html

Foreign Policy: Revolution U: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/02/16/revolution_u?page=full

Angry Occupy Oakland mob cheers-on the vandalization of a private business during the recent strike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86XhCwHhwn8&feature=feedu

OWS = OTPOR: http://dprogram.net/2011/10/15/occupy-wall-street-and-“the-american-autumn”-is-it-a-“colored-revolution”-michel-chossudovsky/

Occupy Wall Street and Stop The Machine in Washington, DC are part of the 2011 International Road to Dignity, which is a global movement that was organized in April 2011: http://www.scoop.it/t/15-o-unitedforglobalchange/p/388582011/2011-international-road-to-dignity

Occupy Wall Street is in league with hundred of other similar occupation movements that were organized in April 2011. This occupation movement is not spontaneous, and the people involved with it are engaging in what they consider to be a Marxist/Communist Global Class Warfare Revolution: http://www.thenewsignificance.com/2011/08/22/orsan-senalp-global-class-warfare/

World in Revolution – World Revolution Day 15 October 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bblkFRMFO9U

Occupy Wall Street’s Strategy and Philosophy – Occupation and Decommodification

OWS – Occupy Oakland: Lumpenproletariat Mobs Incited to Revolt Against the Capitalist Ruling-Class

Expose and Destroy OWS: https://ajmacdonaldjr.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/expose-and-destroy-ows-occupy-wall-street-versus-traditional-america-talking-points/

Egyptians Campaign to Oust President Mubarak, 2011: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71987082/Egyptians-Campaign-to-Oust-President-Mubarak-2011

The Serbian Connection to International Unrest: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71981936/The-Serbian-Connection-to-International-Unrest

Facebook and People Power- The View From Tahrir Square: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71968922/Facebook-and-People-Power-The-View-From-Tahrir-Square

Global Nonviolent Action Database – Egyptians Campaign to Oust President Mubarak, 2011 – 2011-08-24: http://www.scribd.com/doc/71973692/Global-Nonviolent-Action-Database-Egyptians-Campaign-to-Oust-President-Mubarak-2011-2011-08-24

Video: Egypt – After the “Revolution”

Video: William Engdahl: Arab Spring a western ploy to control Eurasia

Video: Otpor – The Revolution Business

Text – CANVAS Core Curriculum – A Guide to Effective Nonviolent Struggle (Student’s Book)

Audio – Occupy Wall Street/Occupy DC Marxist Ted Rall advocates violent revolution

Video: The American Form of Government

Video: Which form of government is this?


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13 Responses to Occupy Wall Street, Otpor, and American Revolution?

  1. bullshit. where are you getting your facts from?

  2. I do my homework. I suggest you start doing yours. Thanks.

  3. Ken Smith says:

    I read this entire article. I then went to all the links, read those articles too, this is pure bullshit and you know it.

  4. mikifus says:

    Hey man, good research, I’m one of the owners of this blog:

    And really you showed up a fact that the people is ignoring in America: It was planned time ago.

    I’m from the camp that started in Barcelona o the 16 of May of 2011. We made a international team to export the info of our movement, and people from many countries joined us.
    After some guy from USA worked in the square with us, he took the idea and started planning #OWs it with other groups that were informed about the #spanishrevolution event, as the Greece problems or the icelandian revolution.

    We started to collaborate by the Take the Square network (http://takethesquare.net/) , wich is the tool to coordinate the movement globally.

    Yeah, we’re kinda left wing, but we are in the way we want some dignity in our life, so what’s wrong? You said we want riots or thing like that, but why we would want that? Aren’t riots worse than the actual situation…?
    Oh yeah, you’ve seen some communists on the protests, well, this can mean that they are supporting us, not controlling everything, don’t you think?. And who uses violence is inmediately not in the movement.

    I want you to find info about why the icelandian revolution happened, why the austerity plan is making so much trouble on Greece, why Spain has so many unenployment, and then you’ll see. The people in Europe is going mad, the situation is critical and our movement tries to focus the rage on productive things, not to destroy the actual system, but to create a new one that replaces it and, at the same time, we fight against the financial dictatorship.

    If you continue thinking that we’re some kinda leftist manipulators that conspire against your “great nation”, want to conquer the world and eat babies, I invite you to debate with us and expose your point of view on the next link:

    The movement is who makes it, if you join us, you’ll make it as you want, we’re not closed, but open to receive always ideas to improve us.

    You can contact me here: mikifus@gmail.com

    • Thanks. I’m aware of the European movements you’ve mentioned. And I do believe the Left and the Right have much in common, but choose to focus on difference rather than find common ground.

      My concern is that both the crisis of the Euro and the Middle East uprisings were initiated by Washington and Wall Street. “Taking to the City Squares” is part of Washington and Wall Street’s destabilization plan and no good can come from participating in a movement that was conceived within Washington’s State Department, Washington-based NGOs, and the Washington-based World Bank, Federal Reserve, and Treasury Department. What we need is a true bottom-up movement of the people; not a Washington/Wall Street authored and controlled “movement”.

      All the current movement in the US is accomplishing is increased political polarization and increased anger and frustration, which plays right into Washington’s hands: increased military control of the US. This is the same plan Washington has for Eurasia and the Middle East, which you are going along with. False hopes will not usher in democracy, or “people power”. Look at Egypt.

      Unless the US military is dismantled and removed from every nation around the world and even in the US – along with the corporations getting rich on military contracts – we will never be free. Washington’s “faith and practice” is military strength; and nothing else. Washington is using the only thing it has left: putting a gun to people’s heads to force them to prop up the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

      I don’t think you guys are the bad guys per se, I think you’re falling for Washington and Wall Street’s fake “democracy revolution” and I think Marxism is a failed pseudo-religous/anti-religious utopian philosophy that is based upon envy, anger, and resentment that hopes to achieve a “socialist salvation” through instigating the misguided, self-defeating horrors of a violent revolution that pits class against class.

      Jesus said the poor we will have with us always, and that goes for the rich too. Changes of the heart are what’s needed, not changes through the power of the state, the people, or the bullet. Mao said: “All power comes from the barrel of a gun”. Marx said: “Religion is the opiate of the masses”. But both were wrong. God’s power can and does change the human heart. People of their own free will chose to live simply so that others may live.

      This is the only way to achieve real, lasting social justice. It cannot be forced upon people politically.

      Politics and government can and should do all it its power to achieve a just society for all but we should never believe politics and government will bring about a socialist utopia on earth; especially when angry protests are beginnings of such a political movement. Anger will only lead to violence.

      “The template for such covert regime change has been developed by the Pentagon, US intelligence agencies and various think-tanks such as RAND Corporation over decades, beginning with the May 1968 destabilization of the de Gaulle presidency in France. This is the first time since the US- backed regime changes in Eastern Europe some two decades back that Washington has initiated simultaneous operations in many countries in a region. It is a strategy born of a certain desperation and one not without significant risk for the Pentagon and for the long-term Wall Street agenda. What the outcome will be for the peoples of the region and for the world is as yet unclear.” ~ William Engdhal – Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJc13wkRO-M&feature=share

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  6. ben says:

    I can see your concern about the left getting itself organized. Mayhem and chaos is just so much more revolutionary. Enjoy your delusion. 😉

  7. Jen says:

    Hi-I just wanted to say I think you captured a lot of accurate info here. I say this because I have found similar information. I started researching like a lunatic after OWS started to talk about Oct 15th. I just didn’t get a good vibe. Why would someone want this to be global? That is what drove me. Couple of little tid bits to share with you. The first Occupy encampment was actually July 30, 2011 Dataran Malaysia. Wikipedia-Occupy Movement-of all the most obvious places!!! There are also you tube videos posted in Aug 2011 from Dataran. Take a look-all the same premises. Also, I have noticed a correlation between the movement and the news broadcast Democracy Now. It shows up under various cable channels with similar names. It’s headed by a group called Attac-which several Communist websites mention.

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  9. Anne says:

    Yes, this article is well written and researched. Also, take note of the last poster shown which uses the phrases “Stop the machine! Create a New World” as the outline around the earth over the clenched fist. It’s the all-seeing eye…duhn duhn duhn.
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

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