Abortions, Executions, and the Left’s Cafeteria-Style Approach to Justice

Troy Davis - Before Execution

The Left’s sympathetic reaction to Troy Davis’ execution rings hollow; very hollow.

It’s okay to the Left for someone to hire a person to intentionally, violently, dismember an innocent, defenseless child within her mother’s womb, but it’s not okay for the state to execute someone who has been tried and found guilty of killing someone (in Davis’ case, a cop).

This is a cafeteria-style approach to justice. A consistent approach to justice, and one that would value all human life, would be to say that both are wrong, which is what I believe.

We are indeed living in barbarous times.

The bloody dismemberment of an innocent child in her mother’s womb is “defended” by the Left with such “arguments” as: “My body my choice!” “No one has the right to intervene between a woman and her doctor!” “It’s not a child until it’s born!” And “It’s none of your business.”

These tired shibboleths have been put forth by the Left for the past 38 years, in the criminal attempt to justify baby dismemberment at the cost of over 50,000,000 dead, bloody, and dismembered human beings — small though they are.

A better defense of the indefensible has come from Peter Singer who advocates the right of women to slaughter their offspring up to two years of age, once they have decided, for whatever reason, they don’t want the little brats around anymore. This would certainly justify Casey Anthony’s suspected (but unproven) murder of her two year old daughter. I mean, after all: who cares?

Now we are deluged with the overreactions of the bleeding heart leftists who decry the unjust killing of Troy Davis, a man who both had the opportunity to live and to defend himself. But, being the true hypocrites they are, the leftists insist that the weakest, most vulnerable, and defenseless human beings of all – the child in her mother’s womb – be summarily executed without the child having so much as the opportunity to take her first breath.

Unknown Child - After Execution

Although I believe it’s wrong for the state of Georgia to inject Troy Davis (guilty or not) with a combination of drugs that will cause his heart to stop beating I also believe it’s wrong for an abortionist to inject a combinations of drugs into the unborn child in order to stop her little heart from beating. Not to mention the bloody dismemberment that follows.

At least the body of Troy Davis will be given to his family for a proper burial. Over 4,000 children in America are executed every day via abortion and they, unlike Troy, are disposed of like yesterday’s garbage.

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