Wake up Americans – left and right – and stop the slaughter!

Slaughter of the Innocents – Matt. 2:16-17

NOTE: I don’t usually write using a lot of italics or, especially, exclamation points, unless I feel the added emphasis is important in helping a reader to better grasp what I’m trying to communicate, which is the case, today.

Have you seen this article: Progressives are misjudging the moment, written by Philip Klein, of the Washington Examiner?

I think this article by Klein is spot on. If anything, Americans are divided 50-50 on virtually every issue we face. But America has always leaned conservative; toward liberty and freedom. And the conservative right is also misjudging the moment; its pro-business “deregulation-ism” is running amok. Both the left and the right are overreacting, and only causing a worsening of the ongoing political polarization. Foolish, if you ask me.

As I’ve said, time and time again: the left needs the right and the right needs the left, and the left and the right come together, because we will never recapture our federal government, for the American People, unless and until we do.

Have you seen this article: Secret panel may put Americans on “kill list”?

What can I say? I never thought I would see this headline in America. It’s a time for radical change and for drastic measures to be taken against our criminal Washington government.

These mass murderers must be stopped, and they’re not going to be stopped by carrying signs and beating drums; they can only be stopped by people who have the wisdom, the courage, the drive, the strategy, the organization, and the leadership who have the vision of what America can and must become, which is far beyond anything we have yet seen.

I don’t think we any choice left to us but to stop them no matter what the cost.

We can’t continue to “live” like this. The criminal Washington politicians are killing us and everything America has ever meant to us!

I’m about as American as anyone can be, having grown-up a normal, well-adjusted, patriotic, Catholic kid who was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in the Washington area; my dad having worked for the federal government. And, having served in the US military, I have a sworn obligation to America and her Constitution: to defend her against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Washington politicians, today, are our enemies, as is their beloved Israel; both of which must go, now (not to mention China).

Our strategy, though nonviolent, must gain the support of the police and the military in order to be successful and, I can assure you, many people in high levels of the military are preparing to take matters into their own hands if an alternative civilian government cannot be organized, and if a nonviolent revolution fails. So be it, if that’s the case. They, too, swore the oath. But I think we will succeed.

Here’s the link to the philosophy and nonviolent plan of action, if you’re interested: Philosophy and PLan of Action – Summer of Justice – 2013 – DC

What all Americans – left and right – should be protesting, in the streets, on strike, and furiously demanding an end to, is the evil, murderous slaughter of innocent human beings!

But, unfortunately, both the left and the right have certain people they want to slaughter: the left wants to shamelessly continue the legal ongoing slaughter of innocent children within their mother’s wombs, as if these children were property and not people; and the right wants to shamelessly continue the ongoing slaughter of innocent men, women, and children in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, and, eventually, Iran, as though these people, who have never done anything to hurt us, are the (inhuman) enemies of America, when they are not.

Shame on both! 

The Washington politicians and Israel are the enemies of America, having gone so far as to have perpetrated 9/11!

Wake up people! Admit the heartless, brainless, hypocritical error of your evil ways, regain your humanity, and your government, and Stop The Slaughter!!!

NOTE: I woke-up this morning to the ungodly and unAmerican article that I’ve referenced, above: Secret panel may put Americans on “kill list” and I was furious!

I have been a bit discouraged and depressed lately, as opposed to my usually more optimistic and energetic self, and this article really roused me from my somewhat discouraged and depressive slumbers.

I was glad that I was on my way back to Washington, from my recent stay in Pennsylvania.

And then, to make matters worse, I got a phone call from – can you guess? The feds in Washington, who are on my case, due to the ongoing protest in Germantown, Maryland against the late-term, baby-killing, mass murdering, abortionist piece of *#$@!!: Leroy Carhart.

“What’s been going on?” “What have you been up to lately?” How did your last court case turn out?” “What are your plans?” etc…

Yeah. Back to Washington. Last post for a while, because I am “off the grid” for a while.

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2 Responses to Wake up Americans – left and right – and stop the slaughter!

  1. gtdubois says:

    You are referring to protestant christanity of course. We Catholics DO NOT follow, listen to or hold any credibility to Hagee, or any main line “christian” preachers. So you need to put a disclamer in youy article and learn more about the true faith of the Universal Church.

    • Thanks. I really have no idea what different Catholic Churches might teach, or what members might mistakenly believe, because they can vary quite a bit. I’m Catholic myself, so I understand Catholic doctrine. The Church, since the birth of the Zionist entity, has appeared, over time, to have become way too friendly, or accommodating, toward Jews and Israel, in its behavior, for fear of being called “anti-semitic”. As I understand Catholic doctrine, the Jews and Israel, having violated their covenant with God are accursed, which no doubt explains their murderous and ungodly behavior. Perhaps many Catholics don’t think of the Jews and Israel as being accursed, which they are, according to Jesus and Catholic doctrine. I was mainly referring to non-Catholics, as you said, which is why I said “Christian bookstores” and not “Catholic and Christian bookstores.” The term “Christian bookstores” normally refers only to “non-Catholic bookstores”. I’ve never heard of a “Catholic bookstore” being referred to as a “Christian bookstore.” Please consider this comment the clarification you mentioned.

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