Answers – 10 Questions about “Occupy Wall Street” that should be answered urgently

10 Questions about “Occupy Wall Street” that should be answered urgently:

1. Why are peaceful protesters being treated as if they are criminals?

2. Why are thousands of police, and SWAT teams and police dogs, being mobilized to protect Wall Street bankers?

3. Why are almost all the mainstream media outlets in America ignoring a major civil protest in the heart of New York?

4. Why do the police not pursue criminal bankers and business leaders with the same venom and force that they use when pursuing protesters who have so far done nothing wrong?

5. Why is nothing being done to address the genuine economic problems in America? Why, instead, is the old system – the one that failed disastrously in 2008 – being rebuilt brick by brick, fault by fault?

6. How much longer will the doctrine of ‘plausible denial’ be allowed to act as an excuse for widespread corruption and criminality?

7. Why (if true) was the Occupy Wall Street protest treated as a police code 1-34, which is used for riots? Are all protests now riots?

8. Why has not one banker or corporate leader emerged to talk to the protesters or debate with them?

9. Is it a coincidence that many people in the heart of the protest have had trouble getting mobile / cellphone / internet signals?

10. Does the government genuinely believe the pent-up anger and frustration will simply go away?

See: Facebook Note written by Billy Burke –


1. Because the government considers good to be evil and evil to be good.

2. Because the police default to following the orders of their masters as opposed to protecting the people they are sworn to protect.

3. Because they are owned by Israeli friendly (read: Jewish) interests.

4. See #2 above.

5. Because the bankers want the money they lent-out back at the same value it was worth when they first lent it out, plus interest.

6. As long as most Americans support the criminal regime.

7. Because the police don’t like to be overwhelmed by protesters. It’s embarrassing.

8. Because they have the police to handle the protesters and they have no reason to debate people they will never agree with.

9. Hard to say.

10. The government plans to make the protesters look foolish and unAmerican, so don’t do anything foolish and unAmerican, like burning an American flag, which only plays into their hands.

Media Black-Out – Thousands Occupy Wall Street (video):

Occupy Wall Street:

Occupy Wall Street - September 2011

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