“Today I am deciding to love, not hate…”


“Today I am deciding to love, not hate. Today I am deciding to extend forgiveness, not bitterness.” ~ Davey Blackburn

2 men charged in Amanda Blackburn murder

“INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two men were arrested and charged for the murder of Amanda Blackburn, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced Monday.

“Larry Jo Taylor Jr., 18, and Jalen Watson, 21, have been charged with murder and additional felonies related to burglaries at three other homes Nov. 10, the morning Blackburn, a 28-year-old pregnant wife of an Indianapolis pastor, was shot in a home invasion.

“Davey Blackburn, Amanda Blackburn’s husband, returned home from the gym to find his wife face down in blood on the living room floor, the probable cause affidavit states.

“According to the probable cause affidavit, Taylor, Watson and a third person are accused of burglarizing two homes before entering Blackburn’s house…”

Continue reading: 2 men charged in Amanda Blackburn murder – http://wp.me/p4ySt8-1kG2 

Police: Amanda Blackburn was raped by her killers

“INDIANAPOLIS,IN — In a tragic new development, police say the pregnant pastor’s wife who was murdered in Indiana was also sexually assaulted, reports WTHR-TV.

“Police say they are following leads in the death of Amanda Blackburn, 28, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head last Tuesday during a possible attempted robbery at her Indianapolis home.

“Blackburn, who was 12 weeks pregnant, died the next day…”

Continue reading: Police: Amanda Blackburn was raped by her killers – http://abc7chicago.com/1092804/

davey copy


“On Monday, Davey released a statement. He shared the three things he hopes to see in the weeks and months to come:

“Though it does not undo the pain we are feeling, I was extremely relieved to get the news of the arrest made last night of Amanda’s killer. The investigators have assured me they have a solidly-built case to ensure justice is levied and the process is expedited. The family and I couldn’t be more thankful for the level of compassion and professionalism the IMPD and investigators have shown us through the last couple of weeks. My hope is for three things in the weeks and months to come:

“That the court system would have wisdom on how to prosecute this man, so that no one else endures the pain Amanda and our family have had to endure because of his actions.

“That through all of this and although there will be great consequences for his actions, he would become truly sorry for what he has done and would even begin to experience the life-transforming power of the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ.

“That Jesus would give me and our family a heart of forgiveness.

“Though everything inside of me wants to hate, be angry, and slip into despair I choose the route of forgiveness, grace and hope. If there is one thing I’ve learned from Amanda in the 10 years we were together, it’s this: Choosing to let my emotions drive my decisions is recipe for a hopeless and fruitless life. Today I am deciding to love, not hate. Today I am deciding to extend forgiveness, not bitterness. Today I am deciding to hope, not despair. By Jesus’ power at work within us, the best is STILL yet to come. Even when I don’t see it, I believe it to be true.”

Source: 2 men charged in Amanda Blackburn murder – http://wp.me/p4ySt8-1kG2

2 men charged in Amanda Blackburn murder https://youtu.be/gpcL0txTaUM


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Fethullah Gülen and the ISIS Death Cult


Fethullah Gülen and the ISIS Death Cult

POLITICO – DEEP DIVE – WashPost A1, above fold, “Confronting the ‘Caliphate'” series, “ISIS’s army of propagandists: A MACABRE MACHINE WITH GLOBAL REACH — Professional media ’emirs’ paid more than fighters,” by Greg Miller and Souad Mekhennet in Rabat, Morocco: Prisoners and defectors “described … a medieval reality show. Camera crews fan out across the caliphate every day, their ubiquitous presence distorting the events … Battle scenes and public beheadings are so scripted and staged that fighters and executioners often perform multiple takes and read their lines from cue cards.”

Inside the surreal world of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine http://wpo.st/ph1r0 

Tingler copy

Comment on the Washington Post article

Fethullah Gülen okullarını CIA yönetiyor – F  WILLIAM ENGDAHL https://youtu.be/5l_C2TdwCVg via @YouTube

Full Interview: Red Ice Radio – William Engdahl – War in Syria & Manufactured Conflicts https://youtu.be/yIdIHp1xYDA via @YouTube

CIA-sponsored Islamic Jihadist operations run through Fetullah Gülen? http://www.voltairenet.org/article178623.html

Who Is Graham Fuller? https://youtu.be/ZlFhBrMaMsc

smith copy

Comment on Washington Post article

Exclusive: FBI Whistleblower and Teacher Expose Islamic Gülen Movement Infiltrating U.S. Through Charter Schools http://truthinmedia.com/exclusive-fbi-whistleblower-and-teacher-expose-islamic-gulen-movement-infiltrating-u-s-through-charter-schools/

Fethullah Gülen: Islamic leader or western agent?

“However, it must be clearly stated that not only do several factions of the Turkish public feel betrayed and embarrassed by their prime minister, they also do not trust Gülen and consider him to be an ever-treacherous religious huckster, opportunist, and an under-cover CIA agent who covertly is in the toxic embrace of the Zionists. It is the US and her allies, they claim, that have aided and abetted engagement of high level crimes, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the sovereignty of the Turkish nation…” Read more: Fethullah Gülen: Islamic leader or western agent?: http://5pillarsuk.com/2014/01/13/fethullah-gulen-islamic-leader-or-western-agent/

Reality Check: Proof U.S. Government Wanted ISIS To Emerge In Syria https://youtu.be/Z1aDciHCejA

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Islamic State group’s (ISIS) propaganda machine is a death cult – http://www.ibtimes.com/isis-death-cult-australian-prime-minister-tony-abbott-blasts-islamic-state-group-1962661

President Barack Obama called the militant group Islamic State a “brutal, vicious death cult” in one of his strongest condemnations to date of the group – http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2015/02/05/obama-call-isis-a-vicious-death-cult-at-national-prayer-breakfast/

Sadomasochism and the Jihadi Death Cult http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/188892/sadomasochism-islamist-death-cult 

ISIS – The Death Cult’s Doomsday Terror Trip Run Wild https://youtu.be/mLYUUx9EueI

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Putin killing McCain’s “moderate” rebels


Jihadi John McCain

“Vladimir Putin, right now, with his airstrikes, is killing the people we armed and trained.” ~ US Senator John McCain

For the quote above, see the video below after 2:31

John McCain: Cameron’s statement on Syria is disgraceful https://youtu.be/lIvgwqR2dDA

Aiding Al Qaida as part of the War on Terror? That’s what McCain and Graham are doing http://s.nj.com/uLyGChl

John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, and Barack Obama fund, arm, and train al Qaeda and its associates in Syria http://wp.me/pPnn7-2kD

“Officials: Islamic State arose from US support for al-Qaeda in Iraq” https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/officials-islamic-state-arose-from-us-support-for-al-qaeda-in-iraq-a37c9a60be4

The Powers Behind The Islamic State: http://youtu.be/7FdnMJyiiwg

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Anti-Christian revolutionaries beheaded 2,639 people in Paris during the French Revolution


Anti-Christian revolutionaries beheaded 2,639 people in Paris during the French Revolution

Can you image Islamic jihadists beheading 2,639 people in the streets of Paris?

The fact is, anti-Christian revolutionaries beheaded 2,639 people in Paris during the French Revolution, during the so-called Reign of Terror…

“The dictatorship imposed by the Committee of Public Safety during the Reign of Terror, from 1793 until 1794, established price controls on food and other items, abolished slavery in French colonies abroad, dechristianised society through the creation of a new calendar and the expulsion of religious figures, and secured the borders of the new republic from its enemies. Large numbers of civilians were executed by revolutionary tribunals during the Terror, with estimates ranging from 16,000 to 40,000…”

Source: Wikipedia: The French Revolution – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Revolution

“The death toll ranged in the tens of thousands, with 16,594 executed by guillotine (2,639 in Paris), and another 25,000 in summary executions across France…”

Source: Wikipedia: Reign of Terror: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reign_of_Terror

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Freedom of religion, speech, and press, under attack

Dead, white, cisgender males who penned the Bill of Rights

Dead, white, cisgendered males who penned the Bill of Rights

Freedom of religion, speech, and press under attack

Wow. Just in the past few days, my news feed had contained all sorts of articles about attacks upon freedom of religion, speech, and the press.

Attacks upon freedom of religion are, of course, nothing new. Freedom of religion is virtually non-existent in the USA today. But freedom of speech and the press are now coming under assault, too.

I predict freedom of speech and the press will go the way of freedom of religion. Meaning: These freedoms will virtually disappear, too.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” (First Amendment)

Religion: Nativity scene in Wadena comes down after complaint http://www.kare11.com/story/news/local/2015/11/11/debate-over-holiday-display-in-wadena/75557170/ via @kare11

Speech: Mizzou student government VP is ‘tired of hearing’ about First Amendment protections https://shar.es/15EPSI via @collegefix

Speech: Missouri Police Solicit Reports on ‘Hurtful’ Speech, Startling Scholars http://t.usnews.com/Zf2bxd?src=usn_tw via @usnews

Press: State’s Attorney: Hate Crime Charges Will Be Filed Against Man Accused of Distributing KKK Flyers – http://bit.ly/1RRUgBN

Press: Professor weighs in on Mizzou protest incident https://youtu.be/G9iFUi6v27w

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Transgender man identifies as female again in order to avoid men’s prison

Connor MacCalister or Tanisha Hopkins

Connor MacCalister or Tanisha Hopkins

Transgender man identifies as female again in order to avoid men’s prison

This is a case we won’t be hearing about in the national 24 hour nonstop news media cycle.

I’ve been following this case since it happened and the media, from the moment it happened until today, has gone from she, to he, back to she again when referring to Connor MacCalister.

Now that MacCalister has pleaded guilty to the brutal crime, she has decided to identify as female. No doubt to avoid being sent to a men’s prison. Upon arrest MacCalister requested to be housed in the women’s section of the county jail.

This case runs counter to the narrative we are constantly subjected to.

Here is a case wherein…

The transgender is a real problem in the community.

The transgender is a violent — murderous — criminal.

The transgender is severely mentally ill.

The transgender is not treated as the sex he identifies as but the opposite, and that’s okay.

As contrary to the narrative as this case is, you will probably never hear about it.

Connor MacCalister, who was charged with randomly stabbing a woman in a Maine supermarket, pleaded guilty to murder today

“MacCalister is a transgender man, formerly known as Tanisha Hopkins. However in court on Thursday, MacCalister asked to be referred to as a woman.

“MacCalister was born a woman and has been identifying as a male. She has stopped taking hormones and is identifying as a woman again.

“She entered the plea in York County Superior Court…”

Read more: Connor MacCalister, who was charged with randomly stabbing a woman in a Maine supermarket, pleaded guilty to murder today – http://wmur.tv/6186BMtV0

Judge orders mental exam for suspect in Saco supermarket killing

“WMTW is learning more about the suspect’s background. 

“MacCalister is a transgender man, formerly known as Tanisha Hopkins. 

“York County Sheriff Bill King said MacCalister will be housed in administrative segregation in the jail’s female unit.

“King said MacCalister, who identifies as male, asked to be housed in the jail’s female unit…”

Read more: Judge orders mental exam for suspect in Saco supermarket killing – http://www.wmtw.com/news/woman-killed-at-saco-grocery-store/34809398

Jail to house MacCalister with female inmates https://youtu.be/ZY5IiMOJeRQ via @YouTube

Man accused in Saco knife attack makes first court appearance Friday https://youtu.be/Iaaz5-h6NiU via @YouTube

Connor MacCalister expected to plead guilty in deadly supermarket attack https://youtu.be/v5egSzsCEyY via @YouTube

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5 Month-Old Girl Shot and Killed in Cleveland

Aavielle Wakefield

Aavielle Wakefield

Aavielle Wakefield, a 5-month-old girl, died in a shooting Thursday on Cleveland’s east side.

There is no national outrage. President Obama will not be speaking about it. There is no Twitter hashtag campaign. And Black Lives Matter has no interest in it.

Only her family, their friends and neighbors, and local officials are concerned about the violent death of little Aavielle Wakefield. They know she’s not the first young victim of violence in their city, and they know she’s not the last. Although they would very much like for her to be the last.

Aavielle Wakefield | 5-month-old girl dies in shooting on Cleveland’s east side https://shar.es/17QFQT via @wews

Police Chief Williams reaction to shooting death of 5 month old https://youtu.be/2s7SESygAn4 via @YouTube

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams reacts to the murder of 5 month old https://youtu.be/XkCcC6U-CiI via @YouTube


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