America in her hour of need – abandonment or hope?

I know as well as anyone what a slender thread America is now hanging by, and for the past two years I have been warning people of the coming judgement of God upon America because of its sins and the need for full and total repentance if America (as we know it) is to survive. As you might imagine, this has caused me to lose many friends, who basically think I’m crazy. But I’m not crazy, I’m just very aware, as I think we all should be, and I have been very aware for many, many years.

I do not believe we will make it to the 2012 elections, which so many people are, again, placing their hopes upon (e.g., the Ron Paul supporters), because the next election, even if it were to take place, would solve nothing.

We have little chance to save America, for our children, other than to abolish the current federal government and form a new government that can turn our nation around, quickly. One whose first foreign policy decision will be to announce that we no longer support Israel but rather demand the Jewish state be dismantled, vacated, and returned to the Palestinian peoples. An apology to the Muslim world is second, along with our wholehearted support of its peoples, in the name of Justice. After all, it wasn’t Muslims who brought down those three buildings in New York city, it was Israel.

Justice is what we seek and although its seems impossible, all things are possible with God. God laid a plan of action upon my heart a while back: Summer of Justice 2012 DC, which I am now organizing, and I believe it’s our only option for gaining control of our federal government.

I am very sensitive to God’s direction and one of the keys to this is simply being aware and open to his Spirit, which takes time. For the past year and a half I was simply waiting. God had impressed upon me the severity of the situation and the need to take action and for me to take action but I was waiting, until the last possible minute, to see what else and who else might arrive on the scene to lead America out of this coming catastrophe, but nothing has and no one is, so I began organizing what he had directed me to do.

Too many people, I think, are busily stockpiling food and ammo and hiding in their homes as opposed to getting involved. Or else they’re planning to flee the country. This helps America not one bit, although it’s not an unwise plan of action considering what will befall America if we abandon her in her time of greatest need. I, for one, cannot do so. I’ve had to do the opposite: go to Washington and organize its nonviolent (yet police and military backed) takeover by good, wise people who can begin leading us out of the impending disaster, which will by no means be an easy thing to accomplish, because we are dealing with murderous thugs, here, and it’s important that people realize this.

Many times I listen for God to tell me he’s through with America, that it’s too late, and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time trying to save an already judged and doomed nation. America certainly deserves judgement and I have considered not beginning this action or abandoning it because, like Jonah, I would prefer America to be punished for our sins. We don’t deserve his mercy and grace, we deserve his wrath and his anger which, biblically speaking, always come in the form of defeat at the hands of a nation’s enemies, which we have many of. But God is still impressing upon me no such thing.

He continues to impress upon me the need to call America to repentance and to regain control of America for the people of America, and the world. So I soldier on, although, at times, I get frustrated and, like Jonah, wish to leave the country myself and head south, were the fallout won’t rain. But I can’t. Perhaps if this action doesn’t work I will, but I doubt it. America – for better or worse – is my home, and I love her, which is why I am so angry, frustrated, and disappointed with her. Without a great love there can be no great disappointment.

Washington - Judgement 2012?

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