Why the current protest movements, though better than nothing, accomplish little, and why much more is needed.

Wall Street Action - September 2011

I support the Occupy Wall Street action, as well as the upcoming combined actions in DC beginning October 6, 2011, but I am getting a lot of resistance from people on the Left who are not seeking true justice and equality for all, and prefer to set forth the current, confused, and cafeteria-style approach to justice, which the Left has put forth for the past 40 years, which will accomplish nothing.

My hope is to be able to convince people on the Left as well as the Right to seek common ground against our true common enemy: the Washington politicians, who have sold us out to Wall Street, Israel, and China, and convince them to participate in an action that will result in real change: Summer of Justice 2012 DC, which is set for next July 4. We are working now to gain the support of the Washington politician’s guards (Capitol Hill police) as well as the military, who are organizing plans for a coup d’ etat, which we, civilians who seek peace and de-militarization, must not allow.

Please don’t make the mistake so many others are making today: ordinary Americans, neither on the Right nor the Left, are our problem; our problem is the people currently in office – traitors, on both the Left and the Right – who have the power. These are our enemies.

Don’t fall for the lie that the Right is our problem, or that the Left is our problem, because they are not. This is an intentional distraction (divide and conquer) that both the Washington politicians and its mainstream media put out as propaganda in order to set us at each other’s throats, and which seeming everyone has fallen for. Neither the ordinary people on the Left nor the right are our problem, our problem, and common enemy, are the established political powers that be – Left and Right – whom we must remove from office and prosecute, with the help of the police and the military, who are common Americans – left and right – like us, they are not our enemies.

Please see an outline of our philosophy and plan of action for this action and please think, clearly, about the seriousness of our times and the actions we must be prepared to take. Now is not the time for the faint of heart or for protesting as usual. Because our times demand far more than the Wall Street action and October 2011 Stop the Machine, although I do support both action, because they are better than nothing.

Drastic times call for drastic actions, which neither of the above mentioned are are. Neither actions are well organized or thought-through (as in gaining the support of the police and military), nor do they appeal to a common ground that the majority of Americans can support, but which the Summer of Justice 2012 DC action does.

For a way to seek common ground between the left and the right, which all Americans should be able to agree upon, please see: http://www.scribd.com/doc/62966380/Philosophy-and-Plan-of-Action-The-Summer-of-Justice-2012-DC

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