The World on Fire – Washington a Dead Horse – Coup d’ Etat – No 2012 Election Will Be Possible

Egypt - 2011

Americans DO NOT need to bother voting. Money has corrupted the election process as well as electronic voting machine fraud. There will be no 2012 election because the whole world is on fire and America is next, just wait and see. Things are coming apart at the seams and we are organizing to take control of Washington, via non-traditional and non-violent means, because the US military WILL pull a coup d’ etat as ALL militaries do when their civilian government leadership goes belly-up, as ours in Washington is NOW.

Wake up America! It’s NOT time for business as usual.

Jesus, in the Gospels, shows us the way: love-in-action for all humankind.

Read and weep over the coming “solution” to the world’s ills coming from those postmodern intellectuals who reject God:

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