The Occupation of Washington, DC

The real occupation of DC in McPherson Square has hand-made cardboard signs and hand-painted tee shirts; the manufactured and controlled “occupation” in Freedom Plaza has professionally made, expensive, printed signs and tee shirts.

Occupy DC

I have been in contact for some months now with the group Stop the Machine!, which is now on Freedom Plaza in DC, and I immediately recognized it as dishonest, well funded, controlled opposition.

See video: William Engdahl: Arab Spring a western ploy to control Eurasia

I visited this group, to speak with the well-meaning but misled people involved with it (not the professional managers), but I have been participating with Occupy DC now occupying McPherson Square, which I have found to be an honest, not well-financed, true grassroots group of well-meaning (if somewhat naive) mostly young, anti-war, “people over profit” people. This group has a handcrafted sign that reads: “The Revolution Will Not Be Polarized” with a Republican elephant and a Democrat donkey together. This anti-war group seeks unity, and not division. They do not wish to be co-opted by the Democratic Party, as the original, anti-war Tea Party was co-opted by the Republican Party.

I have been speaking one-on-one with the people involved, as well as with small groups, seeing this as an opportunity to educate them about the natural law foundations of America and Dr King’s preference for natural law as a solution to America’s current ills, and I have learned much from them concerning who they are, why they are there, and what it is they wish to see America become.

I think this group consists of good people who are seeking justice for everyone, as do I, and I they are people who are more than willing to give rather than receive, which is very refreshing. And I think they may hold the key to replacing our currently corrupted election process with a more truly democratic approach, which can re-enfranchise the American People.

There is much confusion going on concerning these two occupation groups now in DC, who are both, now, occupying different parks in Washington, DC. And a clarification of this confusion can be found on the Occupy DC website here.

This confusion is due, mostly, to Stop the Machine’s using “Occupy DC” type hash tags on Twitter rather than their own, original, #StopTheMach2011 hash tag. The Occupy DC in McPherson Square’s hash tag is #Occupy_DC.

The Occupy Wall Street/Adbusters is backed by Sorros’ Tides Foundation, but there are many good people involved with this movement who have good intentions. Education is needed so that these well-meaning people can be made aware of the manipulation intended by these foundation monied interests, which seek to manipulate young, well-meaning activists, as opposed to these activists directing their own occupations at their own expense, as Occupy DC is now doing.

Stop the Machine’s occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC (Twitter: #StopTheMach2011) is well-financed and well-controlled opposition. This group has raised and has spent tens of thousands of dollars in order to hook well-meaning people into their well-controlled “movement”. The presence of Brian Becker‘s far Left “ANSWER Coalition” in this group is, alone, evidence of such control.

The Occupy DC group in McPherson Square (Twitter: #Occupy_DC), however, is NOT managed, well-financed, controlled opposition; it is a true grassroots movement. Although strongly influenced by Occupy Wall Street, which is apparently foundation funded, they are not receiving foundation financial support and control. Thankfully, I have seen many people who pass through the park in McPherson Square – on their way to work, lunch, and home from work – generously donating, without being asked, their hard-earned monies in support of Occupy DC.

Education is needed for all involved, especially when many people are unaware of how movements are initiated or become controlled and manipulated by the establishment powers that be; especially by the Washington government and Israel, who are the true enemies of the American people. This broadcast, as well as all The Ugly Truth broadcasts, are good tools of education and good places to begin researching this issue.

Big foundation monies are behind the Occupy Wall Street group, but many well-meaning people have been and are participating in this occupation and the many other occupations now occurring across America, because these people want to see justice in America.

Everyone involved needs to be aware of the fact that the powers that be wish to see these good people drawn into well-financed and well-managed, controlled opposition groups, like Stop the Machine, and we need to help make sure these well-meaning people are educated concerning this fact. Many of these people are unaware of the confusion that’s involved with sorting-out information from disinformation as well as sorting-out true activists from false activists (both groups and individuals).

The American people want to see democracy restored. They are tired of lobbyists controlling Washington rather than the People; Washington working for Wall Street and Big Business rather than on behalf of the People; and they are sick and tired of endless wars and bloodshed, which America is engaged in on behalf of Israel.

All Americans should seek true peace founded upon justice: an end to wars and the end of treating profits as though money were more valuable than people.

“No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” ~ Jesus Christ

Excellent summaries of true peace founded upon true social justice can be found here and here.

A good article and video of Occupy DC in McPherson Square by The Daily Caller can be found here.

Occupy Wall Street and Stop The Machine in Washington, DC are part of the 2011 International Road to Dignity, which is a global movement that was organized in April 2011:

Occupy Wall Street is in league with hundred of other similar occupation movements that were organized in April 2011. This occupation movement is not spontaneous, and the people involved with it are engaging in what they consider to be a Marxist/Communist Global Class Warfare Revolution:


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