America – Washington is wasting your tax dollars and federal bureaucrats are living the high life

Your tax dollars up in flames

When it comes to taxes, it’s the waste of tax money, more than social services, that angers ordinary working Americans more than anything. Washington DC, economically speaking, is a boom town: construction everywhere, because of all the federal “workers” who are paid too much, have too many perks, and do basically nothing. These bureaucrats need highways to drive on in order to get to the office by 9 am and they need condos to go home to when they get off at 5 pm, after a hard day of hanging around the watercooler and pushing around all of that paper, if they even do that much. The Washington DC  area is now the wealthiest urban area in America, because it’s built upon the backs of hard working, tax paying Americans.

See: Wasted tax dollars:

See: Wasted tax dollars:

See: Wasted tax dollars:

See: Washington richest city:

See: Federal workers ride Metro for “free”:

See: Federal worker’s salaries/bonuses are going through the roof, even during tough economic times:

See: DC Housing construction up:

Let’s call a spade a spade. Federal employees are leeches living like princes and princesses off of the hardworking, taxpaying American’s backs, while the rest of America goes jobless and hungry.

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